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  1. Jerry, all were sad when QuoteTracker was sold and you were no longer there for support. one day again you could be gone and wonder how that would play into the life time membership scenario? It's great knowing your there and in charge - it is great having you and your work back!!! curt
  2. MB Trading Status?

    HALLELUJAH! my first live MT charts since beta began - WOW !!!
  3. MB Trading Status?

    I found the portfolio behind the dashboard screen - let me see from here
  4. MB Trading Status?

    I click portfolios and the choices to create,open,edit - then select a portfolio to open I'm seeing no Main Tab
  5. MB Trading Status?

    did select mb and it shows at the top - I hit apply and return to the configure accts later to find google finance there - I then click mb again and it does not give me the choice to apply
  6. MB Trading Status?

    logged in with MBT credentials and get no real time data as yet - also when I go back to preferences Google finance jumps to the top choice if that makes any difference
  7. broker to add

    tradeking is buying MBT - will that affect MBT addition in any way. THANX Guys!
  8. broker to add

  9. broker to add

    I saw an email a while back and canot relocate it - it said you were working on adding MBT - if so , how is it going. LOVE the Medved charts! THANX guys!!!!
  10. new data services

    any new data services in the near future - request: AMP Futures THX Jerry - site continues to look awesome!!
  11. Data Sources

    don't understand the fee structure involved - could you explain - thx Jerry
  12. Data Sources

    any new data source in the works? CQG would be a good one:)
  13. just did most recent update using delayed data feed have 6 charts on screen and they jump/flicker as next candle try's to print using HA candles - both regular candles and range
  14. Fib settings

    it works just fine after I stretched my charts out and made the levels more visable. the right side stretch and moving of chart is so much more easier than QT - Well Done! thx JM
  15. Fib settings

    done. what is happing when I begin the fib at point 'A' (thinking this is zero) and draw - then point 'B' at the end of the draw becomes zero and my point 'A' value is 100