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  1. I downloaded 5900.208 I believe this past Tuesday, and since then it will not backfill using MBTrading as the source. Never had this problem prior. Any ideas? Is there any way to go back to the previous software release as it worked just fine?
  2. HIGH99

    Loaded beta 275.2112 - No raw data

    Well everything is back up and running, but I am still using the /YMU7 as I used with the old QT, and it works just fine. I have never used the @ symbol. The raw data is coming in again as it should. Chalk this one up to mystery of the day.
  3. HIGH99

    Loaded beta 275.2112 - No raw data

    Strange. The MBTading website uses /, not @. I have been using / all along and it works. I now tried @ and it works as well, and raw data now shows up.
  4. HIGH99

    Loaded beta 275.2112 - No raw data

    /YMU7 from MBTrading. I have one chart, and I right click to open a menu box. About half way down it says "raw data/ T&S for /ymu7. I click on it and it opens a rolling raw data window. I used to be able to make the window wide or narrow, and resize the columns. Now no data, and no ability to make each column narrower.
  5. HIGH99

    Loaded beta 275.2112 - No raw data

    Also cannot resize the width of the columns.
  6. Loaded the beta 275.2112 a few minutes ago, and lost raw data. I get nothing. Dow futures YM is the symbol.
  7. HIGH99

    Transfer MT to a new computer?

    Well I clicked on the Bull/MT line, and yes indeed, it opens up the program.
  8. HIGH99

    Transfer MT to a new computer?

    In order to put a click start icon on the desktop with QT, it was called "stocks application". I see with MT a little bull symbol with MT next to it. It is called application. Is this what will put the icon on the desktop to start it up by clicking on it?
  9. HIGH99

    Transfer MT to a new computer?

    Thank you
  10. HIGH99

    Transfer MT to a new computer?

    I purchased a new computer, and want to get MT on it. Can I use a flash memory stick to transfer my current setup and settings, or do I have to do a fresh download on the new computer and start from scratch?
  11. Well I am up and running as a little while ago. Is the fix permanent? Or is this something which could crop up from time to time with Ally?
  12. Mine was still not working, so sent you the aforementioned email. Thanks for your help.
  13. MT Trading??? Hmmmm. Potato, potaaaato. As of 5:40 AM here in Phoenix, no luck. 8:40 back at Ally headquarters, I think. Everyone is still waking up.
  14. Count me in as well. I'm using 4600-2050 but that probably does not matter. I have been trying to launch MT for the past hour, but no luck. I have tried both of my user names. No luck. Of course I can log into Ally/MT Trading no problem with either user name. Oh well, back to sleep. Try later.