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  1. is possible to...

    thank you so much my big friend
  2. Add column

    please add column: "52W High/low Range %" .... (if possible...) and add this column in "alert editor" & "scans and paintbar editor") thanks.
  3. is possible to...

    When I add several symbol in a group... " [+] " TWO Questions: 1.Now, If I want to expand it, I must click on [+] . Please consent to expand/collapse it by click on right/left arrow on keyboard. 2 is possible to add the "symbol count in a group" in the tooltip when mouse is over [+] ? (or , if isin't possible , adding a toal count of symbol in watchlist in main upper bar (just before "press F1 for help"). thanks.
  4. Keyboard shortcuts

  5. Keyboard shortcuts

    Is possible to add "hide/unhide index panel" in the list of keyboad shortucuts.? thanks...
  6. Is there a problem with Etrade datafeed?

    ok thanks Work well
  7. Is there a problem with Etrade datafeed?

    Today I can't receive data from Etrade. Before to call Etrade, I ask here. Thanks in advance [for fast reply]
  8. PAINTBARS - Just released in beta

    I've updated now - Historical is ok now - intraday chard show ever EMA volume https://gyazo.com/2748ed3584a3089eb03a668556c67040 (unchecked)
  9. PAINTBARS - Just released in beta

    latest Beta seem have 2 bugs - Show ema periond on volume (can't unhide) - Historical chart have only red candle
  10. EMA Volume

    ok, thanks...
  11. EMA Volume

    Don't know if tha's a bug, but latest version show me moving average in volume [cyan color] https://gyazo.com/acf5c3128fb0c74018f7661a56806891 How I can remove it [only MA... not the volume]? thanks
  12. Highlight selected

    Ok.. thanks,now is better. And you can change color of selection in light blue [#9fcfff] (in blue color set display) in future? Ok... it's not urgent.... Thanks.
  13. Highlight selected

    https://gyazo.com/8f8fd957b8cb186e7d5cb3b310090580 watch the image above. Question: Is possible to un-highlight the selection with 1 click? (Google above) highlighting only the border... and change color from white to very light blue [#9fcfff] (like Qtracker [see the image: https://gyazo.com/d68f4a4a4a78d5de6dd6bf55ab9cf623 ]) ? Thanks in advance
  14. Group Divider

    oh yeah... sure tomorrow, with your latest update, will be minimum double digit (+plus) on my stock...