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  1. Installation process

    ok... n.p tkanks
  2. Installation process

    when I install an update, after that, I move the shortcut folder "Medved Trader" in another folder with my all Stock software). Can You modify your installation setup with a "NO creation" of folder of "already existing shortcut"? Isin't an important request WOW.... MT with 60 stocks in RT Streaming ... only 70Mb ram... E X E P T I O N A L...
  3. Google changed name for NYSE low caps stocks

    ok,I will see myself next week if/when google restore multiday for these stocks. Tks.
  4. Google changed name for NYSE low caps stocks

    Try GTE, SAND BRG KLDX (all NYSEAMERICAN: new prefix STOCKS) with big share volume. only 1 days Backfill. This problem don't affect GOOGLE NYSE and NASDAD Stocks. (haven't changed their prefix). but no problem.. I'll change to Yahoo intraday Backfill.
  5. Google changed name for NYSE low caps stocks

    Backfill only for today (not multiday) If you go to Google finance try to digit a example stock (PTN) listed in NYSEMKT: (was AMEX) now the prefix is NYSEAMERICAN: . I think, fixed this, we have again multiday backfill on google BF. oh yes... I think.. (maybe Google itself repair next days this problem)
  6. from NYSEMKT: to NYSEAMERICAN: (repair for backfilling from Google)
  7. Google Intraday Backfill

    as always... the fastest support of the world. Tks.
  8. Google Intraday Backfill

    please fix Google Intraday Backfill. (recently Google changed parameters)
  9. is possible to...

    thank you so much my big friend
  10. Add column

    please add column: "52W High/low Range %" .... (if possible...) and add this column in "alert editor" & "scans and paintbar editor") thanks.
  11. is possible to...

    When I add several symbol in a group... " [+] " TWO Questions: 1.Now, If I want to expand it, I must click on [+] . Please consent to expand/collapse it by click on right/left arrow on keyboard. 2 is possible to add the "symbol count in a group" in the tooltip when mouse is over [+] ? (or , if isin't possible , adding a toal count of symbol in watchlist in main upper bar (just before "press F1 for help"). thanks.
  12. Keyboard shortcuts

  13. Keyboard shortcuts

    Is possible to add "hide/unhide index panel" in the list of keyboad shortucuts.? thanks...
  14. Is there a problem with Etrade datafeed?

    ok thanks Work well
  15. Is there a problem with Etrade datafeed?

    Today I can't receive data from Etrade. Before to call Etrade, I ask here. Thanks in advance [for fast reply]