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  1. Keyboard Shcuts...

    ok thanks.
  2. web browser

    ahh ok but explain better please I don't understand I must add a row named: "ROW #" or "ROW # column" ahh ok... Column thanks.
  3. web browser

    OK, for Portfolio But I only use Watchlist (it doesn't show [and I don't want to show], the Total row.
  4. Keyboard Shcuts...

    Ok I explain better: example: I have an intraday Chart open (Type: Line Tick). if i want to change to Candle or OHLC (or other type) I must go to MAIN and change it manually. Is useful if I can assign a Keyboald letter (or combination) to change it "on the fly". PS: both for intraday or historical chart
  5. web browser

    ok, thanks.. I have a little request: can you show the "number of all symbol" listed for all section in the bottom bar (or in upper main bar or in other side)? now every sub section, show in the tooltip their number, but nowhere show the total count.
  6. web browser

    It should be simple. You should add an option in program setting. Web browser: where (eg with finviz) you can add a link where the ticker is referenced to an alias. ************ MSFT https://finviz.com/quote.ashx?t=msft (in this case "msft" is in the end ... but sometimes it's in the middle of the link) and in MT (Setting) the ticker could be {t} https://finviz.com/quote.ashx?t={t} So any MT user can choose their favorite link.
  7. Keyboard Shcuts...

    please add the K.Scuts to select type of chart (Line, candlestick, ohlc, etc...) Is useful to change chart on the fly, pressing only 2 or 3 Keyb button. Both for intraday and Historical. Thanks...
  8. Installation process

    ok... n.p tkanks
  9. Installation process

    when I install an update, after that, I move the shortcut folder "Medved Trader" in another folder with my all Stock software). Can You modify your installation setup with a "NO creation" of folder of "already existing shortcut"? Isin't an important request WOW.... MT with 60 stocks in RT Streaming ... only 70Mb ram... E X E P T I O N A L...
  10. Google changed name for NYSE low caps stocks

    ok,I will see myself next week if/when google restore multiday for these stocks. Tks.
  11. Google changed name for NYSE low caps stocks

    Try GTE, SAND BRG KLDX (all NYSEAMERICAN: new prefix STOCKS) with big share volume. only 1 days Backfill. This problem don't affect GOOGLE NYSE and NASDAD Stocks. (haven't changed their prefix). but no problem.. I'll change to Yahoo intraday Backfill.
  12. Google changed name for NYSE low caps stocks

    Backfill only for today (not multiday) If you go to Google finance try to digit a example stock (PTN) listed in NYSEMKT: (was AMEX) now the prefix is NYSEAMERICAN: . I think, fixed this, we have again multiday backfill on google BF. oh yes... I think.. (maybe Google itself repair next days this problem)
  13. from NYSEMKT: to NYSEAMERICAN: (repair for backfilling from Google)
  14. Google Intraday Backfill

    as always... the fastest support of the world. Tks.
  15. Google Intraday Backfill

    please fix Google Intraday Backfill. (recently Google changed parameters)