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  1. I keep a very small portfolio window that is tall enough to show the total and not much space below that, also only 4 columns wide. Loaded the new Beta build and noticed the portfolio window had become taller with more space below the total line. Attempted to resize the window by dragging the bottom edge up but was not able to resize smaller, was able to resize taller but when reversing that action could only resize back to the where it was. Feels as if the minimum height of the window has been set to this height. This version was loaded over 1.1.5844.2217. Reloaded 2217 over the beta and the window sizing returned to normal. Dave
  2. Portfolio $Cash

    $CASH was being added to portfolio total thru update 1.1.4152.1822. Last two updates I have, 1.1.4232.2129 and 1.1.4251.37, $CASH is not being added to the portfolio total.
  3. Experiencing several issues with the parameters for the Awesome Oscillator. Changing the Based On will change the MA to use and changing the MA to use will change the Based On. To see the changes must accept and apply the change then reopen the edit (parameters) window. Relationship seems to be: Close - WMA Open - SMA High - EMA Low - SMMA Also, in all cases, selecting a calculated Based On, (H+L)/2, (O+C)/2, (H+L+C)/3, (O+H+L+C)/4, will cause the indicator to not display.
  4. Do you have "Match similar words" at the bottom of the search box checked. With it checked I get Jerry's result. With it unchecked I get your result.
  5. Advanced PaintBar OR

    I tried that in place of the OR in the support email I sent and get error CS1525 Invalid expression term "||"
  6. Advanced PaintBar OR

    Sorry, probably bad coding, but I cannot get OR to work - get CS0103 error: The name 'or' does not exist in the current context. Thanks Code will paste but not display in the saved post. Will sent to support.
  7. Portfolio Total Setting

    Thanks Jerry, works good.
  8. Portfolio Total Setting

    Bump ?
  9. Stream Tick Quotes

    What does the "Stream Tick Quotes" in the Configure Accounts panel do if selected and not do if de-selected? I've found that if not selected then the Mutual Funds in my portfolio will update with the end of day NAV values but will not update if it is selected. Otherwise I have not seen or noticed any impact on the various chart types or on other data. Could not find an explanation of functionality in the help file. Thank you.
  10. Portfolio Total Setting

    I keep several portfolios one of which is for my long term investments. I keep this particular portfolio rolled up to a single total line using the total +/- setting and in a small window so I can monitor the total without having the detail displayed. MT does not (or I can't figure out how) save this setting so that every time MT starts the portfolio displays the detail. The window size is restored correctly it's just the total +/- that is not restored. Is it possible to have MT save and restore this setting for each portfolio? Thanks
  11. Paint Bar Foreground/Background

    Files Sent.
  12. Paint Bar Foreground/Background

    If I recall correctly, in QT, I was able to have Paint Bars share the same display line(space) using the Foreground/Background settings (unable to get QT to start to verify). Is that functionality not yet available or are the Foreground/Background settings doing something else? Thanks
  13. Paint Bar List Manager Sort

    Paint Bar List Manager currently sorts on the ID. Is it possible to add an option to sort on Name? Thanks
  14. Paint Bar Rule Edit

    Paint Bar Sent
  15. Release 1.1.1355.311: Open Paint Bar Manager, select existing Simple Paint Bar to edit, does not load Rule Actions in the Rule Editor. Does show the actions in the Rules list. Code box at the bottom of the Rule Editor shows the Rule but lists actions as "; // do nothing". Re-load 1.1.1349.420: Rule actions load correctly.