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  1. Hi Jerry, Prior to the latest beta update I was able to have my 2 portfolios open and when I wanted to could also open my watch list, which consists only of ASX indexes. Now I get "You are currently using a free Medved Trader account. Free accounts cannot have more than 2 Portfolio windows open. To get rid of this and other restrictions, please change your account to one of the paid subscription plans" I understand the 2 portfolio thing but had always thought that did not include a watch list such as mine. Not a big problem, as I can just close one portfolio when I want to check the indexes. Just wondering if this is a bug or by design. In addition my 2 portfolios (income and trading) contain in total less than 20 stocks. Is there a way/option to have these combined in one portfolio with a sub total for each group? No grand total is needed. Regards.
  2. Quick Access

    Hi Jerry, Absolutely sure the portfolio was updating as I was watching it do so. Source is Commsec. Some of the symbols are BEN:ASX, BHP:ASX, CBA:ASX, TLS:ASX, WBC:ASX. If I had to say how often I have seen the icon behave strangely, it would be AT MOST once a month or two. Not worried about it and it may just be a glitch in my system but thought you should know. Regards.
  3. Quick Access

    Hi Jerry, I notice that sometimes (no pattern) when I start Data Source the portfolio updates correctly but the actual Start/Stop Data Source icon is a red square (inside a white circle inside a yellow square background) rather them the green circle. Regards.
  4. News Feed

    Hi Jerry, I've email you my log file. Regards
  5. News Feed

    Hi Jerry, 1. Start MT. Check prices. Read news. Leave MT running BUT stop the data feed. 2. Come back some time later. Start the data feed and note new news items. Except they are duplicate items not new. Time stamps are for the time I restarted the data feed. Settings are Commsec for data and ASX for news Regards.
  6. Free v Paid

    Ok, thanks.
  7. Free v Paid

    Hi Jerry, Just wondering what the restrictions will be Free v Paid. Regards.
  8. Statusbar

    Export has been sent. Regards.
  9. Statusbar

    Hi Jerry, have noticed yesterday (after market hours) and to day (before market hours) that the status bar is blank. All is ok during market hours. Regards.
  10. Statusbar

    Hi Jerry, Rolled back to v1.0.8270.1733, updated to v1.0.8315.1541 and all is now ok. Sorry for bothering you. Regards.
  11. Statusbar

    Jerry, I also have MT on an old WinXP home netbook. Same version and it's ok.
  12. Statusbar

    Done. Regards.
  13. Statusbar

    Hi Jerry, Has something happened with the ststusbar? Mine is totally blank. No info and no icons on the left such as L1. Regards.
  14. Build 1.0.7522.2312 - Release Notes

    Any sort of discount for pensioners?