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  1. free account restriction

    Yes I checked that. They definitely weren't minimized - nothing at all was open as depth or charts. However after Win10 updates and several restarts it's working again. Thanks Jerry.
  2. Jerry, MT is telling me I'm not allowed to have more than 2 charts open, and I haven't got any open at all. Thanks.
  3. Hi Jerry, Bell Direct AU can filter the entire stock market (2500+ stocks) based on criteria the user chooses. It has an export facility (circled), and I'm hoping we could have a one click import of the stock codes shown on the page. They'd just need an :ASX suffix attached, and have them appear in the "add symbols" window. . Thanks.
  4. Hi Jerry, The scan start icon isn't clickable for custom scans, only for pre-defined ones. The other day it worked ok. Market is in session. Thanks.
  5. au.ADVFN

    Actually this might not work for me. Live data is fairly expensive.
  6. Is there a way to combine scan parameters? eg. turnover > $10 mill AND % gain > 5?
  7. Hi Jerry, Fantastic new feature, thanks.
  8. au.ADVFN

    Hi Jerry, Can we have MT query au.advfn for it's tops list gainers please for ASX? Say the first 3 pages would be great. ADVFN has built in filters which cuts down on a lot of work. https://au.advfn.com/insights/toplist/ASX/percentage-gainer/price/2 You might need an account. Free to sign up. Thanks.
  9. Migrating to new computer

    Thanks. Pw reset working now. Not sure why I had problems before.
  10. Scanner - requesting a discussion

    Hi Jerry, I like the idea of being able to filter an entire stock universe, but I'd like to be a reasonably quick process. eg. Show only stocks where ROC > 2 AND ATR(1) > 5 and turnover > 10 million. Thanks a lot.
  11. Hi Jerry, I've been trying to migrate to a new computer and MT is saying the p/w or email are incorrect. So I deleted the MT folder and re-downloaded. Then Panda AV says "w32/Exploit.gen" detected in the downloaded file. So two questions - 1) how to start up on a new PC? and 2) What's the AV detecting? Thanks!
  12. Nail It

    I can't seem to 'Nail' the MT window for permanence. Is it just me? Thanks Jerry. http://www.softpedia.com/get/Desktop-Enhancements/Other-Desktop-Enhancements/Nail-it.shtml
  13. Stock filtering

    Thanks Jerry. There's precious little out there that can do this efficiently. I don't subscribe at the moment, but I probably would for that feature.
  14. Stock filtering

    Would be very handy if MT allowed filtering of large numbers of stocks (say 1000) based on column criteria. eg. filter any stock >10% rise with turnover>$5mill.