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  1. stock777

    Virtual Desktops - Definitive Answer Required

    I have been using Dexpot, for MANY years, a very good virtual desktop program, that isn't really being supported much anymore (afaik) but works quite well on Windows 7, and probably Windows 10 . Pretty near everything works with it including Medvedtrader
  2. stock777

    Ameritrade L2

    Just to answer, no, seems to be a prob with all symbols. I'll try to get the log sent
  3. stock777

    Ameritrade L2

    No , only a few L2. Some days much worse than others, can't really say what the trigger is. Often , the L2 data will populate but NOT the L1 data. The data box above just stays at zero, no price or volume data
  4. stock777

    Ameritrade L2

    I've seen a pretty consistent issue with the loading of an Ameritrade L2 box for some time (years). I often have to re-enter a symbol more than once to get the data to load. It's as if the first call to the server fails. Timeout? Only L2 Ameritrade seems to have an issue, no other problems on the platform resembling that. Wonder is anyone else has seen the issue.
  5. stock777

    Ameritrade News

    I think its even less than that , really a trickle. I'll try a subset , maybe the s&p 500, and see if it works any better I take it thats 2000 in total. Shame you cant access the same streaming news that thinkorswim uses.
  6. stock777

    Ameritrade News

    two sets of comma delimited, seems to total 4886 , or at least thats the number showing in the SOURCES screen under NEWS Overload at that amount? Would it totally break everything, and not cut off at some number?
  7. stock777

    Ameritrade News

    Having trouble getting news to deliver much of anything from Ameritrade. Have large symbol lists (1000's) that are supposed to cause news for those to print. Very little actually flows . I assume thats the DJCNEWS source., Probably getting less than 1/10 of % of the news that shows on the thinkorswim platform feed Yahoo seems to work. And the new ally news, also , very little from that . Got a blast when I started up , and then nothing for 4 hours. I know this isn't right ..
  8. stock777

    Trying to access Time of bar

    Right, I knew I needed advanced. I'm confused as to the format of how to compare timestamp to a specific time of day. IF (timestamp > 9:00 ) do something I tried something that and was getting errors but not enough info to know what was wrong.
  9. I see you don't expose bar time in the simple editor ( as far as I can tell) , so I'm trying to get the TIMESTAMP variable to work , but not being a C programmer, and there being few examples here, I'm running into brick walls. I know this is simple. Need to compare bar time to a fixed time or range of times. Don't need date.
  10. stock777

    Changing MT accounts, best method

    Funds showing today in MT. Strange though, seeing the "D" indicator on quotes even though they are actually realtime (compared with my other rt feeds)
  11. stock777

    RTY IB futures symbol ?

    works. Don't need that for the others, so who new 😉
  12. stock777

    RTY IB futures symbol ?

    Tried a bunch of permutations, cant get the Russell 2000 RTY to quote on IB . Shows on tws, other futures are fine on MT @RTYM18 , the description popup knows this is the contract, just no data
  13. stock777

    Changing MT accounts, best method

    Thanks. I'll let you know if the funds don't show up in MT by tomorrow.
  14. stock777

    Changing MT accounts, best method

    getting quotes on a port, restarted, still free version The account is enabled in MT , but isnt pulling any funds data. Just funded today.
  15. stock777

    Changing MT accounts, best method

    Ok, funded the account, added it to MT, but still not premium.