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  1. stock777

    IB ES data , gaps on volume charts

    Seeing something odd when charting ES on Volume Bars. Lots of gaps on backfilled data. Not seeing the gaps on minute bars using same data. I set it to something low like 1000 contracts and still seeing the gaps. Believe this is something new
  2. I have a news alert for the string 'halted' and while it shows up in the alert log when triggered, the [SYMBOL] which is part of the NOTE string, is not passed. Symbol is showing in the News Feed where it should be.
  3. stock777

    ameritrade down again ? 11.15 Am Fri

    Loaded the latest build you linked, and no problem since . Don't know if that code contained anything related, but thought you might want an update. Still seeing an annoying spike in CPU lasting almost a minute (long after the data has filled in ) whenever I change symbols on my linked L2 & Charts. Don't think that should be happening. Do you see anything like this on your end?
  4. stock777

    ameritrade down again ? 11.15 Am Fri

    Ok , did this 3 times (stop process, reload) , and on the third run everything loaded. Could be the Ameritrade servers are not working properly, and its hanging MT?
  5. stock777

    ameritrade down again ? 11.15 Am Fri

    Just sent you the log on Ameritrade failing at 4pm Also note MT will not shutdown now normally, . close command hangs. Have to kill the process. Not sure what the deal is now, on reload MT is hanging. Clock not ticking, etc. locks up . suggestions?
  6. stock777

    ameritrade down again ? 11.15 Am Fri

    Not sure what was going on Friday, but the issue hasn't cropped up since, so I didn't bother sending the logs. Might have been some server side weirdness
  7. stock777

    ameritrade down again ? 11.15 Am Fri

    ran the last few hours without incident. just a heads up
  8. stock777

    ameritrade down again ? 11.15 Am Fri

    saw your email about sending log via help. will reload the beta to get a clean error log
  9. stock777

    ameritrade down again ? 11.15 Am Fri

    Def have a problem here. What happens is , L2 fails to load when I change a symbol and it KILLS the ameritrade feed completely. No error message. Mt will not shut down cleanly First Ive seen of this , recently updated to latest BETA version Im reloading the latest RELEASE version
  10. stock777

    ameritrade down again ? 11.15 Am Fri

    Sent you a link via message Don't know if its related, but still seeing that issue where cpu spikes for almost a minute after a symbol change. Some process isn't finishing cleanly.
  11. stock777

    ameritrade down again ? 11.15 Am Fri

    Dont know what just happened. Amtd server stopped, tried forcing relog, which hung at login (never cleared). Used alternate broker feed for a while. When I went to restart MT, it would not close. Dashboard would not appear, but app still running and working. Killed the process, and when resuming AMTD was working again. ??
  12. Second time this week servers crapped out for me
  13. stock777

    Ally real time quotes

    Was just on the phone , and the rep insists he set it up. As I said, it did go from BATS only to REALTIME on the Ally Screen Possible the new setting doesnt populate to the API servers until later? If still busted on Monday , I'll forward the account info. I rarely use the Ally quotes so it's not a rush Nasdaq broke late in the day for IB and AMTD also had some issues, so I was using them as backup
  14. stock777

    Ally real time quotes

    I went to use the realtime quotes from Ally, instead of my usual ameritrade, (they were down). Quotes were showing up delayed. I called Ally and had them reset my account to realtime, and this is verified on the ally screen. Says realtime on the account page. But MT still delivering delayed quotes after log off/on, ('D" after symbol, quotes verified delayed). Any idea why?