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  1. News Highlights...

    QT used to display current day news headlines in a blue print, older headlines were shown in black. Could the same be added to Medved Trader?
  2. Charts

    Jerry To view charts of various stocks on the fly, without having to close/reopen a new chart for each symbol... Would it be possible to place a small permanent input box at the top right of Intraday/Historical charts that would allow the user, while viewing an open Intraday or Historical chart, to quickly enter a different stock symbol in the box, replacing the data in the original chart with that of the new symbol? for example: Thanks
  3. Pop-Up Alert

    Jerry Just started getting this alert from ZoneAlarm security software each time I request an intraday chart (See Attachment) Wondering what user activities are being monitored? Thanks Jack
  4. Beta Download

    Jerry Requesting the latest beta version of MT Have accounts with ETrade & Scottrade, but still using QuoteTracker with Ameritrade Thanks
  5. Request the MT beta download

    Another beta request QT still providing me the essentials through Ameritrade Thanks