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  1. Bigbocarat

    stop order server response

    Do I have a setting not correct? When I go to place a stop order on any trading window. chart, trade , DOM etc when I hit submit I get a " server response window: Problem Placing order. This order type is not supported for this session" Im using AMTD for a broker and if I place the stop order on the AMTD TOS platform it gets entered and also then shows up on the medved trader chart. thanks, Rob
  2. Bigbocarat

    pins increase

    that would be nice also. do a two color pin. for example half red and half green ot different shapes etc
  3. Bigbocarat

    Horizontal line alerts

    ok thanks! learning something new every day
  4. Bigbocarat

    Horizontal line alerts

    I think it would be useful to be able to set additional daily alerts like the already avail. "Daily high/low alert" but for all the choices there are for setting horizontal lines on the charts. Have the same choices as in the "daily high/low alerts" settings but do it for example on: previous high/low, previous close, pre market high/ low, opening range, vwap , etc.
  5. Bigbocarat

    Pre market horizontal lines

    thanks! you guys are great!
  6. Bigbocarat

    No auto backfill

    did the software update this morning and everything loads automatically for pre market info,. so its working fine now, thanks!
  7. Bigbocarat

    Remembering trading quantities

    It might be a nice feature if MT had a selective option to save trading quantities across the different trading windows and chart trading. That is, it remembers that I last initiated a 100 share order of AAPL and no matter where I go to the chart trading capsule, the DOM window the trading ticket etc that same 100 qty appears so that I can open another new order with that same qty. ideally it would save the quantities per symbol last used even after MT is shut down that way the next day the 100 share qty that you would normally trade APPL would already be there and the 1000 share qty you trade for TWTR would be also there etc.
  8. Bigbocarat

    No auto backfill

    sorry Jerry, send which settings? The entire drop box procedure?
  9. Bigbocarat

    No auto backfill

  10. Bigbocarat

    No auto backfill

    I still seem to have an issues where auto backfill doesnt automatically backfill my charts in the morning with pre larket info. I can manually do it for each indiv chart and everything is fine. I have auto backfill selected and source is TD AMTD. Even if i hit shift f11 still nothing.. Is there something I missed selecting? thanks
  11. Bigbocarat

    Pre market horizontal lines

    It would be nice if the horizontal lines for pre market high and low could stay on the chart throughout the day even though the pre market chart section disappears after the market opens. I understand they will stay there if the pre market data stays on the chart throughout the day but it would be a good way to get rid of the pre market chart section after market opens without loosing the pre market high and low info.
  12. Bigbocarat

    Backfill pre market not going back to 7 AM

    If i clear current days data and have auto backfill on then everything reloads back to normal with pre market back to 7 AM
  13. My MT started just showing pre market data at the time I opened the app. I have to manually backfill each symbol to get pre market data from 7A.M. When I open a new chart it is automatically backfilled for previous days data but the pre market data starts at the time I started the app. If I manually backfill the data comes back to 7AM. backfill source is AMTD. Is there a setting that changed somehow that I can fix this?
  14. Bigbocarat

    VWAP on Heiken Ashi charts

    amtd backfill. just noticed it on a twtr chart. changed value when i toggled back to normal candles. doesnt seem to happen all the time. maybe after charts been running for a while
  15. Bigbocarat

    VWAP on Heiken Ashi charts

    seems to be related to HA chart calculations because if I switch back to normal candles it corrects. Seems similar to previously reported and fixed value problems I had on values of first 30 minute horizontal lines on HA charts.