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  1. Chart Trade Total Order Value

    I second the request. Just came to the forum to make the same request and saw this one from 7 hours ago!
  2. Trade window additions

    Unless I cant figure it out it would be nice on the limit price to have the option in Settings to set a default so that every trades limit price can be set to be offset the ask by + .01 etc. Also when you open a new trade window when you type in a new symbol nothing happens. You have to click in the limit price window to get a new quote. It would be nice to be able to type in the new symbol, hit enter and the new bid ask are displayed along with the moving limit price.
  3. Time Freq buttons on top of charts

    Quick access tool bar addition will work perfectly! Thanks Jerry!
  4. Time Freq buttons on top of charts

    It would be useful to have time frequency buttons on the top header of individual daily and historical charts, There seems to be plenty of room along the top header and then you could quickly select a weekly or daily, etc view on a historic chart or a 1 min or 5 min etc. view on the daily charts.
  5. my stocklist updates real time but several charts are stopped and they wont real time update even after restarting MT or clearing all data and backfilling?
  6. Hi, I understand the basics of the volume by price detailed indicator on MT (VbPd(30b,70%)) but what do the extended ranges ( yellow outlined candles with extended tails) tell you and how are they calculated? thanks
  7. I like to keep a screen of charts minimized on my screen and then click one at a time to enlarge to full screen when needed. Sometimes when I maximize the chart I clicked on ot does not come to the front to be viewed but is enlarged behind all the other minimized charts.The only way I can then fix this is to restart the application. Any hints on what I'm doing wrong? thanks
  8. Request the MT beta download

    Please send a link to the new beta software. I've been using QT for years with TDAmeritrade and have been limping by with that last patch. Thanks!