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  1. raw data window symbol switching

    active subscription enabled chart linked with raw data window works for me. consider what i said earlier resolved with work-around.
  2. raw data window symbol switching

    when I open a stock symbol's raw data, it would start showing the time & sales of this symbol. If I change the stock symbol from within the Raw data window, nothing would display, unless the symbol is also in the portfolio. Can you fix it so that I can switch symbols from within raw data? v1.1.5000.255
  3. I have IB backfill setup with IB realtime stream on MedVed Trader 1.0.4097.1607 Every so often when I switch symbol (on a new symbol neverloaded in MT) in a 1min view. I may end up with a nasty bar that looks like this: And this bar will remain for rest of the day at least. http://forums.medvedtrader.com/index.php?/gallery/image/4-/
  4. bug

  5. I have IB & yahoo setup when I open the app for the first time. For some reason today, when I opened the app without IB being launched&logged in first, I saw yahoo as the only source. I quit the app, and logged in IB, then restarted the app, result in the same state.
  6. Request for Beta

    Jerry, I'd like to try out MT beta on IB. Please send instructions