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  1. soulfire

    Data Permanence

    I saw the continuous MT symbols for Ameritrade. Are there symbols for IB as well?
  2. soulfire

    Data Permanence

    I see. I do definitely appreciate the expanded data viewing MT offers. Thanks! I think it would be a great feature if you added the ability to archive/view historical data - notably futures data, which is hard to come by without subscribing to a data service. One of the things I really liked about Quotetracker was being able to call up contracts/chart data from several years in the past. It makes it easy to visually compare/analyze past and current market behavior. I guess one can still do this with MT in a roundabout way if they save off a data file, then use it as a backup restore at a future time without connecting to a data source so MT won't update- but that would also mean having to do another restore with current backup data when done reviewing.
  3. soulfire

    Data Permanence

    Forgive me if this question has already been answered- I was checking my futures portfolio from last year - and noticed that futures contracts don't show any data except for the Z contract. For example, I'm looking at ES, and H,M, and U contracts are blank charts with no data. With Quotetracker, the data for my past contracts persisted so I could call up historical contracts to review. Does Medved Trader operate differently?
  4. Bitcoin futures are now being carried by IB: Underlying: GXBT, symbol:XBT, Exchange: CFECRYPTO I was trying to enter the symbol in a portfolio- using: @XBF18:CFECRYPTO, but am not receiving any data. Is this the correct format? Thanks!
  5. That's great news! Much appreciated.
  6. I suspected that might be the case so I moved the trendlines inward with at least a 10 day buffer from the oldest dates, and well as staggered some lines ever further right, but that doesn't seem to help. The strange thing is usually the entire set of parallel lines are lost rather than just one or a few.
  7. When mapping trendlines on extended intraday charts (using full 120 days), trendlines spanning close to the entire chart (over 100+ days) don't always save. When the program is reopened, the longer term trendlines previously drawn are likely to be absent. This doesn't happen all the time, but usually after a few exit-saves and restarts- but it is fairly consistent that eventually the longer term spanning trend lines will eventually fail to save and be absent when the program is opened. The interesting thing is when the trend lines vanish, all the parallel lines typically vanish as opposed to just a few lines on that particular trend line angle. I've also tried setting up one of the trend lines as an "alert", but that isn't a fail safe either. The shorter term drawn trend lines don't seen to be affected.
  8. soulfire

    IB Data Feed Service Change

    That's what I thought - thanks for confirming. I wanted to be sure my stock portfolios would still be updated without issue.
  9. soulfire

    IB Data Feed Service Change

    Interactive Brokers is ending the "US Securities & Futures Value Bundle for Non-Professionals" on March 1st: http://ibkb.interactivebrokers.com/article/2830 It will be replaced by "US Securities Snapshot & Futures value Bundle for Non Professionals" which will now only provide "snapshot" quotes for NYSE,AMEX, and NASDAQ data rather than RT quote stream as before. One will have to subscribe separately to NYSE,AMEX,and NASDAQ to receive their RT stream quote feeds at additional cost of $1.50 each. Since Medved Trader uses "smart quotes" which is non source specific, if one is trading stocks using MT's charts rather than IB's, and has sign ups with other brokerage accounts such as Trade King, Ameritrade, etc.., MT charting of stock data should be unaffected with just having IB's snapshot data feed package since MT will get the RT stream stock quotes from the other available sources while just getting the futures stream data from IB? I hope my question isn't too convoluted. =) Thanks!
  10. soulfire

    Trend Line Mapping/Moving Error

    1) Yes - snap to candles was selected. 2) So far so good with the BETA. 3) Will do. Thanks!
  11. I'm now recently noticing (this week) on several occasions than when plotting trendlines on an intraday chart (1 minute freq) some of the lines seem to be drawn to lock in on nearby points rather than the exact cursor position. Also when a trend line is duplicated and/or moved to a nearby location, the line shifts and appears to remap to alternate non parallel points different from the original line or position/angle. On less frequent occasions, trend lines stop mapping, in that I can start drawing a line, but the endpoint won't lock and the line disappears. When this happens, I have to restart the program.
  12. soulfire

    Backfill using IB as default

    Thanks- if the slowness persists, I will send you the log files. I have my TK account set as a data source for quotes and as the trading interface. Does TK need to be set as the default data source?
  13. soulfire

    Backfill using IB as default

    I've never had any such slowdown in the past- this week is the first occurrence of such behavior with no change in my portfolio size. I have two futures porfolio's of about 24 symbols each, and one stocks portfolio of 45 symbols. I click backfill on only one portfolio at a time which seems to update only that portfolio rather than all. One a portfolio is done updating, I select backfill on the next. The slow down is happening with every portfolio, starting with the first one selected. " MT assumes you will actually be using TK. If TK is not used in MT for a while, your MT account subscription will expire. " I'm confused. The "Tradeking Promo" made no mention of being required to place trades through MT, or even on Tradeking. The only requirement was funding a Tradeking account and adhering to their terms. I also only opened my TK account a few weeks ago, so even if the account had a trading requirement - that would mean one is expected to place trades at least monthly or sooner?
  14. soulfire

    Backfill using IB as default

    I forgot to mention this anomaly that also happened Friday but will now include in case it's related- when I started up the program yesterday, I got the "using free service symbol/portfolio limitations" warning even though I had my Trade King account verified weeks earlier and was operating without issue. I restarted, and this time the program started up without a problem.
  15. soulfire

    Backfill using IB as default

    Data seems to load at equal speed when applied directly to a backfill activated on the chart. @ymz16 loaded at the same speed using dummy test symbol chart and actual symbol chart. The delay seems to stem from using "backfill all" on the portfolio window. I do portfolio backfills weekly, and up to this week, the backfill have been so fast, I had to double check to see if they actually completed, which they did. This is the first time I'm seeing it take so long to go through the process, and some symbols aren't getting updated.