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  1. soulfire

    New Version Update Problem

    I've been opening/exiting and reopening several times today and so far so good - it's saving my settings and not reverting back to the initial start sequence. I will forward the log if/when it happens again. As an aside, I notice the time it takes to save the data is now shorter and it also takes up less drive space. Nice!
  2. soulfire

    New Version Update Problem

    There is a problem when I start up the program. Sometimes it starts with no issues, and other times it goes into "initial start mode" where it asks for my brokerage login data, give's me "first time" notifications, and I have to complete the license agreement window and generate a sample portfolio. When this happens the dashboard settings have also been reset to default values with my prior settings erased. An example would be I choose 120 days on chart data, backups include quote/window data on exit, save on close, 11 max backups. When I saved and reopened the file, the settings were intact and everything proceeded as expected. I saved and when I opened the file again later I got the initial start mode with logins/authorization required and the settings now reverted back to 60 days chart data, backups on start that don't include quote/window data, 10 max backups. Once I reapply the settings, I can see all the data. I'm not sure if there is a pattern to when settings persist or not. Will explore more on Sunday to see if there is one.
  3. soulfire

    New Version Update Problem

    Update: Can now see all my data on the new version. Perhaps it takes an extended time for the program to be validated to the Ally account?
  4. soulfire

    New Version Update Problem

    I'm trying to restore my system to the prior version, but I'm now getting the following error (see attached). Could you please make the full prior version available for download? Thanks!
  5. soulfire

    New Version Update Problem

    I received notice tonight that a new update version was available for download, so I clicked to accept the upgrade. When the program updated/restarted, I noticed the following issues: 1) Not all settings were transferred from the last version. I have my backup setting to include quote data and to backup on exit. The settings had changed to default- backup on start and not including quote data. I'm being asked to relogin to my data and brokerage accounts. Program is stating it's seeing brokerage data accounts for the first time and asking if I want to configure. 2) I'm not able to see my entire previously saved quote data. I only see about 10 days of data rather that the full set of maximum data I had accumulated for futures. There's a licensing agreement window I check through. I then use import/restore on a saved dataset to see if that will work to restore my data. When the program restarts, it puts be back at square one with being required to log into my Tradeking(Ally) account again and my other brokerage account, followed by "first time log in" messages and request for configuration options. The data is still limited to just a few days and not showing the full data set. I tried saving the account and reopening and that didn't bring me back to having to login again, but the data was still missing. I tried one more backup and it brought me back to default initial login screens again.
  6. soulfire

    Data Permanence

    I saw the continuous MT symbols for Ameritrade. Are there symbols for IB as well?
  7. soulfire

    Data Permanence

    I see. I do definitely appreciate the expanded data viewing MT offers. Thanks! I think it would be a great feature if you added the ability to archive/view historical data - notably futures data, which is hard to come by without subscribing to a data service. One of the things I really liked about Quotetracker was being able to call up contracts/chart data from several years in the past. It makes it easy to visually compare/analyze past and current market behavior. I guess one can still do this with MT in a roundabout way if they save off a data file, then use it as a backup restore at a future time without connecting to a data source so MT won't update- but that would also mean having to do another restore with current backup data when done reviewing.
  8. soulfire

    Data Permanence

    Forgive me if this question has already been answered- I was checking my futures portfolio from last year - and noticed that futures contracts don't show any data except for the Z contract. For example, I'm looking at ES, and H,M, and U contracts are blank charts with no data. With Quotetracker, the data for my past contracts persisted so I could call up historical contracts to review. Does Medved Trader operate differently?
  9. Bitcoin futures are now being carried by IB: Underlying: GXBT, symbol:XBT, Exchange: CFECRYPTO I was trying to enter the symbol in a portfolio- using: @XBF18:CFECRYPTO, but am not receiving any data. Is this the correct format? Thanks!
  10. That's great news! Much appreciated.
  11. I suspected that might be the case so I moved the trendlines inward with at least a 10 day buffer from the oldest dates, and well as staggered some lines ever further right, but that doesn't seem to help. The strange thing is usually the entire set of parallel lines are lost rather than just one or a few.
  12. When mapping trendlines on extended intraday charts (using full 120 days), trendlines spanning close to the entire chart (over 100+ days) don't always save. When the program is reopened, the longer term trendlines previously drawn are likely to be absent. This doesn't happen all the time, but usually after a few exit-saves and restarts- but it is fairly consistent that eventually the longer term spanning trend lines will eventually fail to save and be absent when the program is opened. The interesting thing is when the trend lines vanish, all the parallel lines typically vanish as opposed to just a few lines on that particular trend line angle. I've also tried setting up one of the trend lines as an "alert", but that isn't a fail safe either. The shorter term drawn trend lines don't seen to be affected.
  13. soulfire

    IB Data Feed Service Change

    That's what I thought - thanks for confirming. I wanted to be sure my stock portfolios would still be updated without issue.
  14. soulfire

    IB Data Feed Service Change

    Interactive Brokers is ending the "US Securities & Futures Value Bundle for Non-Professionals" on March 1st: http://ibkb.interactivebrokers.com/article/2830 It will be replaced by "US Securities Snapshot & Futures value Bundle for Non Professionals" which will now only provide "snapshot" quotes for NYSE,AMEX, and NASDAQ data rather than RT quote stream as before. One will have to subscribe separately to NYSE,AMEX,and NASDAQ to receive their RT stream quote feeds at additional cost of $1.50 each. Since Medved Trader uses "smart quotes" which is non source specific, if one is trading stocks using MT's charts rather than IB's, and has sign ups with other brokerage accounts such as Trade King, Ameritrade, etc.., MT charting of stock data should be unaffected with just having IB's snapshot data feed package since MT will get the RT stream stock quotes from the other available sources while just getting the futures stream data from IB? I hope my question isn't too convoluted. =) Thanks!
  15. soulfire

    Trend Line Mapping/Moving Error

    1) Yes - snap to candles was selected. 2) So far so good with the BETA. 3) Will do. Thanks!