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  1. Max # of symbols per protfolio?

    Thank you for your quick response.
  2. Max # of symbols per protfolio?

    Hello Jerry, What is the maximum number of symbols per portfolio / watchlist in MT? Also, how many portfolios and/or watchlists are allowed? Sorry, if this has been answered before. I did a search of the MT Help and the website, but could not find an answer before posting the question on Support page. Thanks.
  3. Hello Jerry; Would like for charts to not scroll to the end when the period is changed. Currently, if one scrolls back to an earlier time on a chart then changes the chart's period, the chart scrolls to the end. This causes one to have to scroll back multiple times as the period is changed, so would be nice for the location on the chart to be maintained after the period is changed. Thanks in advance.
  4. Loading MT layouts is slower

    OK. The version I had before the latest update was 1.1.1102.459.
  5. Loading MT layouts is slower

    Hello Jerry; I updated to the MT version 1.1.1700.2018 over the wkend and now it takes longer to load layouts. Gets worse as the day progresses. Also noticed that MT is using >3GB of memory now. Other than revert back to previous version, is there a way to switch off functions I do not use to improve the memory use? Or advise on other solutions please. Thanks in advance.
  6. Jerry, thanks for your response. How about trying my other idea quoted below? I am asking for this favor because I change the parameters of indicators on some charts multiple times during the day. Each time I make a change I repeat it for multiple chart frequencies and then, on some days I have to do same for different futures. Saving or copying the changes that I have to replicate will go a long way to reduce occurrence of repetitive stress syndrome on ones fingers. Please consider my idea for this feature as described in my quoted post below (from 12/16/15)
  7. @jmezz it's a little more complicated than that. I'm changing indicator parameters on several charts & chart frequencies multiple times throughout the day.
  8. Looking for a way to sync the indicators of some of the charts, not all the charts. The sync open chart feature syncs all the charts. An option is to have a way to choose which charts to sync like, maybe, an option to sync only the charts with the same "linked pin" color.
  9. Hello Jerry; Do you have a timeline for when this copy indicator feature may be implemented? Trying to check on the status. Thanks in advance.
  10. If I may, I'd like to add that the status of the indicators is also copied. By status, I mean whether linked, hidden, and location on the chart. Thanks.
  11. One thought I had is: - Under the template tab of each chart you can have "save indicators" and "load indicators" buttons. They will then function like the save and load templates buttons do now, but only save & load the indicators of the specified chart. With this users can save the indicators of one chart under a given name and then load them to a different chart of their choosimg. - Or you can have a separate indicators tab next to the template tab that does the above. Thanks.
  12. Hello Jerry/Mike; Looks like the unchecking of the "Ribbon Show/Hide Resizes Window" feature, in Settings/Application/General, stopped working in the latest MT update. I updated to MT 1.0.9613.2356 (skipped 1.0.9545.0332) and now when I show the ribbon above the chart, the chart window becomes larger to accommodate the ribbon and covers some of the chart below. Regards.
  13. Hello Jerry; Please, can we have a "copy all indicators" feature that copies all the indicators from one chart to another? I spend a lot of time during the trading session adding and deleting several chart indicators. And, I repeat the same indicators on several timeframes which makes the process quite time consuming. Thanks in advance.
  14. Price format - fractions

    Hello Jerry; Will you be working on this soon? No pressure, just checking the status.