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  1. ehjump

    RTY IB futures symbol ?

    Jerry, Please also add @TNM18:ecbot to the list. Thanks in advance.
  2. Not for the way I use it. I change parameters of indicators on several timeframes multiple times during the session. I see your point though, most users set the default & use 'em static for long periods or forever. No need to change this on account of me. Thanks.
  3. Hmm, that doesn't leave room for user to change his/her mind before clicking "OK." That is, change their mind hoping to retain the prior default setting - user can't make a mistake in clicking "set as default."
  4. Hello Jerry/Mike; If I change my mind & uncheck after clicking the "Set as Default" button in any indicator's parameters window, the indicator default parameters don't revert to the default state before clicking the button. In other words, the "Set as Default" feature sets the default once the button is clicked instead of after clicking the "OK" button and exiting the edit parameters window - and so, does not allow user to change his/her mind before hitting "OK".
  5. Hi Jerry; When one hides the Bollinger band indicator the center line is still visible. This occurs on both intraday & historical charts.
  6. I'm actually considering the situation where the legends are not displayed (I don't display the legends to minimize distraction) and have several linked indicators on the same panel. In this case, the only way to un-hide an indicator is to open the Chart Indicator Selection window
  7. Please can we have an option to unhide indicators on the right-click menu? Currently we can hide or delete indicators by right-clicking the indicators. But, the only way to unhide indicators is to open the indicator selection window - would be nice to have the option of a quick right-click with sub-menu listing the hidden indicators & user can click desired indicator to unhide. Thanks in advance.
  8. Sorry, I was referring to MT version 1.1.6010.1849 (Please see the fix highlighted by green arrows in the attached figure.) Before this version, the "outline narrow candles" feature, when checked, worked in regular ohlc charts but did not work in candlestick charts for me. After the update it started working in candlestick charts, but now when I uncheck the feature the candles still remain outlined. Note: It is possible that I am confusing "unchanged bars" to mean narrow candles. If that is the case please point me to where in the settings I can change to get the unchanged bars to stop being outlined (i.e. colored yellow.) Thanks in advance.
  9. Hello Jerry; With update 1.1.6030.1802 you made the "outline narrow candles" feature work in candlestick charts - thanks, I like that it works. Unfortunately, now when the feature is unchecked the unchanged candles still remain outlined.
  10. ehjump

    Max # of symbols per protfolio?

    Thank you for your quick response.
  11. ehjump

    Max # of symbols per protfolio?

    Hello Jerry, What is the maximum number of symbols per portfolio / watchlist in MT? Also, how many portfolios and/or watchlists are allowed? Sorry, if this has been answered before. I did a search of the MT Help and the website, but could not find an answer before posting the question on Support page. Thanks.
  12. Hello Jerry; Would like for charts to not scroll to the end when the period is changed. Currently, if one scrolls back to an earlier time on a chart then changes the chart's period, the chart scrolls to the end. This causes one to have to scroll back multiple times as the period is changed, so would be nice for the location on the chart to be maintained after the period is changed. Thanks in advance.
  13. ehjump

    Loading MT layouts is slower

    OK. The version I had before the latest update was 1.1.1102.459.
  14. ehjump

    Loading MT layouts is slower

    Hello Jerry; I updated to the MT version 1.1.1700.2018 over the wkend and now it takes longer to load layouts. Gets worse as the day progresses. Also noticed that MT is using >3GB of memory now. Other than revert back to previous version, is there a way to switch off functions I do not use to improve the memory use? Or advise on other solutions please. Thanks in advance.
  15. Jerry, thanks for your response. How about trying my other idea quoted below? I am asking for this favor because I change the parameters of indicators on some charts multiple times during the day. Each time I make a change I repeat it for multiple chart frequencies and then, on some days I have to do same for different futures. Saving or copying the changes that I have to replicate will go a long way to reduce occurrence of repetitive stress syndrome on ones fingers. Please consider my idea for this feature as described in my quoted post below (from 12/16/15)