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Found 4 results

  1. Access to Bitcoin Charting

    Any chance or possibility to add Bitcoin to Medved Trader or is it already available? I don't necessarily mean to trade Bitcoin but just to view quotes and charts in Medved Trader? I have not been able to find any charting software to display my system on current bitcoin charting platforms.
  2. HI, im looking to create a scan that will show me which coins have and RSI below 30 and RSI above 70. i plan on scanning a lot of coins. so doing it manually its not effective. I'm having trouble creating the rule. can anyone point me in the right direction
  3. Just released a new Production Version of Medved Trader. Huge # of new features and fixes. The download as well as the full version history can be found at: https://medvedtrader.com/download or if you have Medved Trader already installed, you will be prompted next time you restart it. Enjoy!
  4. Bitcoin futures are now being carried by IB: Underlying: GXBT, symbol:XBT, Exchange: CFECRYPTO I was trying to enter the symbol in a portfolio- using: @XBF18:CFECRYPTO, but am not receiving any data. Is this the correct format? Thanks!