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  1. ADDED - MB TRADING - Support for Level I, Level II, Backfill, Hist Backfill, Option Chains, and full Integrated Trading ADDED - TD AMERITRADE - Support for "Orange" accounts (Upgraded TOS Accounts which previously did not work in MT). NOTE: the TOS Upgraded accounts have restricted trading capabilities. No Stock order routing, no AON, FOK, or DNR. ADDED - ALERTS - ALERT LOG - added Auto-Size Columns option to the column header right click ADDED - MISC - Handle computer suspend/resume events for restoring the datafeeds ADDED - Misc - User friendly error message about AntiVirus when compiling ADDED - SMART SOURCE - Add Smart Source Priority to SETTINGS / DATA SOURCES / CONFIGURE ACCOUNTS. That way, if Smart Source has two sources to pick from, it will use Priority to help select one. ADDED - TRADING - TRADE LOG - added Auto-Size Columns option to the column header right click FIXED - ALERTS - ALERT LOG - FILTERING - Not being applied to new incoming alerts FIXED - CHARTS - OHLC does not draw unchanged stuff. For example, #CAD.USD with Yahoo Backfill. FIXED - CHARTS - trendlines on separate indicators get messed up if multiple instances of the same indicator are on the chart FIXED - E*TRADE - 52 week High/Low not updating FIXED - IB - Expiration Dates on the options are 1 day off FIXED - IB - Option Chains - when scrolling through options, MT would not unsubscribe from symbols sometimes, thus using up the max # being streamed FIXED - PORT EDITOR - Drag/Drop of portfolio caused an error FIXED - TRADING - Positions not showing sometimes right after order execute