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Found 2 results

  1. Quick-access Toolbar (QAT) questions

    I am familiar with adding / removing menu items on the QAT, but I am wondering if there is a simple way to re-order items that are already in the QAT ?
  2. Charts: indicator quick-hide

    Right now we can click to select trendlines, and use right-click menu (or 'Del' key) to delete them. This is good. Can you apply the same trick to make it easier to Hide indicators ? (Left/right click to select; right click menu, or 'H' key shortcut to Hide.) Also, a couple pet peeves about the "edit indicators" dialog : 1) it uses a huge window that can obscure an entire chart; please make the window smaller. 2) in the right pane, it requires a left-click to first select an indicator, followed by a right-click to access the menu - could you change it so the right-click selects the entry *and* brings up the menu ? Save mouse clicks! 3) could you give the Hide/Show action immediate effect (not require "Apply") ? Thanks as usual for considering my suggestions and once again, let me know if I am throwing too many your way. I can dial it back.