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Found 2 results

  1. ADDED - E*TRADE Streaming Data - support for Level I on stocks and indices. (Trading will be coming later) FIXED - Charts - Removing Secondary symbol indicator does not unsubscribe from data until the chart is closed FIXED - Issues with stale quotes on Trading Positions/Transactions at time due to conflict between muptiple internal subscription types. FIXED - Win 10 - Winow sizes inconsistently saved, making sharing with others or moving from one machine to another difficult. NOTE: On Windows 10 Layouts saved with prior version of MT will open windows slightly larger than they need to be.
  2. now I use your old software, Medved Quotetracker [latest version 4.0.0 - Stockwatch datafeed], with Windows 7 x64. Maybe, in the near future, I upgrade my system to Windows 10, can you tell me if work with new O.S.? Thanks. If not sure, can you test it with W10? Thanks. PS: When "Medved Trader" will be in final reaease I change software.