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Found 3 results

  1. We released a new beta version with Pivot Point Alerts on all supported Pivot Point types!! Also added options to get rid of password prompt when trading, and ability to save the Auto Transmit option for Chart Trading. Enjoy http://www.medvedtrader.com/beta ADDED - ALERTS - Daily Pivot Point Alerts ADDED - CHART TRADING - SETTINGS option to allow saving Auto-Transmit setting (requires prompt, password) ADDED - CHART TRADING - option to not to show the order price on Y axis (SETTINGS/CHARTS/Display) ADDED - CHART TRADING - order capsule - add "Fixed Window Position" for order / position capsules ADDED - TRADING - SETTING option to NOT require password prompt (requires prompt, password to set) FIXED - IB - connection issue in recent beta versions
  2. You can drop orders right on the chart. See orders and positions on the chart. Change order price by just dragging the order Capsule (or line). Right click to change order type, TIF, Special Instructions. Double click on Price (if you don't want to drag) or QTY to make changes One click order cancel Modify the orders by just dragging them. Auto-Transmit available. This is the one feature that can change the way you trade!!! I will post some pictures soon but meanwhile, the HELP has been updated. Go to Chart window, Click on TRADING tab and check the button to enable it, and you are all set.
  3. ADDED - CHART TRADING - Full blown trading from the charts. See orders and positions right on the chart window. Modify the orders by just dragging them. Auto-Transmit available. This is the one feature that can change the way you trade!!! See the "Chart Trading" under "Trading" in Help for the explanation/instructions. ADDED - NEWS Window - Add "Mark All As Read" button on ribbon ADDED - NEWS Window - SELECT ALL (CTRL+A) to the R.Click Menu FIXED - Data Import - not importing core settings if ENCRYPTED (for specific account) and DATA is being imported too FIXED - PORT EDITOR - Adding options via option lookup is screwed up FIXED - SETTINGS - ACCOUNTS some editing in spin controls was not triggering the APPLY buttoin FIXED - Streaming quotes (AMTD) - if L1 quotes were requested from Portfolio and from Level II or Option chain at the same exact time, it resulted in NO subscription being sent FIXED - TRADING - Editing orders - for T-STOP - Wrong increments FIXED - TRADING - Trade Ticket - show account balances was messed up in recent few updates