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Found 6 results

  1. When I'm typing a stock symbol into DOM symbol window, the chart shows correct price and DOM prices are always below 1$ as shown on attached screen shot. In order to get a proper quote in DOM, I have to type another symbol and then the previous one I was interested in. Is there any way to change it and get the real price for the first time?
  2. LCTrader

    DOM/L2 Rounding

    Looked around for a similar report, but couldn't quickly find anything. The Level II window is rounding, screenshots attached. This case makes L2/DOM style trading impossible in some cases. Any chance to correct the display precision?
  3. First of all, thanks for all the recent updates, I have just seen them, cryptos and DOM, in Beta and they are great. They will really deserve more communication once in production. The DOM is almost perfect for me, but using it, I have a big issueto distinguish bid and ask. Here is a comparison with IB, it would be good to be able to visually separate bids and asks
  4. DOM allow remove buy sell columns
  5. trader101

    Sync DOM to Chart

    Hi Mike, Hi Jerry and all quick question is it possible to sync the DOM to a Chart , meaning when the prices move on the DOM the current candle on CHART would be in-sync with it , i understand that the scale on the CHART is different than that on the DOM ,but my idea if that sync can be applied programmatically it could give a visual idea of whats happening on the limit book . Thanks in advance
  6. Jerry Medved

    Just released DOM Trading in beta!!!

    Just released #DOM Trading in Medved Trader beta today: https://medvedtrader.com/beta Please let us know what you think!