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Found 4 results

  1. Jerry, I know you responded to this already with a negative but I wanted to post this in the proper forum for feature requests since it would be much harder to find buried in the support forum in case you're ever willing to reconsider. Ideally I would be able to select IBALGO Adaptive as the Default Route under Order Settings and there would a drop down menu selection box for either "Patient", "Normal", or "Urgent". Then in the order ticket window IBALGO would be selectable from the drop down list including SMART, et. al. For IB at least straight MKT orders can produce terrible fills. Often when I am trading I can be dealing with a considerable spread in a market where the price action isn't moving too quickly. The adaptive algorithm spends slightly more time trying to execute the order at a better price point within the spread whereas with the straight MKT order IB can send the order to execute right on the bid for a short or right on the ask for the long. Even if I make, say, $600 on the trade $50 or $100 lost in slippage is brutal. Thanks for your responsiveness with all the issues/questions I've had.
  2. Mike Thompson

    Interactive Brokers Data Source?

    I use Medved Trader together with Interactive Brokers. Recently, I noticed I was getting delayed quotes in the symbols in my portfolio recently. When I opened the data sources window, I noticed Interactive Brokers is no longer in the list of providers (see attached screenshot). Has support for Interactive Brokers been discontinued? Regards, Mike
  3. Jerry Medved

    INTERACTIVE BROKERS - Setup Instructions

    Just put up a first version of the setup instructions page for IB: https://www.medvedtrader.com/ib
  4. pickl24

    Public Network

    Hi Jerry When I connect my laptop to a public WiFi network I can only log into Interactive Brokers using the SSL and this seems to stop Medved Trader receiving the data. If you know how to work round this that would be great. Thanks, P