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  1. ADDED - "Tip Of The Day" ADDED - Charts - Parabolic SAR - made it so the dots below and above can have separate colors ADDED - PORT EDITOR - Made Copy/Paste shortcuts (CTRL+C and CTRL+V) work on cells without need to double click ADDED - SETTINGS (Trading)- checkbox to show password on startup.. (to turn off save password) ADDED - TRADE TICKET - added 1/2 button for QTY - to set the QTY to 1/2 the current value ADDED - TRADING - Show Trade Ticket and Account View after new account is "Auto configured" FIXED - ALERTS - Trendline alert corruption - the lines getting deleted while the alert is still there FIXED - Charts - Historical Charts - RENKO - Show Wicks option was not working. FIXED - SETTINGS (News) - Open Windows Checkbox - should hide for sources that get news on all symbols, same as other CB FIXED - SETTINGS (Trading Accounts) - MBT - if validating accounts and login is bad, was not showing it. FIXED - TRADE TICKET - does not get Visual Style applied properly while still open