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Found 4 results

  1. Can someone give me a very brief explanation or point me to a user manual for these questions" Under Trading/Accounts, Account Specific Setting & Defaults there are some options: What do these mean or better yet can someone give me an example? Always Price Peg Leave Price Peg Mode Unchanged Peg Offset from Last Bracket Low Pts High Pts Bracket Low% High% Thanks for any help!
  2. jschwa

    market holidays

    Intraday charts don't seem to recognize holidays. ie thanksgiving
  3. It may be just me, but I got some troubles in setting the number of decimals after the point. I simply changed the default format string (Setting->General->Date & Numeric format) #,###,###,##0.00## to this one: #,###,###,##0.00 Generally, it did work for the Portfolio, reducing the decimals to only 2, but not in the Sub-totals! More puzzling to me appeared the option in (Setting->Apperance->Other) named "Decimal Alignment-# of integer Digits"; what is that supposed for ? All I know is that, when I changed it to 2, it fixed the Sub-totals decimals, too. Why so? Is this option conflicting/repetition with the previous one? Since I was there, I also clicked the option named "Omit +/- in Coloured cells". Again, it did work in general, but got Sub-totals wrong; it removed the "-", but the negative Sub-total cells are not red coloured! So, how do I know if a total is positive or negative? (QT just leaves sign on subtotals). The switch named "Color Sub-Totals Same as Symbols" seems to have the effect to turn off/on (pls, note the off/on order) italic on Sub-Totals AND column titles fonts (rather than changing Sub-Totals colour according to Market Symbols). The following switch "BOLD Sub-Totals" seems to turn on/off bold font on Sub-Totals AND column titles. It is just my environment (italian culture on italian Windows XP SP3, Visual Style: Office 2010 Blue, Default Color Set:"Easy", Portfolio Color Set:"Sunny") or anybody else can reproduce it? Finally, I selected "Bold this column" on the Symbol Column in the Portfolio window. Now, I got Bold font Symbols, but all symbols are also CENTERED! and there is no way back (aside from closing and reopening the Portfolio). The column "Change $" is right justified but the Sub-total line is left justified (not so in QT!). What about all the prices on columns like Bid/Last/Ask/High/etc.? They appear justified on the left so they get the decinal points all misaligned (but you also get smaller column width). The venerable QT apparently used a special justification which gets all the decimal points magically aligned AND left justified ! Yours, fabrizio
  4. PaulDee

    Extended Hours Data

    I wonder if you might be able to answer a question for me, please? My MT Settings for Charts General is configured for Extended Hours as Never and Auto Backfill Intraday Charts: https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/uIfuXCo_2SVcZpqgJ_1sgvk7SuRaoWgxDleEx5Xwt_g?feat=directlink My MT Settings for Charts Timeframes is configured for 9:58 to 16:13 as the ASX trading day: https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/jvBoYEWmFQxVHL5NsRhcwPk7SuRaoWgxDleEx5Xwt_g?feat=directlink However, my Charts and raw data show that there is a trade or trades before the open: https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/448jz6GYNTJjm9wvOtQJo_k7SuRaoWgxDleEx5Xwt_g?feat=directlink So, could you advise where my settings and configuration are not correct, please? Cheers