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Found 3 results

  1. I'm on the latest release: v 1.1.3400.531 x64 . About two releases ago, trendlines began to not draw properly when place within an indicator panel. After the mouse button is released, the drawn trendline will rotate 30 degrees or so, or the entire line will move vertically. I have 3 indicator panels active on the price chart, and the issue manifests on all of them, regardless of the timeframe. Holding down the Shift button does not prevent the issue on horizontal trendlines.
  2. I'm now recently noticing (this week) on several occasions than when plotting trendlines on an intraday chart (1 minute freq) some of the lines seem to be drawn to lock in on nearby points rather than the exact cursor position. Also when a trend line is duplicated and/or moved to a nearby location, the line shifts and appears to remap to alternate non parallel points different from the original line or position/angle. On less frequent occasions, trend lines stop mapping, in that I can start drawing a line, but the endpoint won't lock and the line disappears. When this happens, I have to restart the program.
  3. When I used the bottom scroll button to adjust the amount of time shown in the display (shortening), some of the drawn trend lines disappear. I'm not able to get a close up short term view of some trend line set ups. The lines reappear if I expand the time frame.