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Found 4 results

  1. How to? Is it possible?

    Good Evening. I would like to know if there is any possible way to draw a trendline on a historical chart (Daily) and make it appear on the intraday too? Also, is there any way to draw horizontal trendlines but not plot them as a new indicator? Regards Jean
  2. When mapping trendlines on extended intraday charts (using full 120 days), trendlines spanning close to the entire chart (over 100+ days) don't always save. When the program is reopened, the longer term trendlines previously drawn are likely to be absent. This doesn't happen all the time, but usually after a few exit-saves and restarts- but it is fairly consistent that eventually the longer term spanning trend lines will eventually fail to save and be absent when the program is opened. The interesting thing is when the trend lines vanish, all the parallel lines typically vanish as opposed to just a few lines on that particular trend line angle. I've also tried setting up one of the trend lines as an "alert", but that isn't a fail safe either. The shorter term drawn trend lines don't seen to be affected.
  3. ADDED - MB TRADING - Support for Level I, Level II, Backfill, Hist Backfill, Option Chains, and full Integrated Trading ADDED - TD AMERITRADE - Support for "Orange" accounts (Upgraded TOS Accounts which previously did not work in MT). NOTE: the TOS Upgraded accounts have restricted trading capabilities. No Stock order routing, no AON, FOK, or DNR. ADDED - ALERTS - ALERT LOG - added Auto-Size Columns option to the column header right click ADDED - MISC - Handle computer suspend/resume events for restoring the datafeeds ADDED - Misc - User friendly error message about AntiVirus when compiling ADDED - SMART SOURCE - Add Smart Source Priority to SETTINGS / DATA SOURCES / CONFIGURE ACCOUNTS. That way, if Smart Source has two sources to pick from, it will use Priority to help select one. ADDED - TRADING - TRADE LOG - added Auto-Size Columns option to the column header right click FIXED - ALERTS - ALERT LOG - FILTERING - Not being applied to new incoming alerts FIXED - CHARTS - OHLC does not draw unchanged stuff. For example, #CAD.USD with Yahoo Backfill. FIXED - CHARTS - trendlines on separate indicators get messed up if multiple instances of the same indicator are on the chart FIXED - E*TRADE - 52 week High/Low not updating FIXED - IB - Expiration Dates on the options are 1 day off FIXED - IB - Option Chains - when scrolling through options, MT would not unsubscribe from symbols sometimes, thus using up the max # being streamed FIXED - PORT EDITOR - Drag/Drop of portfolio caused an error FIXED - TRADING - Positions not showing sometimes right after order execute
  4. Chart trendlines - create parallel

    Can you please add a right-click menu option to create a line parallel to the currently selected line? Thanks.