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65 min bar charts creates interesting problems

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Price bars with 65 minute duration, seem to create a labeling problem. The final bar of the day is labeled 14:55, but from my perspective the bar labelled 9:30 should be labelled 16:00.  This can be seen on a chart of the SPY.  While the chart of IMO:CA is missing the final bar of the day.  I use 65 minute bars because they go evenly into the 390 minute trading day for stocks. There would be 6 of them daily.

Running windows 10, Stockwatch datafeed. If there's any more info you need let me know.

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the label on the bar is the start of the bar, not the end, and bars do not span multiple sessions, so the 9:30 label is correct. 16:00 would be the bar from 16:00 to 17:05 if you are using 65 frequency and assuming you are not showing extended hours, there wouldn't be such a bar

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