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Migrating to new computer

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Hi Jerry,

I've been trying to migrate to a new computer and MT is saying the p/w or email are incorrect.  So I deleted the MT folder and re-downloaded.  Then Panda AV says "w32/Exploit.gen" detected in the downloaded file.

So two questions - 1) how to start up on a new PC? and 2) What's the AV detecting?


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to migrate, you would need to install MT on the new machine start it and login.  you would want to select FILE / EXPORT option in MT on the old computer, export the settings, copy them to the new computer then select FILE / IMPORT in MT on the new computer.  Your password issue would be because you are not entering the correct password for the specified email address account.   If you cannot remember the password that was used, you can reset it. Request password reset at https://medvedtrader.com/forgotpassword

As for the AV - Pandora is notorious for false positives.  w32/Exploit.gen is not any specific virus that it claims to detect. It is a "General" possible exploit.  Basically anything they don't know about.  There are no viruses or exploits in MT and the other AV software are fine with MT. 

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