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Portfolio drop down box on the "Quick Access Toolbar"

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I added the Portfolio drop down box to the "Quick Access Toolbar".  I like to keep the portfolio window so there are only 3 columns showing, so the entire window is narrow.  When I do that the Portfolio drop down box hides itself.  Would it be possible to change the minimum length to something shorter so it still displays when the window is narrowed?  I attached some screen shots.



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the width of the portfolio dropdown box is set once  (as shown on the toolbar). The handling of putting it in the QAT is automatic - we don't have any control over that.  NOTE that when the window is too narrow to show the stuff in the QAT, you can click on the >> button to see the items that did not fit

Another thing you can do to get more space - instead of having the QAT on the caption, you can select to show it "Below the ribbon". The result will be a small toolbar all the way across the window, thus giving more room for the QAT items than if it was on the caption.

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