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Clear all bulbs - check box


Things I'd like to see:
When I select "Clear All Bulbs" I am asked "Do you want to clear news bulbs on all symbols?". For me, the answer is always yes. Either don't show me the alert or give me the check box "Don't show this alert again". The choice could be settable in settings.
Secondly, if I select clear all bulbs then the next thing I always do is close the box. If I clear all bulbs, I ALWAYS want to close the box! Why not do this automatically?


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the "Don't show again" is doable but we first need to have a way to manage messages. Whenever you have that, you have to have a way to turn it back on.  It is on the todo list

As for closing box, you mean the news window? that is definitely not an intuitive Default option.  

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