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Hi Bob,

what exactly happens when you try to login?

Also, I notice you have 3 different accounts in MT. Note that you don't need to do that. You can use the same email/password to log into all 3 computers.  Makes it a bit easier to manage.

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(Replied yesterday, but for some reason did not send)

It would not let me sign in on the others, so I set up a new one. I have moved so the ....@gmail.com, ...@suddenlink.net is valid and operational. Been relocating to Texas and when I tried to sign in the other day during the TD Ameritrade problems, could not connect. Now I get a minimum account when I log in ( 2 charts only). Great on the only one account necessary to connect. If you want you can delete the others and keep the ...@gmail.com as my account. That is the one I use to log into Ally.



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