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Hi Mike,

I am just mentioning what I am seeing here as I have not done enough research on how the RSI is calculated to say which is correct.  I've attached a couple more pics of the RSI for Questrade and Tradingview to compare against Medved.  In the pics you can see neither of them have an RSI that goes above 70 for Tues 13th  but in Medved the RSI spikes up to 100.  Thoughts?



2018-02-13 22_55_10-NNO_VN Level II.png

2018-02-13 22_54_43-NNO_ 2.44 ▲+3.39% — Unnamed — TradingView.png



If you need better pics let me know.



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I bet this is the same problem as with your previous mentions of Bollinger Bands and SMA.


Basically, it is a question of what is a more representative method - ignoring no-volume gaps as if they don't exist or treating them as no-volume candles where O=H=L=C=previous candle's Close...

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