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Odd data feed Level 2 and Raw data not matching

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first, it is Level I data, not Level II (raw data comes from Level I). and I don't think reaching out to Stockwatch is going to do anything since the issue is not occurring now. 

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Not sure what you mean "level I data not level II".  I was indicating in the pic that the Level 2 data looked correct ie bid and ask seems to make sense but  the Raw data (Level I) has the bid higher then the ask.

I'll watch again tomorrow as I saw it look ok just after I closed MedVed and then opened it again, but it went wonky again later on.   The main reason I posted here was I didn't think what I was seeing was correct and wanted some confirmation since I don't have any other source to compare against.  Figured it was probably the data feed but wanted to check.



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