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  2. turn OFF the symbol linking on the trade ticket. Then, right click on the caption of the trade ticket window and select "Set As Default for all". after that it should come up without the linking
  3. tied it to the snap windows to edges setting. emailed you
  4. Yesterday
  5. the compact mode setting does not take effect until the window is created again after the change is made, so if you do that in the future, either restart MT or close the trade ticket windows and reload the layout
  6. I emailed you the update. Please try. Really REALLY don't want to add more settings for minor esoteric features
  7. 1) if you want, you can either view quotes right in the ACCOUNT VIEW/Positions window, or you can highlight all (CTRL+A or right click and select "Select All") then drag to the portfolio to copy. NOTE: when dragging, drag the SYMBOL column 2) chart window has "New Chart" button right on the toolbar
  8. Ok, thanks Jerry. I figured out what caused the issue. I originally had a regular trade ticket, and I re-sized it manually to fit in a portion of my overall screen, since I want it visible at all times. Next, I set the Compact option in settings, and the Buy/Sell buttons didn't appear in my Trade Ticket window (because it was created as a Regular ticket). When I clicked on new ticket, from the Main menu, this new ticket truly appeared in Compact mode (and I'm now using this window to fit in a portion of my overall screen. Thanks for the explanation, and sorry for the bother.
  9. the consolidated checkbox is only looked at when MT is showing the quotes in the portfolio. summary info shown on dashboard shows the raw # of entries in the portfolio.
  10. if you are not using advanced, then it will work same as before if you are using advanced, AND specify result # other than zero in the SetResult functions, then at the START of the scan, MT adds the columns. It is not something that changes dynamically as the alerts trigger. It happens at the start of the scan only - MT checks # of results that are referenced in the scan code and adds needed columns
  11. if you are using the regular trade ticket, NOT Compact, the buttons do not get resized or repositioned when you resize the window. Works as intended. On the "Compact" version, they do get repositioned. They would not be shrunk though
  12. When Action drop-down disabled, the "Buy/Sell" Buttons don't scale on window properly, when Trade Ticket Window is shrunk. Similarly, when Action drop-down is enabled, the "Send Trade" Buttons don't scale on window properly, when Trade Ticket Window is shrunk.
  13. Thanks Jerry, So that I understand: If I create a scan in normal mode (not advanced) and for example a VWAP crossing and a Previous close crossing get triggered, within the same parameter trigger clear time (say 2 minutes) then both will show their individual alert text in two different watch list columns. So the watchlist will dynamically grow and shrink in width as symbols trigger two alerts? I'll do some experimenting. regards, Rob
  14. If you have for example 27 symbols in portfolio A and you add for example 2 duplicate symbols from portfolio B, in Dashboard when clicking on "Open Portfolio", the #Symb in portfolio A will be 29 even if you chose the consolidated option in "Edit Portfolio" and the symbol shows once in Portfolio A rows
  15. though feel free to view it, it really isn't intended for end-user access. If you are having errors, send us the log: Go to FILE / HELP => Send Log/Settings to support menu (from Dashboard or Portfolio)
  16. Found it! C:\Users\<YourUserName>\AppData\Local\2GK\Medved Trader
  17. Hi, 1. I am trying to import my current holdings into a medved portfolio so I can see my shares and I am able to check to see if news on my holdings comes out daily. I can't seem to figure out how to do this. I can open and view my current holdings by going to account view and then double clicking the account. But don't see a way to go further then that. 2. If I want to have two stock windows open. Different stocks, so I can trade and watch. What is the fastest way to open a new chart window? I had to jump to the layout and then add a window and it just seemed a bit complicated, figure
  18. how about having a flag in settings where I can choose to not have it readjusted upon restart because I actually want my part of windows be off the screen? I am sure this fix you did helped in some situation but it is doing disfavor for other users who want the windows at certain positions. Very much appreciate it if this request can be accommodated.
  19. Last week
  20. we would like to but as far as I know they still do not have one. It is not a "no way" situation. they did indicate that there is a possibility of that in the future, so I suggest asking them for it. Squeaky wheel gets the grease
  21. Think they may have a API by now, or no way. A shame seems like a good broker.
  22. I will post a few videos on dropbox for you so you can see the difference before the medved restart vs after. This happens each day as medved is open for an extended period of time. Also sending logs now post medved restart. videos should have time stamps. CPU 5-10% control-roller to zoom in and out of the historical charts become unusable and even pauses and takes a bunch of time before it catches up. I'll post once I get the videos added after market close.
  23. no, you do not want to do another separate action because those actions are send and forget. MT does not wait for first action to complete (including waiting for it to actually cancel) before sending the 2nd Action. The CancelThenSend on the other hand does do that. I think you are using an old version. Get the current beta: https://medvedtrader.com/beta
  24. I don't see that in my sell hotkey. I have a Var and Conditionals section. Then an Action section with Order and Drop and Send. But if I click on the Send box there is only "true" and "false". However, I could put in another Action section, placing it above the existing Action (order) section (presumably the Actions get executed in sequential order from top to bottom?) and then select Cancel / Open "All". Is this a correct use of the Action section?
  25. oh sorry about that, yes I created a new one to have same email in MT Forum as the software as easier to track. Thanks
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