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  2. Thanks! It works fine, and I can even see charts, which is not offered everywhere for mutual funds. Keep up the good work! 😉
  3. NOTE: you will want to use MT symbol format: 0P0000714D:CA
  4. You just hit on the correct keyword: Yahoo. Indeed, it supports some Canadian mutual funds but they use a special system. The BMO Fund GGF31734 is called on Yahoo: BMO Tactical Dividend ETF Fund D (0P00012MPY.TO) And the Mawer Fund MAW104 is called: Mawer Balanced Fund Class A (0P0000714D.TO) So you have to dig a bit to find them, but many are there on Yahoo. I changed the provider from Questrade to Yahoo, and got them! Thanks for holding my hand a bit 🙂
  5. no, don't see any. I tried looking up via Yahoo, but does not seem that they support it either.
  6. Thanks for looking into this. Is there any solution?
  7. sorry for the delay - typed the answer, but forgot to hit the submit button. their streaming datafeed does not seem to get data on the mutual funds. I checked our code and had to modify to get it to recognize the mutual fund symbol, but even when I did the prices returned were all zero
  8. I trade with Questrade (Canada), where I can find and see charts for mutual funds. MT is setup with that broker, and normally I would be able to see the same symbols. Canadian mutual funds symbols don't show up on MT. E.g. try MAW104 Canadian Balanced Funds from Mawer. It doesn't show up. How to set up MT in order to show Canadian mutual fund symbols?
  9. in MT if you wish to have the chart show with dividend adjustment, go to the chart's VIEW tab, OPTIONS dropdown and select "Adjust for Dividends"
  10. While trying to find something else, I fell on this thread. We're on Sept. 2019, and it's been way over due for an update about Stockcharts (I am a subscriber). Usually, charts are displayed with adjusted dividends. To see the "unadjusted" dividend charts, you simply add an underscore before the symbol, like this: AAPL (adjusted for dividends) _AAPL (unadjusted) But, maybe that question was answer since 2017!
  11. In MT, to add a symbol, you simply start typing it. Somehow one of your keyboard keys thinks it is getting pressed (and stuck).
  12. I have a quirky situation which may be a bug in another program in my computer causing this issue. Numerous times during the day the Add Symbol Box pops up on my workspace, and then continuous dotted lines run across the inside of the box. I can close it by typing in a symbol. I mostly use this computer for looking at charts during market hours and not much else. Thanks SG
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  14. Jerry Medved


    You picked an old thread. Mobile alerts have been available since Jan 4, 2019. In the alert properties, you can now select SHARE as one of the options, and then select SMS or Email as the share method
  15. bcavender


    Jerry, I wanted to check in about alerts. We've emailed several times about mobile alerts over the years. You expressed issues about the difficulty of software issues they present. ThIs thread goes back to 2014 where you still seemed open to the idea, but we are still not able to get MT alerts out of the room. I've been very impressed by your innovative work since the QuoteTracker years and I would be quite happy to be a paying customer again if only I wasn't forced to sit in the same room with the computer. I think there are a number of swing/longer term traders in your target market that would appreciate the mobility also Is there ANY way that you can give us at least ONE way to get mobile alerts out? Thank you! Bruce
  16. thanks for the quick repose, it worked !
  17. Hi Jerry For CNU19 symbol( see the dettail in attached), @CNU19:SGX is not working on MT Do you know what need to be for it working on MT,thanks
  18. cannot mix intraday/eod data like you mentioned, though as far as referencing daily EMA, you can probably simulate it with 3900 frequency (10 day). As for paintbar, when you add it to the chart, you can set it to display as background color?
  19. Couple of questions... Is it possible to create a paintbar indicator/alert that displays on the 5m chart when the current day's range or the current price moves beyond another indicator's value when that other indicator is on the daily time frame? What I'm interested in doing is using a paintbar on the 5m or 3m or 15m charts, etc... that displays when the current price range for the day has exceeded the ATR on the daily. Or when the price range has exceeded x% of the ATR on the daily. Also, and as another example, would be interested in the ability to produce an alert with a paintbar when the current price moves above/below an EMA on the daily. Another question I had is how to display such a paintbar. Let's say I wanted to highlight in a different color a range on the chart. For example, make all the space on the chart above a particular price red and below a certain price another color. How would I do this?
  20. I didn't even consider placing an OTOCA with a position already open, but I understand the dilemma. Thanks for considering. All in all, the conditional trades was a big want of mine, and I'm appreciative of its addition to the platform.
  21. I fixed it up, though the main problem I have is that the defaults have to assume the direction you will be going based on the position, while the actual direction may be the opposite. For example: If you do NOT have a position, then it assumes that the OTOCA will be a BUY with the OCA orders being SELLs. The OCA part of the OTOCA will have a LIMIT with +HIGH and a STOP with -LOW where HIGH and LOW are the defaults for the bracket. If you DO have a position, then it assumes that the OTOCA will be a SELL with the OCA orders being BUYs. The OCA part of the OTOCA will have a LIMIT with -LOW and a STOP with -LOW In either case though, you can go in the other direction and the values will be maintained. Also, once you specify the values - explicitly or by default, when the position changes, it does not reverse them. One thing I will probably do is show the assumed Main leg so you would be able to tell if it is assuming a buy or a sell, or change the assumption. How to deal with the defaults is my biggest issue
  22. I knew I asked this before. Still on my wish list . TriggerAlert("RangeIncrease", "" + ACR_Line) Produces: 09/11/19 11:04:05 PM Paintbar 3013.75 @ESU19 Alert "RangeIncrease" on Paintbar "Average Candle Range Breakout" 0.24 As you can see , quite a bit of text is automatically printed BEFORE the value .24 , so a very wide Alert window is needed to see it. Could use a separate column for the TriggerAlert message component OR put the message before the descriptive text.
  23. y, basically you had no position at the start and at the end, but with a position in between. Will see if I can recreate.
  24. Yeah, the problem with those patterns is that their definitions are very vague and hard to define in exact terms. What one could do I guess is take the last few (4? 5?) local minima and maxima (which also means you have to define what local minimum/maximum is), run linear regression lines through both sets, and then check that 1. the points on which they are constructed lie close (again, "close" has to be defined) to the lines and 2. they intersect in the future and 3. the slope of the top one is a lot less (1/10th?) than the slope of the bottom one? How does that sound?
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