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  2. there is no direct way. you can sort of do it via export. You can export your settings with "for sharing with others", they will not be encrypted. Then, rename the .MTExport to .Zip In the zip file, int he UserSettings folder, you will find Alerts.xml - you can extract that file then edit it with any text editor. Once done, reverse the steps - update the alerts.xml in the zip with your edited one, then rename the zip file back to MTExport, then import the file in MT.
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  4. Hi Jerry, Any update on this feature? At present, is there a way to add a profit target and stop loss to an interactive broker order, (as a percentage relative to the actual fill price) -- either before or after the trade happens? Thanks
  5. need to change all sound file for below alerts only I could rename the new sound mp3 file to the one in the alert box . any way of exporting/import alert table ?
  6. tracked it down - had something to do with an old annotation you had on this chart. Fixed it. Will get you an update.
  7. Hmm, I forgot that I didn't add it there, yet. I have those QTY tabs on trading ticket, Level II and DOM. You can however set the chart to show the position capsule.
  8. Chart->Trading->Trading Settings does not list a Quantity Tab. I have all those checked in my Charts settings
  9. on the chart's toolbar, TRADING tab, Trading settings button/menu.
  10. Have no idea where to add the Quantity Tabs to chart. I do not see it in charts or settings. I have the QTY TIF Sp Ins. Tab
  11. add the QTY Tabs display to the chart. It will have the positions - it can also show 1/2 and x2 buttons if you want, and then you can add the other stuff to QAT and hide the ribbon.
  12. I would like to request a Position Button on Charts-> Trading Tab. I find myself using the Chart trading feature exclusively. I find it easy to piece out of trades with the 1/2 button. At some point I want to set it to the current position size but I have to find it in the Position tab of Account view and type it in. A button to quick change quantity to position would be great.
  13. right now you cannot. that is something on our todo list.
  14. can you email support - I can connect to you with Windows Quick Assist and help
  15. I cannot send the log, it will not let me do anything as the layout is saved so it loads the charts, portfolios, other windows everytime it starts, causing the freeze.
  16. if you kill and restart MT does it lock again? Are you able to send the log?
  17. Awesome. Looks like just subscribing to Stockwatch was big mistake.
  18. no, that is Stockwatch specific
  19. I recently subscribed to Stockwatch but am already unhappy with how the time and sales data is sent out in 1 second bursts rather than live real time. Am thinking of trying Quotestream. Do they do this as well? Generally, how do they compare?
  20. Okay, everything is working now. Thanks for the help.
  21. Hello, My Medved Trader has completely frozen and I am unable to use it. This occurred after installing the latest patch (today, Aug 5) and opening an intraday chart and going back to at least 90 days of intraday data on the 5 minute timeframe. When Medved is open, I am unable to click on anything, I only see the loading circle of the mouse and cannot close or bring up any other window on medved. I must force end the program using task manager, it is the only way to do anything. Attached screenshot is what I can see when I open medved. Unable to access any other windows as they all are listed as "not responding" according to Task manager.
  22. Okay, I've changed everything in the portfolios to Stockwatch but I'm still seeing an active streaming connection with IB. I want to totally sever this connection. All backfill options have been set to Stockwatch.
  23. you need to change quote source selection on top of portfolio windows, not in settings. And if you have backfill explicitly set to IB, change that too - can do it on the dashboard.
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