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  2. the TDA and Ally login issues are probably related, but let's stay on TDA for the time being. Please do this - close and restart MT. though through the security code stuff with TDA login. Now close and restart it again and again go through the steps. Now send me the log/settings: Go to FILE / HELP => Send Log/Settings to support menu (from Dashboard or Portfolio) And add Post’s URL in the comment.
  3. Restoring settings between startups meaning what, exactly? I have MT set up to open up exactly the way it was closed, which used to mean auto-login to TDA and Ally. There's actually something identical going on with the Ally website - I sometimes have to use a Chrome-based browser to access it because they occasionally run these annoying redirect script promos that my version of Firefox can't handle, leaving me stuck in limbo until I log on and say "no thanks" using the Chrome browser, - but every time I try to log in it's doing the same thing TDA is doing from within MT - this does not happen if I go to Ally using my old version of Firefox after I decline the promo offer in the other browser. I only have an emergency use cell phone so I can't get a security code texted to me, so every time they run one of those stupid promos I need to reverify the Chrome browser by calling Ally and having them give me a security code over the phone - REALLY annoying! A clue to what's going on may be one last piece of info - I hate IE, but I can log into Ally on IE without getting this security verification screen - again, I suspect it may be some cookie- type issue, although the Chrome settings are wide open for cookies. Note that even the script Ally uses on their security screen if broken - clicking on "Send Security Code" gives me an error msg, doesn't ask me where I want it sent despite the fact that I have two email addresses set up within Ally for Security Code Delivery Options.
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  5. Hmm, that definitely should not happen. In fact, with the new login procedure, once you login you should never be prompted again unless TDA resets stuff on their end and you login at least once every few weeks. Are you restoring settings between startups or something like that?
  6. I was going to start a new topic about this new TDA issue but found this thread - every time I start MT TDA makes me answer a security question and ticking the "trust this device" does nothing - in browsers usually you only have to do that once and a cookie gets set, but for some reason the MT ==> IE ==> TDA connection doesn't "remember" that you've already verified the device. Is this an MT issue or a TDA issue? Of note, I have not had to answer a security question to access my TDA account using Firefox. Is there maybe a security setting in IE I need to modify, perhaps allowing 3rd party cookies be kept permanently or something similar?
  7. Thanks, Jerry. As always, excellent explanation that helped me understand it more clearly.
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  9. sorry about the delay - didn't have time to read it all at the time it was posted, and then got swamped and forgot to come back... the way the conditional orders work is that there is the main order - the one you enter on the main area of the trade ticket, and then the conditional parts. The "Action" of the conditional part is in relation to the main order. Note that we do have a mouse-over tooltip for that Example 1: OCA order (same as Bracket) to SELL BAC 100 LIMIT at 23.50 and STOP MARKET 2.50 below that (at 21.00) the action on the conditional leg is "Same" meaning it is the same direction as the main order, or SELL in this case: Example 2: OTA order (One Triggers another) to BUY 100 LIMIT at 21.50, SELL STOP MARKET 5 % below (20.43) : Example 3: OTOCA order (One Triggers OCA) to BUY 100 LIMIT at 21.50, then SELL LIMIT 2 points above (at 23.50) and STOP MARKET 1.50 below that (at 20.00) Example 4: OTOTA order (One Triggers One Triggers Another) BUY 100 LIMIT at 21.50, then SELL LIMIT at 23.50, then buy again 1.50 below that (at 22.00) As you can see the Action (SAME or REVERSE) is always relative to the main order. If you select BUY on top, SAME will mean BUY, REVERSE will mean SELL. If you change it to SELL ... well, you get the idea. Since the prices on the conditional legs are relative, if you change the limit price on the main order, the conditional leg prices will adjust accordingly and you can see that in the price shown above the price field. Also, if you have MT set to confirm the orders, then when you get the confirmation, MT shows the actual order that will trigger. For example: Shortcuts - We will be adding saved orders, which will allow you to assign a shortcut to the saved order, which will do what you suggest. In the meantime, you can specify Bracket high/low settings on SETTINGS / TRADING / ACCOUNTS - select account and then look at the PRICE tab on the bottom right. That also applies to selecting high/low values in various conditional orders. NOTE: we do not auto send anything. We send the conditional order you specify to the broker, at which point we have no further interaction with the order. Right now in MT all conditional order legs are for the same quantity. And you cannot specify 3 legs as in your TOS example. The API for most brokers does not support that, including TD Ameritrade API (TOS uses completely different stuff) Also, in case of TD Ameritrade specifically, the conditional orders cannot be edited. Have to cancel/resubmit. Their restriction, not ours.
  10. I guess Jerry doesn't frequent here much anymore. I hope he is ok health wise and has stayed safe from the coronavirus. If I can't figure out how to use conditional orders or be able to use them the way I envision, not sure what good MT brings me other than more aesthetically looking charts compared to ThinkorSwim. Hopefully I can get some sort of response before my next renewal date or this might be my last month I am with MT. Fingers crossed.
  11. Futures backfill for TD Ameritrade is now working again
  12. will be in the next update. Will email you
  13. should be fixed (though decimals are not relevant). I will email you
  14. Last week
  15. Hello, Will it be possible to add the KST indicator on the chart in the future? For example E-trade has it called Pring's KST. Can it also be included in the scanner? Thank you? John
  16. There wasn't such a column, but what you CAN do is use the scanner for it. Create a scan that does whatever calculation you want, then do the SetScanResult to that number. Run the scan on the portfolio. The result will show in the ScanResult column.
  17. In a (much) older version, wasn't there a "Custom" column in the column picker? This would allow user to define a formula to calculate the value based on values from other columns. I have several uses for this. For example, in Portfolio window, I might want a column to show greeks for the position, based on the number of contracts held. I could get this in th options analysis window, but if viewing a number of positions in a portfolio, having a column would be much faster. Having a user customizable column may also reduce dev work by satisfying a number of requests for specific columns that are not currently available. PS, My appologies in advance if this topic exists. I did search before posting. Thanks
  18. TDA backfill for futures should be fixed over the weekend
  19. stock777


    Glad I checked in here. TDA futures backfill still not working as of tonight, and I forgot YAHOO was useable for that
  20. Works for me for everything. Here it is for 1 min candles...
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    @ BZ is Brent Crude @GC is Gold @SI is silver @NG is Natural Gas
  22. y, I am seeing a permissions error. will report.
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