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  2. I want to build a breakout scanner that reports stocks whose opening price is higher than the highest price of the last x bars (with x variable entering). I would like to add this indication to the example On growing volumes.
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  4. Gotcha. Thanks for confirming.
  5. Paper trading not supported with TDA at this time. Read Only flag blocks all transactions in MT, so you can view the account but not send/modify/cancel orders - basically a self imposed precaution
  6. MT only scans stocks on the data that comes in . Which means you have to enter all the symbols you want to scan into a portfolio, then put the scan on the portfolio. The code for the scan in question would be simple: .fctbNone{ color:#000000; } .fctbStyle5{ color:#0000ff; } if (SymbolData.Low52 != SymbolData.High52) { var RangePer = (Close - SymbolData.Low52)/(SymbolData.High52 - SymbolData.High52); SetScanResult(Convert.ToInt32(RangePer)); }
  7. Jerry, Just verifying that the TDA API still does not provide a paper trading option, correct? Setting up an MT TDA account and checking the "Read Only" flag doesn't accomplish this, right? Thanks
  8. Good morning, Id’ like to screen the market in order get the stocks that have an >70% distance from 52 week low. Could you please help me how to write this code? Many Thanks,
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  10. MT already does that. If a chart is backfilled, all symbols on it are backfilled, not just the primary
  11. we do not currently have automated trading as you described. For programmers out there, you can do scans that trigger the alerts, then use the API to act on the alerts and send the trades (both getting alert notifications and sending trades can be done with the API)
  12. Hey, Is there a way for the intraday and historical charts to load at the same time such as the previous ticker? For example, if I the Historical Chart on TSLA showing me to the far right up only until Oct.1, 2021 , I would like it if I change the symbol to have it open up until Oct.1, 2021 and not until the current date Same for the intraday charts, if I have it showing to the far right up until 9am Oct.1, 2021 , I would like it if I change the symbol to have it open up until 9am Oct.1, 2021 and not until the current date/time Thanks!
  13. How did you get it to draw Horizontal line that way? I still have to press Shift for it to draw Horizontal line even after setting Default Annotation to Horiz. Line
  14. Hi, Would you add this Feature? from current intraday bar(M1/M5..etc), draw/setup a 2 hours or 3days long (setup any following dates and specific time long) horizontal trigger segment, when prev close price or current close hit this trigger segment, send "buy limit order" with x dollar amount/trigger price (Incl. Extended Hours) if no hit this trigger price during this time range, then nothing will happen, also no buying power involved or reserved until hitting the trigger and real orders sending to the brokage. Thanks
  15. Backfill all symbols when backfill button is hit.
  16. In the Account View window, under the Positions tab, can you add a column for Per Share Unrealized P&L? This column would be calculated as [Unrealized P&L / Quantity]. Alternatively, an option for a custom column and user-provided expression would be great to do the same.
  17. Hi, When I try this for a short position it comes back with an error saying Invalid Quantity. It looks like it is making the position quantity negative instead of a positive number.
  18. Thanks Mike very good to hear, definitely looking forward to this dxFeed integration then. For now I'm using the LULD indicator on MT charts which is great btw, but having the exact bands on Level 2 would be phenomenal. Is there a ballpark estimate on when it will be integrated? If not that's fine. Thanks in advance. -Mike
  19. Hm only a couple of providers do (we probably should take it out of L2 for now). Upcoming - dxFeed will be incorporated into MT - it has LULD in the feed.
  20. Hi, I see the option "Show LULD" in the Level 2 settings, my question is which of the currently supported data providers will provide LULD levels? I know TD and IB Level 2 feeds do not. Thanks
  21. no, indicators cannot be used in the hotkeys
  22. This may be obvious/easy (sorry) but is there a way to use EMA's or other items in Hotkeys? Based on your prior help I have one entry set up to calculate the # of shares based on risking 1500 from the low of day: floor(1500/(Price - TodayLow)) Is there a way to put an EMA, for instance 10 day EMA into where TodayLow currently is? I see a variable section but wasn't sure how to put that formula in there if that is the right place...
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