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  2. .fctbNone{ color:#000000; } .fctbStyle5{ color:#0000ff; } .fctbStyle3{ color:#ff00ff; } .fctbStyle1{ color:#a52a2a; } .fctbStyle6{ color:#808080; } .fctbStyle2{ color:#008000; } .fctbStyle4{ color:#000000;font-weight:bold;text-decoration:underline; }int DayNumber = -1; public void MainCalculation() { if (TradingDay.DayNumber != DayNumber) { CurrentState.AHVol = 0; CurrentState.RegVol = 0; DayNumber = TradingDay.DayNumber; } if (TradingDay.IsAfterHours) CurrentState.AHVol += BarVolume; else CurrentState.RegVol += BarVolume; SetColor("Line Color", SysColor.MainIndicator1); SetYValue(CurrentState.RegVol==0?0:CurrentState.AHVol*100/CurrentState.RegVol); } /// <summary> /// Is called at start of paintbar calculation, should be used to initialize anything needed for the paintbar /// </summary> private void PaintbarInitialize() { CurrentState.AHVol = 0; CurrentState.RegVol = 0; } /// <summary> /// Holds paintbar state - fill with variables needed to be preserved for next paintbar calc /// </summary> private struct PaintbarState { public double AHVol; public double RegVol; } /// <summary> /// Holds current PB state - use to calc PB, changes to it carry over to next PB calc /// </summary> private PaintbarState CurrentState; /// <summary> /// Holds saved PB state - internal /// </summary> private PaintbarState SavedState; /// <summary> /// Is called at start of paintbar calculation, should be used to clear the paintbar state /// </summary> private void PaintbarClearState() { CurrentState = new PaintbarState(); } /// <summary> /// Saves paintbar state (called internally). /// </summary> private void PaintbarSaveState() { SavedState = CurrentState; } /// <summary> /// Restores paintbar state (called internally). /// </summary> private void PaintbarRestoreState() { CurrentState = SavedState; } In fact you can use the same paintbar as a scan - just set the SetScanResult as well as the SetYValue. Isn't MedvedTrader fun?
  3. You can make a paintbar that would plot the % of after hour volume compared to regular hour volume. It would not show you a # but it would show a line with a scale.
  4. One of my trading strategies is to enter stocks occasionally after hours; for instance SNAP this past week. To enter I need three characteristics; I need to know the news or earnings info; I need to see the right type of after hours price action and I want to see a high % of daily volume traded after hrs; normally at least 20% before I'd take an entry. Is it possible and if so can you give me some ideas on how to create an indicator that might display the after hrs volume % somewhere on the chart? Something like where the pace indicator displays. So if the stock averages 5M shares a day and after hours 1M shares have traded it would show 20%.
  5. We have an API. It's a streaming websocket/JSON API, you connect to running MT and can get market data, trade, set up alerts, get notified when alerts fire, etc. https://docs.google.com/document/d/15IvYQEYzSeftTSEdVhsptAguM0fGm9mTJFSDDAK7zWE ... which reminds me I gotta finish prettying the doc up.
  6. Thats just pseudo code.. I am using the CrossesUp or Down property. Also is there an array or dictionary we can use to keep track of the cross? Write to excel or DB functions? Would love to have an API to interface with my strategy db.
  7. When you delete symbols from a portfolio, the feed should stop (unless there is another portfolio that has the symbol, of if there is a chart up for the symbol and "Active Chart Subscription" option is checked in settings). The easy way to check is to bring up a raw data window for the symbol. That window is passive, it does not actively subscribe to the symbol, so you can see if data is coming in from some window by seeing if the raw data window updates.
  8. Well if you're doing > that's not CrossesUp, that's just >. And yes, if you use index of 1 it will check the candle before the last one, so that way you will be checking after the close of the candle.
  9. We didnt change anything on that recently. We'll ask TDA people about it.
  10. Last week
  11. When I get a symbol that pops up in the alert log it will not load the chart or identify the open chart by flashing the circles for that ticker when I click on it. Only if I use symbol linking (pin) it will load the symbol. If I click on the symbol and hit ctrl I it will load the chart and if the chart is already open it will identify it just like portfolio or watchlist does. I got so many charts open that it would be nice if I click on the symbol from the alert log it would behave like it does if I try to load an open chart from a watchlist. Either open the chart or identify the chart with flashing circles. Beta 1.1.9335.100
  12. noticed this . delete symbol from active port, but it still triggers alerts . probably until next restart. some internal list no doubt not updating with delete
  13. yes; beta....let me see if i can get it to do it again in which case you'll have a log where the activity was recent.
  14. Simple logic: 3 Parameters 5 /8/ 13 basic code: If 5 > 8 & 8>13 then CALLS is the message. Code: CrossesUP has an index is this represented as a candle? I want the signal only after the close of the candle not before or not during the current candle which I believe is index 0? I couldn't find documentation on this topic in help. Thanks, Z
  15. Hmmm I dealt it with this previously and thought it was fixed. You are seeing this in the beta, right? can you send us the logs so we can check Go to FILE / HELP => Send Log/Settings to support menu (from Dashboard or Portfolio) And add this Post’s URL in the comment, and then email support with the screenshots that you had issue with when you sent the log.. thanks
  16. It seems completely random. Sometimes they are in sync and sometimes they seem to get out of sync and once that happens the descriptions all come up incorrect. I move and copy things between watchlists frequently so I don't know if that is generating an unusual bug or not.
  17. Interesting. Does the description "lag" the symbol or is it completely random?
  18. Unless I'm doing something wrong, I"m finding that the description of the company in the detail window often gets out of sync w/ the ticker selected and the data above it.
  19. Ok I repeated it. Will go look what's up. Fixed will be in next beta.
  20. MIke, for my purposes, that's perfect, exactly what I want. Can't speak for others when it comes to timed candles.
  21. Note that TimestampEnd is the timestamp of the last tick in the candle. So for timed candles it may not be 1 min (or 5 min etc) after the candle start. It may be 30 sec or something. Depending on the ticks that go into the candle.
  22. OK, further to this morning's post above, I've discovered the following: The problem ONLY manifests with RENKO bars types and incidentally, P&F bar types. If I use the @MESU21 data source stated above, using the affected Intraday Chart, and switch to Candle Type (for example), all works fine with drawing. Switch back to Renko, and drawing doesn't work again. Further, with Renko bars, drawing works with Renko bars Size 1 (and lower), but if I use Renko Bars Size 2 (or 4), drawing does not work.
  23. I did a little test to show: public void MainCalculation() { if (Close > Close[1]) { SetColor("High", SysColor.Positive); } testEnum myVariable = testEnum.Three; } enum testEnum { One, Two, Three, Four }
  24. I tried it as a global declaration and then inside the MainCalc when that didn't work...I think. I'll try it again!
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