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  2. Hi, Can you please check Time value column in portfolio? Is this meant to be extrinsic value of option? Help doc says: Option's time value - difference between option price and its strike price But values don't add up. For example. .LSPD_210416C65 Option Last: 6.00 Time value: 0.05 Stock last: 70.95 Extrinsic value= Option price - Intrinsic value. 0.05= 6-(70.95-65) Time value shown in this column is more likely Extrinsic value.
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  4. you have to have TWS running. Setup instructions for using IB with MT can be found at https://medvedtrader.com/ib
  5. Added IBKR to my list of accounts. Haven't setup IBKR data feed yet, just using Questrade at the moment. Is that the issue or something else?
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  7. It's not about the number of symbols, it's more like what you want the scanner to do. You can have a fairly involved Paint Bar of hundreds of lines of code, but if it only has to look back a day or two it will run faster than a simple Paint Bar that needs to look back 30 days because you want to compute a 30 day moving average. Think about an active symbol like SPY, that's a lot of trades over 30 days that MT has to digest. When the scanner starts MT has to backfill any missing data, once again, 30 days takes a lot longer than 2 or 3. Even with what I just detailed, the difference between fast
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  9. I honestly cannot thank you enough. Thank you so much!
  10. Ok. So I added the "Round to Lot Size" option - that would show 990 as 9. Will add the bolding of columns too.
  11. Yes, that is what I meant. I meant literally to remove the last 2 digits. so 990 would become 9. What do you mean rounding the prices? 😀 I am sorry, I did not say anything about prices. I guess I worded it badly probably. I meant that, right now there is an option to choose exact # of decimals of prices in level 2. But a similar option related to a volume in level2, or even T&S would be nice. Of course rounding prices would make no sense.
  12. That's weird ... I looked everywhere and couldn't find it. When I went to manage followed content it was there, so I posted that question, and then it immediately showed back in the forum. Sorry for the confusion ..
  13. It depends on your computer, really. 2500 - that's more than the max # of simultaneous RT symbols allowed by most sources, so that would be a natural limit. The scan itself (once it initializes) only works on incoming data, so it really should not be THAT CPU-intensive.
  14. Hello. I am using the current Beta, I have set the App visual style to Blue. Sometimes the text(window title) at the top of each window is White and sometime is Black. The white is hard to read. Can you check this and set to Black or even Yellow...and make text a larger font size? Thanks.
  15. Hello, How many ticker symbols can I put into the scanner before it affects performance speed? Is 2500 companies too many? Thanks.
  16. Ok I can see not caring about the exact number of shares (but if we do round to 100s, we should round down because if you want to buy 1000 and you see 10, you assume 1000 is available but if it was 990 originally, you're out of luck). Rounding the prices - I don't know. So you may see a bunch of 10.1 prices where before you would see 10.19, 10.18, 10.17, 10.16? How does that help?
  17. Neither I nor Jerry have removed any posts here. I see your post just above from Thursday at 11:22am...
  18. Thank you for you reply. For me, seeing the exact number of shares is a bit meaningless because I look for offers in thousands or even in million. So I would be perfectly fine with cutting off the last 2 digits so that 2285 -> 22, or 599 -> 5, or 75 -> 0. I understand that different sources provide different datas. So I would leave it as a option just like the decimals as # of removed last digits with 0 as default. So when I want to cut off last X digits, volume = source / 10^X I do not know how hard it is to implement, but it would help me tremendous
  19. 1. Ok but what do we do with 2,285? A bit of a problem with L2 in general in MT is that different sources give different granularity data. Some are true book sources. Some aggregate. When they aggregate it is a lot more likely that the aggregate # of shares for a price level will not be divisible by 100. 1.5 The # of decimals - that's automatic - but how would you change it in the snapshot above, for example? 2. Bold - will see about that.
  20. Jerry I see you've removed my post. Was wondering why?
  21. Hello, would it be possible to add more options to display level 2? What I would need the most is: 1. Rounding volume to hunderds. I.e. order of volume 34300 would show up as 343 etc. Something similar with the price option, where I can specify number of decimals. 2. Bold the volume column. Right now the price, volume, mm ID etc. font appear the same. Would it be possible to add a bold column option or a different font size for the volume column? Something similar to as in a watchlist. Right now current Level 2 is a bit harder to read. Thank you so much,
  22. ydfah

    VIX Futures Quote

    It started working again around 11:10 a.m. 🤷‍♂️
  23. ydfah

    VIX Futures Quote

    So I've been getting the quote for @VX right up until this morning. Did you break something? 😏
  24. Hi Jerry, I have two other workstations running different installs and they are working just fine. It's just this one install that started having problems. I created a new api key in Binance but that did not help.
  25. MT does not store the transaction so if you're seeing old ones, that is what binance is returning. I will try myself later tonight when I get to the PC
  26. Hi ... For several days now when I buy or sell the orders are not showing on the chart. When I look at transactions in the account view, there are very old entries, and refreshing does not update. When I look at the account log, the transactions are present. How can you re-sync things so they start working again? Thanks Forgot to mention this is Binance.
  27. Mr. Medved, yes that is what I was asking. Put % of Change From Open as a choice in the Quote Box. Also, I found a way to paper trade in Trader Workstation from MT -- by using 7497 instead of 7496 in TWS socket port. Thanks for your great customer service. Roger
  28. what you are seeing is if you enter a symbol in the chart that is not already getting quotes in portfolio. MT starts the quotes and request backfill. that candle is where the data is merged. Do you see this only with OHLC backfill or if you set the default to be TICK backfill? LULD on L II - will have to see. we have it implemented as an indicator on the charts currently
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