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  1. Yesterday
  2. I checked here both with MT and with 2 browsers. did not get any issue with one logging off the other. However, I DID get the same system error when logging in via browser that so frequently causes MT errors, so it is not MT specifically. Their systems are just that F*#(# up
  3. seems to be , if I log into fidelity on browser MT goes blank and wont show data till fidelity is logged off browser
  4. not a big deal as i use fidelity as a swing account but nice sometimes to do a quick trade thru MT thanks!
  5. don't remember them restricting it to 1 login before, but they may have changed
  6. Jerry, sorry, it works in MT when Im signed off of fidelity in my chrome browser. Dont remember having to do that before as in AMTD Im habe to have MT running with AMTD account open in a browser.
  7. yes I can sign on with IE to fidelity. Will try fidelity thru MT on my win 10 laptop
  8. Split news notification out from others Would be really useful to be able to split out news alerts and chart alerts so they could go to different screens/positions on the screen. I find that I want to allow my news alerts to stay up so I can get around to reading them when I have time, however many of my price/chart alerts I have set to automatically disappear after X second. The problem is if my monitor is full of news alerts I haven't read I never see the price alerts as the drop off the list after X seconds and since the screen is full they never even pop up. Multiple alert line buttons: Another feature that would be really useful is to have two different default alert lines you can draw. Basically it would allow for some priority on the alerts. Eg. if I am just watching a stock I can set a price alert which disappears after x seconds, but if I am in a position I would like the alert to not disappear and have a different notification sound. What I was thinking for this was just another toolbar icon maybe with a red exclamation mark in the icon. Then the Yellow / Red icon alert buttons could be linked to different default alert setting profiles. Cheers, Jeff
  9. sigh. could be fidelity's screwy login, or could be Win 7. can you check that you can login via IE browser into Fidelity. SPECIFICALLY IE, not Chrome, Firefox, or any other
  10. In the recent past I was able to login to an alternate Fidelity account thru MT. Now it give me an account validation failed? Im using the latest MT beta on Win 7 machine. thanks
  11. Last week
  12. I see. It is not MT though. No data is being sent
  13. Ticker: ET January 24th Calls L2 works for the 13.5 Calls but not the 14 ones. It's actually the same issue for Puts with an Ask and not a Bid.
  14. Se ti serve aiuto con qualche settaggio mandami un msg; e provo ad aiutarti.
  15. Ciao merlin8121, ah grazie mille.
  16. Puoi sempre farti un conto Directa , che funziona pure meglio per il mercato USA di Fineco.
  17. alerts on indicators - you can do that using Paintbars/scans. you can make the rules in the paintbar based on indicators and when triggered, have it trigger an alert. Then add the paintbar to the chart. (or use it to scan a portfolio) https://www.medvedtrader.com/trader/WebHelp/paintbars.htm timeframes - you can change ALL the intraday charts to a particular frequency but not just select few. To do that 1) change on chart to the frequency you want. 2) on that chart, TEMPLATE tab, click on the dropdown portion of the "Sync Open Charts" button and select to "Sync Frequency" If you do that frequently and don't want to constantly have to switch tabs, click dropdowns, etc, you can RIGHT-click on that "Sync Frequency" menu item and select to "Add to Quick Access Toolbar". You will then have that option available even when toolbar is closed
  18. Hello Jerry, I hope you are well. I would like to ask you if it would be possible having alerts for specific indicators (such as for instance to a moving average, regression channel,..), so that when the price hits the indicator, on the way up or down, the user gets notified. I wanted also to ask you if it is possible to link multiple time frames. For example, if I have a layout with different 1 minute charts, would it be possible to have a short key to change all of the charts to a different time frame, without individually change each chart? Thanks a lot Davide
  19. I'm finding that I can't get L2 to display for options that only have an Ask and no Bid. I would think it should still give me a list the Asks instead of a blank slate. TDA is the quote source.
  20. TD Ameritrade disabled the old login method on Friday. The 1.1.8900.1 version of MT or newer will work with the new login procedure. Old MT will not work. If you are using an old MT version, you will need to update MT in order to be able to login to TD Ameritrade. Please get the update at: https://medvedtrader.com/download Close MT and install this one over the existing setup.
  21. Sorry. My error. Did not click on "Logarithmic Scale"
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