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  2. with non-tiled, we add a couple columns to show the scan result. With Tiled display, we really don't have a good way to show the results.
  3. Never noticed that before , any reason for doing it that way ?
  4. note that when you select TILE display, the FILTER option on the scan is disabled. If using TILE, then results are always filtered.
  5. Im on a roll today. for some odd reason , while a SCAN is running, and there is NO filter, tiled charts uses the filter. Standard grid is working properly ,on same port lol, good thing Im a programmer, I get it
  6. For anyone that has similar issues to the above, I added an exception in my McAfee Real-Time Scanner, to prevent "MT.EXE", the Medved Trader application, from being checked by the Real-Time scanner, on invocation. Initial loading of MT application is back to normal.
  7. cant edit the inline custom play sound in alerts. need to use the file manager drop down prob dark theme related.
  8. prob dark related cant edit the custom play sound string in alerts . can still change via file manager , but not directly .
  9. That means 'never', since you always have a small avalanche of things to do there. Sometime you've just got to make that move and git 'er done!
  10. Is there a setting or combination of settings which would allow the current price of an indicator to be displayed on the right side of a chart when the cursor hovers over the indicator? The current price of the indicator will always display if you select :Show line prices on the indicator selection box but when multiple indicators converge the prices are overlaid and cannot be read. To reduce the clutter most of my indicators do not have the SHOW PRICE option selected. My current chart settings are: Always Show Trace and Default Trace
  11. Once we're done with a small avalanche of things here...
  12. Must be my environment then. I'm using the McAfee version that is provided free by my ISP (Cablevision/Altice). I just disabled both real-time scanning and firewall, and MT starts right up, as it always did. So yeah, I need to look at McAfee rules to see what's up. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Even with startup delay, with all enabled, everything works normally.
  13. Hi Doug, I'm crazy about noticing something like a startup change. This beta starts the same as so many before. I'm loading many screens and lots of windows. But, I'm running Win 7 so maybe 10 is different.
  14. there is no change in code prior to splash screen loading. If you have a significant delay like that, then it would be your security software causing it. Which one are you using?
  15. Hey guys, Any significance or reason as to why the new Beta takes upwards of 45 seconds to load (where first splash screen appears) after invoking it? The program runs fine thereafter, I have plenty of disk space, memory, and processor speed. The only change on my end has been a Windows 10 Pro update of my NVidia drivers, but I haven't seen startup lag on any other applications. Anyone else seeing this?
  16. Ahem...I haven't brought this up in awhile and witness the result...no scrolling ticker tape.
  17. I researched this. What MT is using right now is the Windows compatibility mode, which, on the >100% basically renders to a behind-the-scenes bitmap, then stretches the bitmap. If you look really closely, that blurs things a little. Usually, since on a 4K display pixels are so close together, you really don't notice it. (I had to run high-DPI on a regular display in order to see the effect). It is possible to change things in MT to run in "DPI-aware" mode, I experimented with it, which would automatically change all font sizes and eliminate stretching. It will take redoing things on almost every window in MT, creating new graphics etc. Right now we have a bit on our plate. Maybe at some point, during a "quiet period"...
  18. Last week
  19. we do that for some orders for brokers that don't support modify at all. As for conditional orders, we would have to cancel both and resubmit, which leaves the order unprotected since the trigger could occur during the process. Plus, we cannot guarantee that the new order will be successful - could have one side fail causing the entire thing to fail. We do not want to manage orders or deal with the issues that come with it.
  20. strange. as I said, you could simple cancel the existing order and replace it with the modified one on your end. any reason not to do that ? basically, thats what the user will have to do, and is an extra step in recreating the order
  21. TD Ameritrade's conditional orders cannot be modified
  22. Simple buy order is working as intended, so its the ota leg thats the issue
  23. Simple ota on Ameritrade. Cant modify that ? This is before the parent is executed Basically, even if they didnt allow it, all you'd need to do is cancel replace Stating the obvious, Im sure you know this 😊
  24. would not be able to do it if the order cannot be modified. For example, Trailing stop orders on TD Ameritrade. What type of order? what broker?
  25. How come I cant drag the capsule up or down on an active order ? This is on the chart trader. I know this was working recently
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