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  2. Hit the Ins key and type several symbols separated by commas or spaces.
  3. MOber

    Portfolli question

    Was in the Coast Guard for 20 years Im used to jumping in (or stepping off depending)
  4. You may want to do a quick look at the Youtube video for chart trading Basically, you would click on buy/sell buttons and that starts the process where you can drop the order on the chart. By default it would be a LIMIT order, but you can use the buttons to change the type of order that will be used. We have a bunch of other Youtube videos including for scanning and Paintbars (which is what you need for alerts on indicators) https://medvedtrader.com/youtube also can hit F1 in MT to get the help, then search for Scanner or Paintbars. Those are "advanced" topics - you are jumping in head first
  5. MOber

    Portfolli question

    KInda figured they were order type buttons( MKT/LIMIT/STOP ) however how are they used. If I click on them I dont see a order window or other action? Ive used TV for a year or so now and although its good it just doesnt lend itself for crypto trading all that well Next topic to learn is getting alerts from indicators, Did I see ref to a youtube video you did someplace?
  6. Binance - correct - they only return bid/ask data in their Level II feed not in Level I, which is why you are not seeing the bid/ask data for that. Trade window - this for Binance again? If so, same issue. MKT/LIMIT/STOP - those are order type selection buttons that show up if you have trading enabled on the charts. Go to the TRADING tab on the chart. there is an option there to enable trading as well as select the account and OPTIONS button that has stuff like "Show Order Types" which is what those buttons are. And definitely do NOT hesitate to ask. We really would rather you ask than waste time and get frustrated with the software
  7. MOber

    Portfolli question

    Just bought the one year and trying to get everything setup. Ive created a Binance source and portfolio but notice the bid/ask coluoms are not updating?( last, change and chg% are tho) I added my TDAmeritrade portfolio and they update there so Im guessing there is Binance limitation maybe On the trade window I can get Last to populate the limit window but not bid/ask. Was looking in the docs but couldnt find the function of the MKT/LIMIT/STP icons in the upper left of a chart sorry for probably basic questions but Id rather ask than fight it thanks MIke
  8. Yesterday
  9. Thanks that works!, wasn't sure replies to fix link emails got looked at.
  10. I emailed you a fix for that a few minutes ago
  11. Hey guys! Still acting a little funny where now not only yesterdays dotted line are on todays chart( which is good) but now when you show only todays charts all of yesterdays colored bars invade the chart along with todays. Basically when you select extend to next day it extends everything. Thanks, Rob
  12. Hi there all, Newbie question here - is there a way to add multiple trading pairs in one action to the portfolio. Cheers ,Courtney
  13. it used to be possible (2018) to select a line or any drawing object on a chart, then press shift to copy at any time as you drag the object with the mouse... it just worked and enabled fast chart annotation. Now it only seems to work if you are meticulous in the order of key presses: select object, drag to new area on chart, press shift, release mouse button, release shift key. Can you test this please to see if it works as intended, user experience is definitely worse for me.
  14. Please email us at support@medvedtrader.com I just checked and our system indicates that you did login OK. Am I missing something?
  15. thanks I didnt see I had to be in drawing mode for that thanks. Yep did sw dev for 30 years, now I just let others do it trading is more fun, not sure on the stress side tho:)
  16. Last week
  17. When you are drawing a line on an MT chart, on the horizontal and vertical axis it shows you the line measurements. As for triggering a trade - no, MT doesn't auto-trade. There are a lot of reasons for it. It is not as simple as just triggering a trade.
  18. Jerry I am still having problems and need help to see attachment, what is 5M35VaRu99 under Ally Investment? I do not know how to send a picture of what I see under "Trading/Accounts/Ally Invest... I tried sending a pdf file but will not accept. I have tried all day and need help.
  19. Just installed today and going thru the different areas. Is it possible to measure a percentage line on the charts as in TV using SHift-mouse Actually one other, is it possible for an alert to trigger a buy/sell? For those late nights when my forehead is resting on teh keyboard thanks so far so good tho
  20. OK, reloaded program again and its now working ...
  21. Sorry, loaded the new software emailed and the problem persists.. As soon as yesterdays drops out of view on the left of my chart at 16:00 the extended dotted lines disappear on todays chart.
  22. you can hit F1 in MT to bring up the help on any screen and browse that. Same thing is available online at https://medvedtrader.com/webhelp
  23. Thanks Jerry...is there a downloadable user guide?
  24. thanks, glad I'm actually helping find stuff for a great trading platform!
  25. move the mouse over the X axis. click and drag to the right.
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