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  2. no. A portfolio can only be open in one window at a time. You can go to portfolio editor and just make a copy of the portfolio and then have the original and the copy open in 2 different windows.
  3. can you have 1 portfolio or watchlist in 2 different windows with different FREQ in Scanner tab? When I try to select portfolio from the Main tab, it won't let me (if another window is already open with the same portfolio).
  4. Yesterday
  5. oops, I missed one spot when making the change. will be releasing a new version - tonight. It will have the fix.
  6. the two things are unrelated. Backup location is for automatic backups only the manual export or other user content for that matter is set on SETTINGS / APPLICATION / GENERAL - User Save Path.
  7. in settings change backup folder to xxx in dashboard goto file-> export/backup file location is not the settings folder xxx.
  8. Boris, I will try to carve out the time to do that indicator. It is a non-trivial one What should it be called? "Time of Day Volume %"?
  9. That's what "and stop" does It stops the paintbar execution. So you move the primary rule to first place and do "and stop" when the color is set.
  10. Paintabar is set with 2 rules and each sends different color in Profile > SendDAte field. Great works, but when criteria is met for both rules at the same time, how to always force one to show over another one? Btw, what exactly "and Stop" does in Scan/Paintbar window for individual rule?
  11. Jerry , still a problem with Holiday's. On Intra-day charts for Canadian stocks using the :CC suffix, the time frame is defaulting to "U.S. Equity Markets". I have the default set via Settings to "Canadian Equity Markets". Using the :CA suffix works fine. Yesterday was Canadian market holiday, which leaves a blank time gap on Intra-day charts
  12. send the zip with the files to support. I will see about getting it posted
  13. Right and I’m just trying to compare volume at 10:30 today to avg volume at 10:30 the last 20/30 days.. so I guess it’s down to figuring how to code that “% of the day” value via some kind of code related to time
  14. Yes it is %. The interesting thing is that it compares let's say the last 10 min to the average of all 10 min volume periods over the last let's say 2 days. Not just 9am to 9:10am and 9:10 to 9:20. But 9:01 to 9:11, 9:02 to 9:12 etc etc.
  15. Last week
  16. I will look at that - I get that volume distribution is like that but if current vol % say is 30% but you are only 10% of the day done that would probably be useful and that’s what I am trying to do (among other things) thanks
  17. Not quite The volume is not distributed evenly throughout the day. But you may want to look at the Pace indicator. It compares the latest N-minute period's volume to the average of all N-minute period volumes for the last X days.
  18. Sorry for multiple posts had another thought - if I am not mistaken the existing vol % compares average daily value for 20 days to today - so really - all I would have to do is take that value and devide it by the % of the day that has past - every (rounded off) 4 minutes of the trading day is another 1% of the trading day
  19. I rolled my own poor man’s version because any stock in a portfolio that’s back filled has individual tick data in medved - so I have to query each say 20 last days up to current time - add up the volume ticks and weigh for time of day - very ugly and quite slow (and isn’t integrated at all) but in theory the data is already there I guess the right way to do this now that I think of it is export those 20 previous days in advance into a database
  20. Not easily but yes. You'd have to write your own "advanced" paintbar that would use the indicator you're trying to get an SMA of, calculate the SMA for it (or do any other manipulation of it), then plot it with the SetYValue function. See examples at the bottom of this page: https://www.medvedtrader.com/trader/WebHelp/state_keeping.htm
  21. Hmm. This would be a bit expensive to calculate in MT. MT calculates indicators in an "incremental" fashion - that is, there is a "full" recalc of the indicator, then the state of the indicator is remembered for the last completed candle, and the subsequent candle(s)' value is calculated from the last completed candle state. This does not lend itself very easily to this. But I will put this on my list. I would basically have to keep N pointers (where N is the # of days) into past data and advance them all together in order to recalculate the average volume.
  22. If you place a VWAP indicator on a historical chart, in parameters you can set Anchor date.
  23. ok so - can you point me in the right direction of how this would look like in the scanner ? thanks
  24. Yes this is the same thing basically - I’ll give your examples a shot
  25. Is it possible to get the SMA of values other than highs/lows/close etc, such as momentum or other indicators? *edit* sorry for double post. 😕
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