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    add --- as a symbol (3 dashes). for named separators, just put the name after the 3 dashes. For example: ---FUTURES
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    How much demand is there for those?
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    Fixed. will be in the next update. Also emailed you the update.
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    new update is up. either restart MT and it will check or select FILE / HELP => Check for updates
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    right now, no. but will be releasing new production version later tonight. After that update, the symbols will be @MNQM19 @MYMM19 @M2KM19 @MESM19 At least for IB.
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    Ahh, add "Horizontal Line" Indicator. in the indicator properties, you can set it to either absolute value or to have it show the Open, High, Low, VWAP, etc . So you can select Open, then add another and select Low, etc.
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    I knew it sounded familiar. That feature is in MT already. Switch the chart to Renko, then go to the View ribbon menu, Options button. First option is "Show Wicks".
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    1) weeks to a month, though if you want, I can enable your account for it so you can see the work in progress. can place the orders. Just working on some field defaulting stuff. Works for both IB and TDA (and others) 2) you do not have to subscribe to IB for data. But if you do not, and wish to trade through IB, you will need to check a box in TWS API settings to bypass some API protection stuff. Otherwise, their system thinks that you are placing orders without knowing the latest data.
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    It would be a big help to me to see liquidity in dollar amounts on the Level II window. My screenshot should make this plain. There looks to be plenty of real estate on the window, so I'm hoping you can do this for me. I track some ETFs that I have found may or may not be tradeable during pre-market hours. Depends on the liquidity available from the market makers. I always trade in terms of dollar amounts, don't really care about number of shares or price. My custom order entry code takes care of that for me. But to check liquidity, I have to pull up the calculator and do the calculation by hand. With a lot of ETFs, that's not really feasible as each one takes time. And if action is happening, I need to be able to act fast. So if you could multiply 2 numbers and add a 3rd column for me, that would be a great help. Only where I have the red rectangle. The individual entries below that are unnecessary. FWIW - I need this only for premarket, regular hours liquidity is not a problem. Thanks.
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    That's an interesting twist on Renko charts. Will look.
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    It's not really hidden - the paintbar is painted under it... you could change the color of either text or the paintbar, and it would show better. The problem with doing micro-customizations like that is that the options just multiply out of control and no one knows about them. What you can also do is make an "empty" paintbar - one that never has colors. Then place it on the chart showing as band on bottom before the other paintbar. Adjust its width to match the height of the text. That will push the next paintbar higher.
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