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    Happy New Year to Mike , Jerry and all the MT's community!
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    fixed. Both Production and beta versions have been updated
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    In advanced code... will be able do something like: if (Any(1,5, Close>Open && Close>Close[1])) ... do something which would mean if any of the candles from 1 back to 5 back are positive and close higher than previous one.... of course, if the condition doesn't fit exactly into an expression, can also do full code like this: if (Close.Any(1, 5, (i, x) => { if (Close<=Open) return false; return (Close>Close[i+1]); } );) ... do something but that is more complex.
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    Purely a nice to have: TD Ameritrade has CNBC window integration in several of their platforms, and I thought that might be a nice addition if you could somehow frame internet-based CNBC and/or Bloomberg feeds within the MT environment, in an MT window.
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    y, I reported that this morning to them. One of the requests for the option chain is failing.
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    We are adding Candle Pattern detection for Paintbars and Scans. initially it will be in advanced mode only. Usage is like this: .fctbNone{ color:#000000; } .fctbStyle5{ color:#0000ff; } .fctbStyle1Style6{ color:#800000; } .fctbStyle6{ color:#800000; } if (this.CandlePattern.IdenticalThreeCrows()) { SetColorAndShape("3Crows!", PBShape.TriangleDown, SysColor.MainIndicator3); TriggerAlert("3Crows!"); SetScanResult("3Crows!"); } The functions can take optional parameters. All take "Ago", same as indicators can be referenced with [2] for example, to access the reading X candles ago. Other parameters are available depending on the pattern. code Auto Complete will show what is available. Though the current beta has some stuff, it may not work right. Next update (after 1.1.8490.2) will have a properly working version.