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    Actually, the centering is always automatic and just stops if you move the mouse over the window. In general you don't want stuff to be moving under the cursor when you are trying to click to place a trade. NOTE: double click on the LAST column does an immediate center. You don't have to click the button on top. I did just realize we don't have an option to set a keyboard shortcut for it. will check on that.
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    TD Ameritrade disabled the old login method on Friday. The 1.1.8900.1 version of MT or newer will work with the new login procedure. Old MT will not work. If you are using an old MT version, you will need to update MT in order to be able to login to TD Ameritrade. Please get the update at: https://medvedtrader.com/download Close MT and install this one over the existing setup.
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    Any scan that you can express as references to certain symbol-specific parameters in MT is possible. Simple scans are a set of rules, evaluated one after the other. For example, if the rule is that price percent change change today is between 2 and 100, you can make two rules. 1. if SymbolData.ChangePercent < 2 return and 2. if SymbolData.ChangePercent > 100 return this way if it is between 2 and 100 it will go on to the 3rd rule - see an example rule here: 3rd rule could be - if Volume < 100000 return Note: this way you eliminate all unwanted symbols by doing "and Stop" rules. Then the last rule could be the positive one, for example if Close > 5 Set Color or Set Scan result etc... I thought our videos on scanning or paintbars were pretty clear... But any suggestions on how to make them better are welcome. Of course, if you want to switch the scan to Advanced mode, you would be able to just code the criteria in C#, combining as many of them in one if statement as you want and doing more sophisticated logic.
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    Oh in case you wonder where the option is (and for those reading this) it is in the Settings. We added a "Search" in settings that allows you to find the setting by just typing a few letters of it in the search.
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    Anshu, I know of a bunch of people that use MT for very active day trading (200-500 trades a day) but those happen to be the guys that don't like posting about it Also, we are working on a number of features in MT to make it even more attractive for active trading. will be coming in the next few months.
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    If you missed it, I'd like to point to our convenient looping functions in Advanced code: https://www.medvedtrader.com/trader/WebHelp/index.html?advanced_looping_functions.htm From our support emails, it seems that paintbar users may not be aware of them. For example, if you have a variable SMA20 which is an SMA and you want to do something if it has been rising for the last 4 candles, all you have to do is call: All(4, SMA20 > SMA20[1]) // will return true for that condition. Don't have to use a for loop etc. or you want to check if the Close was above SMA20 in at least 5 out of 6 last candles... Count(6, Close>SMA20) >= 5 nice and simple.
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