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    It is possible due to Windows Aero Shake feature. It minimizes all except shaken window. You can restore all widows but shaking it again. You can disable this feature as well. https://www.intowindows.com/how-to-enable-or-disable-aero-shake-in-windows-10/
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    🙂 also note - you can assign a keyboard shortcut for that if you wish. there is none assigned to it by default.
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    If you're comparing two floating point values for equality, you definitely shouldn't just == them. You can do Math.Abs(A-B)<0.01 if you want to limit it that way. Easier than rounding them up and would take care of the case where one rounds up and the other rounds down. And yes you can do ONE plot per paintbar, for anything you want. That's the SetYValue function (in general, this page:https://www.medvedtrader.com/trader/WebHelp/advanced_-_all_available_funct.htm will probably be very helpful). So if the 50SMA is called SMA50 - you can just do these two lines: SetColor("% diff",Color.Lime); SetYValue(100*(SMA50-Close)/Close); You'd need to place this paintbar on the extra chart - either above or below the main one. And probably set the shape for the paintbar to size 1 so that the shapes do not obscure the line.
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    I know there is a Round method. Maybe that will help until Mike is around. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/api/system.decimal.round?view=netcore-3.1
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    you would have to make use the API call: https://www.medvedtrader.com/www/frontend/blog/HTTP-API#GetHistory
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    @JamesKB2 Goto / Settings / Data Sources / Configure Accounts, click on TD Ameritrade ( or Company you use) then you can change # of days to backfill on right side. Some companies only allow so much. You can change it and see if you get more data.
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