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    the port # is the difference. In TWS, setup different port # in the API settings for the paper account. Then, in MT setup for the paper account, specify the same port #.
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    The N2 parameter was being ignored (was same as N1). I changed that. Maybe that is what was causing it.
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    Will be in next beta. Not today's - but next one.
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    Just an idea for those who use the candle countdown on charts. Perhaps there could be an option to have an audio alert when it reaches zero, and/or a visual alert on the chart. It's a very minor feature, but just thought I'd throw it out there in case anyone else was interested also.
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    SETTINGS / CHARTS / DISPLAY - In the Miscellaneous section un-check the "Show News Bulbs" checkbox
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    Chart pattern recognition tool on MT trader would be invaluable for traders. And perfect addition to your candlestick recognition, maybe added in a similar way. Basic technical analysis patterns... Identifying flags, wedges, channels, triangles, double triple top/bottom etc. and drawing those trendlines on the chart automatically. Also, a separate option that automatically draws trend lines that connect for support and resistance as it touches the level a second and third time, whether there is a full pattern or not. Would be great to see trend lines for support/ resistance for each chart as a forecast in my opinion. What do you think of this addition realistically?
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    I like it, and I suggest more general approach: allow shorter time-frame charts to "inherit" and draw indicators *and* trendlines from longer time-frame charts. E.g. allow inheritance of 50dma from daily chart into 15min barchart. Allow 10bar 60min ema to be used in 1min charts, etc. I think this can be extremely useful when monitoring shortterm trading activity using fine-grained shortterm charts near potential longterm resistance/support levels, without having to manually apply the levels. And when alerts are added, it will be possible to create crossover alerts from the shortterm chart.
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