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    The more I use MT, the more things I find useful within it...Even the simple line drawing tool can be utilized in ways that help me set up my charts in a manor that suits my personal tastes. In the charts are just a few of the ideas I'm trying 1) vertical lines placed to show at certain times of the day, different colors, types and colors and they can be easily moved (or just create new ones) from the previous placements into the future (the next session's times) by temporarily adjusting the time frame and horizontal scale. Then return to the original time frame. The next day, the times lines will show up at the proper times with no further fussing with them Obviously you'll need to do this once each day). De-select Annotations Unique per Chart (Settings/Charts/General) those line will also print on other similar charts on you layout. 2) If you don't like the standard horizontal lines that come with certain indicators, just draw a line and cover them up. Change the line(s) to the chart's back-ground color...add your own scale lines or add to the existing ones. Remember to use Save As for that tempate or create a new template...Saving saves annotations, color Sets and most of the chart's configurations, including time frame and candle/bar type...
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