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    TooSlowTrade - Oh man, that chart is easy on the eyes? I'm seeing that chart when I close my eyes now. I think it burned in.
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    I have a comment. Try to limit the Keyboard Shortcuts as the main operatives . . . DOS age has gone . . . Can't or want to memorize all the shortcuts anyway. I am going to say something in a pragmatic way, but you may laugh reading this. This is a software for stock market traders. Please be aware of the end user’s psychology. The behavior of most traders is not like an active Programmer or a Journalist or an Engineer who often sit upright and use their both hands flying around on a Keyboard . Most stock traders sit on an inclined chair, leaning backward and watching multiple graphs or portfolios. They are waiting to buy or sell stocks at a point. Naturally, they lean backward on their easy cushioned chair sipping beer or whatever with only one hand on the desk with a mouse to click. It is a punishment for them to lean forward to use their both hands to hit on the Keyboard for a simple task than a right clicking menu.
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    Welcome to the Medved Trader forums! Medved Trader website is now live and the first version of the program is out of beta and in production. You can sign-up for the software (free login required to use the software) and download the program itself at https://www.medvedtrader.com/download NOTE: The registration for this forum is separate from the one used to login to the Medved Trader software.
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    It has come to our attention that Microsoft Security Essentials & Windows Defender cause problems with MT. They basically cause drastic slowdowns from the first moment MT is started. Not tied to network communication, etc... Just extreme slowdown. For example, startup time for MT goes from 30 to 40 seconds to 5 minutes If you are using Microsoft Security Essentials, Windows Defender, or another antivirus or security program that is causing slowdown for MT, you will want to exclude MT from the scans. At least with MSE, it does fix the problem. If using Windows Defender, refer to the following link: https://www.medvedtrader.com/www/frontend/blog/Windows-Defender-Exclusions-CU For Microsoft Security Essentials: Open Microsoft Security Essentials Click on the SETTINGS tab. Click on "Excluded processes" Either just enter "C:\Program Files\Medved Trader\MT.EXE" in the Process names: field or click on the BROWSE button on the right side of that field and navigate to the same path. You also have to exclude the folders used by MT Click on "Excluded files and locations" Add the following folders to be excluded (NOTE: these are for Windows 7 and up. Older OS may have different locations. Email us for help) C:\ProgramData\2GK\Medved Trader C:\Users\<Your Windows Login Name>\AppData\Local\2GK\Medved Trader C:\Users\<Your Windows Login Name>\AppData\Roaming\2GK\Medved Trader I don't know if excluding a particular directory excludes sub-directories. If not, then would want to also add: C:\Users\<Your Windows Login Name>\AppData\Local\2GK\Medved Trader\Temp\Compile C:\Users\<Your Windows Login Name>\AppData\Local\2GK\Medved Trader\Temp\Update For help with Microsoft Security Essentials - excluding folders, please refer to this: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/protect/wiki/mse-protect_scanning/how-to-exclude-a-filefolder-from-microsoft/26f2810a-47fd-40d8-b35e-3740f00fce85
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    I installed it on an old laptop running Windows XP x64 and it installs but won't run. Is there a page listing hardware and software requirements?
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    In general, we need the broker's cooperation. We have tried Fidelity and Schwab, but no luck. Schwab may be added in the future if they add an API. Fidelity - not no traction at all. We can add them without cooperation if someone gives us access to an account or if we have one, but that would be only for snapshot quotes, not streaming, and not trading. Because of that, we have avoided doing that.
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    1) I believe the IB fees for that order would be $2. there are some extra fees but they are insignificant. 2) Yes, OCO bracket is supported by MT with IB. We will enable others in the future 3) Option chains are obnoxiously slow. And Level II sucks because they don't let us get the same data via API as you can see in TWS. Initial max # of symbols is 100 unless you pay more. They charge for data, though basically just pass through exchange fees. 4) "fully" is a relative term. IB has huge feature base. We don't support every feature they have though we do support everything that MT supports. As we add support for stuff like multi-leg orders, we will make sure we implement it with IB as well as others. 5) Intraday backfill is 10 days. Don't remember about historical...
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    Took me a few days to get this logged in and working but wow what a huge help. Nothing worse then having to grab my phone cancel a stop limit or submit a buy order. Takes way too long and is cumbersome. Right off the charts is so much easier. Just made my trading lightyears more pleasant guys. Thank you so much!
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    if your computer crashed and you lost settings, you can restore to the last backup (MT makes a backup whenever it starts). To do that, just start MT, go to FILE / IMPORT… Select BACKUP folder, and then select the most recent backup before the problem started. one line is for the start of session. The other is for start of day. You cannot get rid of them, though you can create a custom chart color set and specify the grid color to be the same as the background. Then just select that custom color set on the chart.
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    I personally use lots of MA's , vwap and trendlines on my charts and have it set so that there values show up on the Y axis which is very useful for me. The problem is that sometimes they can over lap each other and I am not able to read some of them bc they are covered by others (see picture) Can you make it so that if I move my mouse over the chart and highlight a MA, VWAP, trendline, etc that that value while also highlight on the Y axis so I can read it?
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    Note that even though Depth Charts were pioneered by the crypto exchanges, they are available for any L2 feed. They are not as detailed or extensive on stocks L2 feeds because those only have a limited number of entries on either side... But take a look.
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    Nice one there. In general, I find that candlestick patterns are not well defined in the literature, and some are definitely of the "you'll recognize it when you see it" variety with very vague terms.
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    TD Ameritrade fixed their data. I just backed out our fix, since that would again cause the data to be an hour off. Same instructions to get it as in the original post. NOTE: After restarting, clear the data on the chart(s) and backfill again. Existing data will NOT be fixed.
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    MB Trading and TradeKing accounts are both part of "Ally Invest" and both qualify. We recommend MB Trading. NOTE: You may want to fund above $500 so if there are data fees, or stock fluctuations, it will not cause the account to go below. Keep in mind that their whole purpose for this promo is to have people trade, not just keep the money parked, so doing what you suggest wouldn't help that goal.
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    the account value would have to be $500 for MT to stay on Premium access. Not just opening. if you have that many free trades available elsewhere, may be better to just pay for the premium access for the time being. Will be much easier.
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    Futures & FOREX with TD Ameritrade datafeed are now supported in the new beta: https://medvedtrader.com/beta
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    Have used Tradier with MT for over a yr. Had streaming issues at the beginning but no problems now. Always got excellent support when I called them.
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    @Croesus - Keep in mind that a chart (and thus scanner) can only operate on one Time Period and Frequency at a time. So if you have a chart with daily frequency and one with weekly frequency, You cannot refer to indicators on both. However, as an example, if you have MA 20 on a Weekly chart, that would be basically the same as MA 100 on a daily chart (5 days per week). Same adjustment can be done for other indicators. So in the case of the squeeze you defined, what specific indicators and parameters are you referring to? and what exactly am I checking for? If bollinger high/low bands are both inside Keltner bands? for how many days? with what range? some of this stuff is easy to see visually, but we need to quantify it. If you have an example of a chart with the relevant indicators on it showing the condition you want to capture, email it to me
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    The symbol format would be the same regardless of quote source. The problem with the symbol you entered is that you used one digit year. Needs to be two. @NQM17 @ESM17 etc
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    hold down the SHIFT key
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    Added Research to the right click menu. It points to Yahoo. MT does needed symbol conversions when bringing it up
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    You can set a chart configuration to be default (not just chart type). Configure one chart the way you want. Then on the VIEW tab on the ribbon, click either "Set as Default", or if you want to reset all existing saved charts, then "Set as Default for all"
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    paintbar and custom indicators are more usefull
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    Been a long time coming. November 2013. The new website looks really impressive. Great job. I have been a QT user since 1998. MT is even better, of course. Just don't sell it to Ameritrade. Nobody on the user end wants to go through that again.
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    the existing MB stuff will be used. Our stuff is basically done for data and trading. Has to get OK'd by MBT
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    You can download the Medved Trader Install file: MTSetup.exe You need to register to use it (free), the link (open account) will be on the startup login screen, or https://www.medvedtrader.com/Trader/Reg/register.aspx ALL Input is welcome. We have already make quite a few changes based on direct end-user input. If you have any comments, questions, problems, please post here, or email us at support@medvedtrader.com Though at this point MT is pretty stable, ready for production, if you do get a popup error, PLEASE send it to us. If you click details, you can RIGHT-Click on the error text and select COPY. then just paste it into email. Also, please keep an eye out for a red triangle on the left side of the status bar that would show up on portfolio and dashboard windows. If it’s there, that means some error occurred. We would like to see a copy of the log file if that is the case. Easiest way to send the log file is to go to FILE/Export Settings menu. Leave the default checked boxes, and add also check “LOG FILE”. Export, then email us the exported file. NOTE: MT uses its own symbology, though pretty flexible in taking others. [TYPECODE]SYMBOL[:[EXCHANGE[$CURRENCY[*MULTIPLIER]]]] where stuff in brackets is optional depending on the symbol For example, @ESZ15:GLOBEX or just simply @ESZ15 since MT knows the exchange for most of the common futures symbols. MT uses the following type codes (prefixes on the symbol). For those familiar with QuoteTracker, these should be similar to the ones QT used: Stock = "" (nothing) Option = . Index = $ MutFund = _ Future = @ FutureOpt = ^ Warrant = ! Cash = # Bond = & Comodity = % CFD = ~ (not really supported yet) The SYMBOL portion is also standardized for Futures, Options and CASH (FOREX). FOREX: EUR.USD so a full symbol is #EUR.USD FUTURES: ESZ15 (Root, Month, 2 digit Year), so a full symbol would be @ESZ15 OPTIONS: ROOT_YYMMDDC##000.#### where C is C or P (call or Put) and ##000.#### represents the Strike price, were # are optional digits (only if needed) and 0 represents mandatory digits. For example: AAPL7 Mar 22 2014 515.0 Call would be: .AAPL7_140322C515.00 MT symbol format should always be used. MT will then auto convert everything as needed when requesting data from the datafeeds. Also, MT does automatic defaulting of the exchange for many common symbols. so you can enter either @ESZ15 or @ESZ15:GLOBEX. Either will work, as long as you don't enter both. NOTE: Interactive Brokers requires the multiplier to be specified for some symbols where there are two securities with the multiplier being the only distinction. In that case, you can add *## after the symbol separator, where ## is the multiplier. For example DAX futures can have multiplier of 25 (default if not specified) or 5. This can be entered as **** With 25 multiplier @DAXZ15 (this is same as @DAXZ15:*25 or @DAXZ15:DTB*25) **** With 5 multiplier @DAXZ15:*5 (this is same as @DAXZ15:DTB*5) Jerry Medved 2GK, Inc / Medved Trader
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    When the price opens above or below the set alert value the alert will not activate. Apparently since MT did not see it crossing the set value it does not recognize the price has exceeded the alert limit. A simple alert for =<, and => would solve this problem.
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    MB Trading - Quotes, Level II, Backfill, Option chains - work. Trading - internal stuff works. Need to hook it up to the UI, test.
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    Just a small suggestion, in add new/edit indicator screen, removing indicator by double click is no friendly. I think most people would expect to see indicator properties on double click instead of removing it. Especially after you spent time configuring the indicator and mistakenly remove it by double click. Thank you.
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    I would probably add that to filtering options on existing All News window, once we do filtering. Added to the todo list
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    Next build will have the option to Show (or not show) the Floating Logo.
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    I would like to set type and period with the right click of the mouse, as in QT. Thx
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    Hi Jerry, Request for Paintbars. I was also a great fan of QT. I was registered to QT. Nice to see you're back. Thanks in advance, Christophe
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    the version just released (1.0.4137.2026) has this implemented
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    G'day Jerry, Couple of issues I have. 1. I am getting news from both the ASX and Commsec. Under settings -> news I have only ASX checked to receive news. In fact Commsec does not even appear as a news source option. Even under data sources news is not checked for Commsec. Wondering why I receive headlines from both with the same headline? 2. If I select the Commsec headline and double click it I then get a google search page listing results based on the headline text not the Commsec article. Problem or my settings? Regards
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    Added a "Reg. Session Values Only" checkbox to the Horizontal Line indicator. This works for everything, not just Previous close.
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    VirtualBrokers - They don't have a public API, but looks like they use something we dealt with in QT. Would have to look at this later.
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    Currently on crosshairs, it snaps to the close value of the candle one hovers over. Though that option can be handy, it really should have the option to show the value of the area one is attempting to point it to, for cases where one is trying to pinpoint areas of interest on a chart, the way QT does it.
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    When I minimize them where do they go?With QT they would go to the portfolio screen as tabs. I minimized my 2 charts but I can only find them on the windows 8 taskbar or listed on the dashboard. I have alot of trouble switching between charts, if I get rid of one I end up doing 2 or 3 clicks to find another or have to go back to the dashboard to locate a chart Really dumb but how do I easily exit the program? Is there a close program button somewhere on one of the windows I am missing? I always end up deleting something. thank you How do I add a margin to the right of a chart, the last bar is always half off the screen?
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    also, would love to be able to change the font to bold in MT
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    I think it woud be very powerful and useful to be able to directly edit the 'note' field when looking at one's portfolio or watchlist. The way it works currently, one has to choose to edit portfolio or watchlist, then make the note.
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    With the understanding the MT architecture doesn’t lend itself to workspace tabs, I had an idea borrowed from some CAD experience for something that might achieve similar results. Would it be possible to have the ability to select a group of windows that have been snapped together (like several small charts in the same sector, for example) and put them into a grouping that could be simply and quickly locked or unlocked as a unit? Once the group is created (and given a name) it could be moved around as a single unit, but more importantly, the entire group could be minimized to the bottom of the screen as one would an individual chart window. When the group is maximized for viewing, each individual chart’s functions would ideally still be available without having to unlock to access. Of course then when it’s unlocked all the chart windows would function individually again.
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    Thank you...yeah, it is true, there is really nothing out there like what these guys build.
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    Yes, I tested. The level II doesn't work if it links to a portfolio then skip through the symbols. I didn't link it to any graph. In order to get out of that blank level II, close MT and relaunch it.
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    In QT "Sunny" is easiest on my eyes and "Chalk" is the second easiest.
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