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    Happy New Year to Mike , Jerry and all the MT's community!
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    I just emailed everyone, but best to cover all bases (Please start a NEW thread/topic if you have questions, comments, issues, etc) With the new update released today (October 6, 2014), you now have integrated trading in Medved Trader. Trading is currently supported with Interactive Brokers and TD Ameritrade. Other brokers will be added in future releases. Since we do not have Help written yet, I wrote up a quick overview of the trading functionality here: In order to trade via MT, you will first need to configure the accounts you wish to trade through. To do this: · start Medved Trader · go to SETTINGS / TRADING / ACCOUNTS · On top of that screen, click on the ADD button and select the broker with which you have an account. · For TD Ameritrade accounts, enter your account login on the right side. For Interactive Brokers, make sure TWS is running and logged in, and API is enabled in TWS settings. · Give the login a nickname, maybe something like "Main Account" or "Main IRA". This name will be used to reference the login on other screens and will be handy if you plan to use multiple accounts. Keep it short. · Click on VERIFY & GET ACCOUNTS button on the right side of that screen. MT will verify the login and show the accounts on the left side, nested under the broker. You can click on each one to specify the name for each of the accounts. You can also specify various account specific settings on the bottom right of the settings screen, but can leave the settings alone for now. You can always come back to this screen to change things. If you wish, you can create a security pin or control the security around the trading on the SETTINGS / TRADING / SECURITY screen. e.g.: Selecting 'Once per session' would have MT prompt you for the MT Login or PIN the first time you try to place a transaction since starting MT. You can change some general defaults on SETTINGS / TRADING / General, such as ability to double click on bid/ask / last and have it bring up trading. To actually bring up the trading panel (and from there, things like account info), you can do it from the Dashboard, or via the right click/Trade option on any item on the portfolio, Level II, chart or raw data. Also can be done if you enable the double click on bid/ask/last and do the double click. There are 3 core screens: · TRADE TICKET - Where you enter the order. Also shows you the core balance info for the account where the order is being placed and a quote on the symbol for which the order is being placed · ACCOUNT VIEW - Tabbed view of all account info. Has the following tabs: o POSITIONS - all positions for the selected account o TRANSACTIONS - all transactions for the selected account o BALANCES - The balance information for the selected account · TRADE LOG - Chronological log of trading activity in one or more accounts You can have more than one of each type of window open at the same type for either the same or different accounts and brokerages. So for example, you can have two Trade Tickets and two Account View windows open, one showing positions and one transactions. All Trade Windows have color coded borders. All windows for the same account will have the same border color. By default, if you switch the account on one window, all others will switch as well. However, there is a LINKED button next to the account combo box. If you uncheck it, that window will no longer be linked to the others as far as account changes go. Transactions and Positions screens are very flexible - can be sorted, columns can be added/removed, same as Portfolios and Watchlists. You can also filter them for particular symbols. Positions display will also show you transactions that are open for the given position as well as various aggregated data on the position, such as pending order quantity, # of shares bought, sold, etc. NOTE: As with all the other windows in Medved Trader, the Trading windows make use of the ribbon. I do suggest you minimize or hide the ribbon though, and place anything you may need from it into the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT - the area on the left side of the caption). Any button on the ribbon can be added to the QAT by right clicking on it and selecting “Add to Quick Access Toolbar”. The order of the items in the QAT is determined by the order in which you add the items. We will be adding multi-order entry screens as well as chart trading in the future. Please feel free to ask questions or share your thoughts, suggestions, and input on the new trading capabilities and user interface. You can post on our message boards or email support.
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    OK, get the update again - http://www.medvedtrader.com/beta Should have an Indexes tab on the portfolio. It has a checkbox to show the index panel on top left.
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    We have not forgotten about the Index Panel. Just had to change direction internally about how to implement it. In fact, I just got the base stuff working last night:
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    1. What is the correct ticker format for ADRs? For example - Royal Dutch - tried RDS.A ; RDS/A ; RDS A ; etc. 2. Total row - should it have a plus sign when expanded contains all the tickers within the portfolio? How do I keep it on the bottom? Thanks Jerry
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    Rob, as I mentioned in your other post, I think this may be more about just getting used to the software and releasing any preconceived notions about how you think it "should" work. While of course it's a beta version and is still being refined, I think Jerry and Mike have done a truly stellar job in the development of MT. From my perspective (and experience) the UI is more user friendly and intuitive BY FAR than any of the "usual suspects" that pass for serious trading software that are out there.
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    Rob, as I pointed out in the other post, both Jerry and I pay enormous attention to the GUI and "intuitiveness" of the user experience in general. We discuss/argue about this when we implement features. Jerry and I have about 55 years combined experience in UI design. We have certain principles we lay down as the basis for the UI in MT, such as "maximizing useful screen real estate" and "intuitiveness", and we try to follow them as much as we can when coding. Sometimes we are "forced" to adopt certain conventions and design elements that have gained wide acceptance (such as ribbon menu) in order not to be "outdated", even though we don't fully approve of them. Please consider reporting the issues in UI that you find objectionable separately. Saying "your UI design sucks" is not helpful, particularly. If you think some feature or window does not flow together with the general design, point it out to us. We're always open to suggestions and we change things quite often when users point out some shortcomings.
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    I was talking with Global Futures and they suggested Gain Capital - what sources can I use with MT?
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    Jerry, Mike, Staff and Families, Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year! Thank you for your support, all that you have done and are doing. Best Wishes.
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    Installed and worked fine, restarted MT maybe 5 times everything ok. Now all I get is the dashboard and see no option for opening any charts or loading my saved layout or template.
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    yyy, working on the internals now
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    You are correct. I'm an old lady, retired teacher, but I'd go on the road to sell this thang.
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    TooSlowTrade - Oh man, that chart is easy on the eyes? I'm seeing that chart when I close my eyes now. I think it burned in.
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    we are trying to satisfy both the mouse and keyboard people. The keyboard shortcuts are mostly a secondary way to access some command. It is pretty rare for it to be the only way to access something, In the case of the crosshair, I really don't want to make the user have to click on something in order to bring it up. User has the option to have it always on, one way or another (the choice has been added to the next version). The keyboard shortcuts are only used to temporarily toggle the selection. As for right click menus, I mentioned before my apprehension of overcrowding them again. I do plan to add some user customization for that in the future.
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    I have a comment. Try to limit the Keyboard Shortcuts as the main operatives . . . DOS age has gone . . . Can't or want to memorize all the shortcuts anyway. I am going to say something in a pragmatic way, but you may laugh reading this. This is a software for stock market traders. Please be aware of the end user’s psychology. The behavior of most traders is not like an active Programmer or a Journalist or an Engineer who often sit upright and use their both hands flying around on a Keyboard . Most stock traders sit on an inclined chair, leaning backward and watching multiple graphs or portfolios. They are waiting to buy or sell stocks at a point. Naturally, they lean backward on their easy cushioned chair sipping beer or whatever with only one hand on the desk with a mouse to click. It is a punishment for them to lean forward to use their both hands to hit on the Keyboard for a simple task than a right clicking menu.
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    Deomega, Creating a product adaptable to the natural human behavior is the best secret in a successful business. It is always better to design things according to our physical articulation and natural proclivity. Trying to change that course is what make people uncomfortable and turn away. The reason I liked QT over other hundreds of programs was its simplicity and freedom to move the windows as we wish, as many as we want anywhere on the desktop. I accidently came to know that Medved is making this new program. Few weeks ago, I had a fight with Ameritrade for destroying that QT. Ameritrade sent me an email saying that they no longer support QT when I had problems with the Indices feed. Then I was in search of another program to use and then I stumbled upon one website where a small forum talking about QT and then I saw Medved’s replies to them that he is making a new program called MT. I was so thrilled and now here I am with him. I want to see this software to be a very user friendly as much as possible; I have been making all kinds of comments to Medved Brothers. I know there are some technical and logical problems to implement certain features but if it is possible, then I want them to adjust it. I don’t know if there is any legal problem to implement same features as QT since it is owned by Ameritrade. One thing I noticed in computer programming is that the programmers’ brains work in terms of logical algorithm to write codes to execute a function. They rarely visualize the human response at the receiving end during that process. They need feed back from guinea pigs. How many website on internet you have seen with horrible color contrasts or fonts and can’t read anything at all or straining your eyes. If I come across some interesting articles in some website with horrible color contrast, I copy the text into a word processor to read it to save my eyes. When people are not comfortable, they leave the website. Relevant to our subject here is that I didn’t want to use that ThinkorSwim program that Ameritrade is touting because of its uncomfortable designs. I put it this way, using that program is like walking in a sac and can’t move my legs freely.
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    Welcome to the Medved Trader forums! Medved Trader website is now live and the first version of the program is out of beta and in production. You can sign-up for the software (free login required to use the software) and download the program itself at https://www.medvedtrader.com/download NOTE: The registration for this forum is separate from the one used to login to the Medved Trader software.
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    It is possible due to Windows Aero Shake feature. It minimizes all except shaken window. You can restore all widows but shaking it again. You can disable this feature as well. https://www.intowindows.com/how-to-enable-or-disable-aero-shake-in-windows-10/
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    sorry about the delay - didn't have time to read it all at the time it was posted, and then got swamped and forgot to come back... the way the conditional orders work is that there is the main order - the one you enter on the main area of the trade ticket, and then the conditional parts. The "Action" of the conditional part is in relation to the main order. Note that we do have a mouse-over tooltip for that Example 1: OCA order (same as Bracket) to SELL BAC 100 LIMIT at 23.50 and STOP MARKET 2.50 below that (at 21.00) the action on the conditional leg is "Same" meaning it is the same direction as the main order, or SELL in this case: Example 2: OTA order (One Triggers another) to BUY 100 LIMIT at 21.50, SELL STOP MARKET 5 % below (20.43) : Example 3: OTOCA order (One Triggers OCA) to BUY 100 LIMIT at 21.50, then SELL LIMIT 2 points above (at 23.50) and STOP MARKET 1.50 below that (at 20.00) Example 4: OTOTA order (One Triggers One Triggers Another) BUY 100 LIMIT at 21.50, then SELL LIMIT at 23.50, then buy again 1.50 below that (at 22.00) As you can see the Action (SAME or REVERSE) is always relative to the main order. If you select BUY on top, SAME will mean BUY, REVERSE will mean SELL. If you change it to SELL ... well, you get the idea. Since the prices on the conditional legs are relative, if you change the limit price on the main order, the conditional leg prices will adjust accordingly and you can see that in the price shown above the price field. Also, if you have MT set to confirm the orders, then when you get the confirmation, MT shows the actual order that will trigger. For example: Shortcuts - We will be adding saved orders, which will allow you to assign a shortcut to the saved order, which will do what you suggest. In the meantime, you can specify Bracket high/low settings on SETTINGS / TRADING / ACCOUNTS - select account and then look at the PRICE tab on the bottom right. That also applies to selecting high/low values in various conditional orders. NOTE: we do not auto send anything. We send the conditional order you specify to the broker, at which point we have no further interaction with the order. Right now in MT all conditional order legs are for the same quantity. And you cannot specify 3 legs as in your TOS example. The API for most brokers does not support that, including TD Ameritrade API (TOS uses completely different stuff) Also, in case of TD Ameritrade specifically, the conditional orders cannot be edited. Have to cancel/resubmit. Their restriction, not ours.
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    I knew it sounded familiar. That feature is in MT already. Switch the chart to Renko, then go to the View ribbon menu, Options button. First option is "Show Wicks".
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    You can now trade in MT with your #Robinhood account. Full Trading integration has been added inthe latest Medved Trader beta: https://medvedtrader.com/beta Currently Stocks only. We hope to add options and crypto once our accounts are enabled
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    TD Ameritrade is having some DNS problems and some ISP DNS servers have not been updated. !!!UPDATE!!! - the new beta version of MT takes care of this issue automatically. If you already did the DNS change, great (Google DNS is faster and more reliable than your ISPs). But now there is an easy way. Download the update from: https://medvedtrader.com/beta close MT, and install the downloaded file (do not need to uninstall anything) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I suggest a workaround is to use Google public DNS server, which is IP and backup I am using that and do not have the issue. Using Google DNS would also be faster browsing than your own ISP’s DNS. Also, DNS (with as backup) should work too, though I did not test it. Setup on PC Setting up Google DNS takes just a couple minutes and requires no technical skill or special software. Even if you’re a computer novice, pick your device below for an easy-to-follow setup guide.Click on the Start menu, then click on Control Panel. Click on Network and Internet. Click on Network and Sharing Center. Click on Change Adapter Settings. Right click on the Wi-Fi network you are connected to, then click Properties. Select Internet Protocol Version 4 Click Properties. Write down any existing DNS server entries for future reference. Click Use The Following DNS Server Addresses. Replace those addresses with the DNS addresses: For IPv4: and Click OK, then Close. Restart MT. There is also a YouTube video available for that if you want: https://youtu.be/IPSW0fgDlWc
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    It has come to our attention that Microsoft Security Essentials & Windows Defender cause problems with MT. They basically cause drastic slowdowns from the first moment MT is started. Not tied to network communication, etc... Just extreme slowdown. For example, startup time for MT goes from 30 to 40 seconds to 5 minutes If you are using Microsoft Security Essentials, Windows Defender, or another antivirus or security program that is causing slowdown for MT, you will want to exclude MT from the scans. At least with MSE, it does fix the problem. If using Windows Defender, refer to the following link: https://www.medvedtrader.com/www/frontend/blog/Windows-Defender-Exclusions-CU For Microsoft Security Essentials: Open Microsoft Security Essentials Click on the SETTINGS tab. Click on "Excluded processes" Either just enter "C:\Program Files\Medved Trader\MT.EXE" in the Process names: field or click on the BROWSE button on the right side of that field and navigate to the same path. You also have to exclude the folders used by MT Click on "Excluded files and locations" Add the following folders to be excluded (NOTE: these are for Windows 7 and up. Older OS may have different locations. Email us for help) C:\ProgramData\2GK\Medved Trader C:\Users\<Your Windows Login Name>\AppData\Local\2GK\Medved Trader C:\Users\<Your Windows Login Name>\AppData\Roaming\2GK\Medved Trader I don't know if excluding a particular directory excludes sub-directories. If not, then would want to also add: C:\Users\<Your Windows Login Name>\AppData\Local\2GK\Medved Trader\Temp\Compile C:\Users\<Your Windows Login Name>\AppData\Local\2GK\Medved Trader\Temp\Update For help with Microsoft Security Essentials - excluding folders, please refer to this: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/protect/wiki/mse-protect_scanning/how-to-exclude-a-filefolder-from-microsoft/26f2810a-47fd-40d8-b35e-3740f00fce85
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    Ok, I love this: " Coppock used 11 and 14 periods because, according to an Episcopal priest, this was the average mourning period when grieving the loss of a loved one. Coppock theorized that the recovery period for stock market losses would be similar to this timeframe." Will add.
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    We will add an "HA" toggle button next to the "Intraday" and "Historical" buttons on the Scanner tab. That way your scan will work on HA candles.
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    the problem with Bittrex is that they do not seem to have a public API for streaming data. They have stuff for trading and snapshot data, but not streaming. We are keeping an eye on it in case it changes, or in case we can reverse engineer their streaming stuff
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    Added a new Paintbar Tutorial video - Part 1. If you watched the Scanning tutorial, you will notice it is similar. That's because paintbar and scans are closely related
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    We will have a new real-time (and EOD) scanner in one of the upcoming beta versions. It will use the same code as the Paintbars - will be able to reference indicators, etc. We want to include some common scans with the program so you can have examples, starting point for how to do things.... So.... Please give me some common scans that you would like to see, or that you currently use with other sites, software, etc.
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    Bracket Orders are not currently supported in MT. Once added, we would look at implementing them i the DOM as well. As for VOL column, what is the problem there? Or you just don't want it at all? If the later, just make the window narrower - MT will hide the VOL column.
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    that is something we are considering in the future, but not something imminent. You can setup the auto backup to just go to the Google Drive folder or similar cloud storage. That way you would always have your latest backups available anywhere.
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    As far as the ribbon, that is done intentionally. You can however turn that off. SETTINGS / APPLICATION / General - Uncheck the box toward the end for "Ribbon Show/Hide Resizes window" We don't currently have an index panel. We will be adding it. However, do have something similar to the QT Index panel for the time being. You can do a portfolio with TILE view. Refer to: http://forums.medvedtrader.com/topic/1133-just-released-new-tile-views/#comment-6304 And http://forums.medvedtrader.com/topic/1466-index-panel/?do=findComment&comment=7918 The symbols you can enter into that Index Portfolio are (assuming TD Ameritrade source) $DJI for DJ 30 Industrials $SPX.X for S&P 500 Index $COMPX for NASDAQ Composite $VIX.X for CBOE Volatility Index $DJT for DJ 20 Transportation $DJU for DJ 15 Utilities $TNX.X for 10-YR Note $TYX.X for 30-YR Bond $FVX.X for 5-YR Note $IRX.X for 13-Week Bill
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    Love to be able to use Equivolume charts (basic or candlestick volume) with the ability to have buy/sell crossover points based on customised parameters (signal lines). It being a historical timescaled chart (week, month, year, custom) with the current days intraday data updating the box/candle. Thanks.
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    Thanks Mike! I'd imagine that the 1st and 2nd touches (ie. the furthest left on screen) would be exact. And that the third touch (most recent or most right on screen) would be the one where some tolerance might need to exist. The reason I say this is that when drawn manually, they say you are supposed to start on the left of the pane and drag the line across to the right, seeing if you can get 3 touches anywhere. [edit++] For a support trendline, the most recent potential touch would need tolerance only if the low is slightly above the line. If it's below the line by more than a certain amount, the line should not be drawn because now we'd only have two real touches. In a manual trading situation, we'd look to then join the 1st and 3rd with some future candle... if it eventuates, that is. As you know, most software developers have used the fractal pivots exclusively to plot automatic trend lines, and these can work fine (I wouldn't want to delete these). But there are many other useful lines that get 3 touches without starting or ending on one of the pivot points. These are the ones I'd like to see plotted, with an extension to the right until it is broken. There's quite a few TA sites where the importance of the 3rd touch is talked about, and how to trade the break. The developers of 'True Trendline' have a huge number of options for their lines (unnecessary in my view), but might give some way to approach this? http://www.truetl.com/true-trendline-indicator.php regards
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    I have to sit down and spend a few days writing a doc about how to write indicators in MT... It's a big project Will do that some time in the next couple of months.
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    Hi Jerry, I would very much like to try out the MT beta. Thank you!
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    Sometimes a user enters a "new" symbol into a watchlist but the QuoteGrid already has it. Currently MT makes a duplicate entry. There is no check made for these, so they just become part of the list. For a QuoteGrid with a large number of symbols, this can become unwieldy. Should there be a check to disallow duplicates ? Or alternatively, an easy way to find them and remove them ?
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    I need to track min/max values of bid and ask over a specified period (typically 1hr), as an indicator on intraday charts. Is this something MT can do currently, or in upcoming release ? Also, I would like to add these values as columns in the QuoteGrid. Are custom QuoteGrid fields coming soon ? ( Similarly, some people may want to have max volume, or min / max of "indicator X" on charts or in the QuoteGrid )
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    Hi Jerry. Quote Tracker has two connections to RBC. One is for U.S. stocks the other for Canadian stocks. The connection you have listed in Medved Trader appears to be for U.S. stocks only. Do you intend to provide a connection to the Canadian quote server when you are closer to the end of the Beta period? John Valentin
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    I installed it on an old laptop running Windows XP x64 and it installs but won't run. Is there a page listing hardware and software requirements?
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    Currently, indicator values are shown to 4 decimal places. Is there a way to reduce it to 1,2 or 0. e.g. Bollinger band values for YMZ is shown as 17848.2895, etc. takes too much of the space on the right side of the chart. Thanks
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    to add Min ed Max Trade Size in the parameters of the indicator to study the distribution of volumes
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    the symbol would be: @FDAXH14:EX but it will not work until the next release
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    the new expiration column shows Option, Futures, and Future Options expiration: For options, looks like this: 2013-11-16 For futures looks like this: 2013-12 Will be in the next update (after 1.0.887)
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    OK, then please make the User set it explicity. So no confusion... The idea is that we don't want to configure every time opening a new level II window for a new symbol.
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    Select data vendor (TDA, IB, etc) Select news source Setup up chart type (line, candle, etc) Select choice of color theme
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    Note that this is a line chart, but colored same as candles
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