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    Happy New Year to Mike , Jerry and all the MT's community!
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    I knew it sounded familiar. That feature is in MT already. Switch the chart to Renko, then go to the View ribbon menu, Options button. First option is "Show Wicks".
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    We've looked at that one and can't do it
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    If you want to overlay and compare two paintbar lines and want to adjust scales, do it in an extra chart (above or below the main one). You can link two indicators to show on the same chart. The linked indicators are usually scaled so that they overlay each other. To do that, if the scales are similar, they do not change, but if they are dissimilar, they are adjusted.
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    with single sessioninfo call: public void MainCalculation() { TradingSessionInfo session = GetTradingSessionInfo(Timestamp); TimeSpan TS = (Timestamp[0] - session.SessionStart); // number of minutes into session int p = (int) TS.TotalMinutes; // convert Timespan to integer if (DateTime.UtcNow<session.DayStart.AddDays(1)) // only plot current day { SetColor(Color.Black); SetYValue(Sum(p,TICK)); //plots a running total using the Sum loop function } } NOTE: this code assumes that the paintbar is running on 1 minute bars. Could be optimized, though that would complicate the code a bit.
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    I would be interested very much in this as well.
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    streaming sources need to be selected explicitly on each window. If bringing up new portfolio, it will use the last used one. for windows other than portfolio (Level II, etc) you can configure one, then right click on the caption and select the option to set as default
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    When you export, select the "User Settings" checkbox.
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    If you missed it, I'd like to point to our convenient looping functions in Advanced code: https://www.medvedtrader.com/trader/WebHelp/index.html?advanced_looping_functions.htm From our support emails, it seems that paintbar users may not be aware of them. For example, if you have a variable SMA20 which is an SMA and you want to do something if it has been rising for the last 4 candles, all you have to do is call: All(4, SMA20 > SMA20[1]) // will return true for that condition. Don't have to use a for loop etc. or you want to check if the Close was above SMA20 in at least 5 out of 6 last candles... Count(6, Close>SMA20) >= 5 nice and simple.
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    add --- as a symbol (3 dashes). for named separators, just put the name after the 3 dashes. For example: ---FUTURES
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    How much demand is there for those?
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    Fixed. will be in the next update. Also emailed you the update.
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    new update is up. either restart MT and it will check or select FILE / HELP => Check for updates
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    right now, no. but will be releasing new production version later tonight. After that update, the symbols will be @MNQM19 @MYMM19 @M2KM19 @MESM19 At least for IB.
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    Ahh, add "Horizontal Line" Indicator. in the indicator properties, you can set it to either absolute value or to have it show the Open, High, Low, VWAP, etc . So you can select Open, then add another and select Low, etc.
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    1) weeks to a month, though if you want, I can enable your account for it so you can see the work in progress. can place the orders. Just working on some field defaulting stuff. Works for both IB and TDA (and others) 2) you do not have to subscribe to IB for data. But if you do not, and wish to trade through IB, you will need to check a box in TWS API settings to bypass some API protection stuff. Otherwise, their system thinks that you are placing orders without knowing the latest data.
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    It would be a big help to me to see liquidity in dollar amounts on the Level II window. My screenshot should make this plain. There looks to be plenty of real estate on the window, so I'm hoping you can do this for me. I track some ETFs that I have found may or may not be tradeable during pre-market hours. Depends on the liquidity available from the market makers. I always trade in terms of dollar amounts, don't really care about number of shares or price. My custom order entry code takes care of that for me. But to check liquidity, I have to pull up the calculator and do the calculation by hand. With a lot of ETFs, that's not really feasible as each one takes time. And if action is happening, I need to be able to act fast. So if you could multiply 2 numbers and add a 3rd column for me, that would be a great help. Only where I have the red rectangle. The individual entries below that are unnecessary. FWIW - I need this only for premarket, regular hours liquidity is not a problem. Thanks.
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    That's an interesting twist on Renko charts. Will look.
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    It's not really hidden - the paintbar is painted under it... you could change the color of either text or the paintbar, and it would show better. The problem with doing micro-customizations like that is that the options just multiply out of control and no one knows about them. What you can also do is make an "empty" paintbar - one that never has colors. Then place it on the chart showing as band on bottom before the other paintbar. Adjust its width to match the height of the text. That will push the next paintbar higher.
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    Pattern detection could be a very good addition to the scanner. Ascending triangles, flags etc.
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    Currently testing the scanner with the 1200 symbols subscription. The results are fantastic. I made some videos (without sound) to show the scanner running. Considering the cost (with about 25% discount applied for the datafeed) , its even better than Trade Ideas in some ways.
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    Will be in next beta.
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    You can do that now. Go to SETTINGS/CHARTS/GENERAL and UN-Check the box for "Annotations Unique per chart"
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    The more I use MT, the more things I find useful within it...Even the simple line drawing tool can be utilized in ways that help me set up my charts in a manor that suits my personal tastes. In the charts are just a few of the ideas I'm trying 1) vertical lines placed to show at certain times of the day, different colors, types and colors and they can be easily moved (or just create new ones) from the previous placements into the future (the next session's times) by temporarily adjusting the time frame and horizontal scale. Then return to the original time frame. The next day, the times lines will show up at the proper times with no further fussing with them Obviously you'll need to do this once each day). De-select Annotations Unique per Chart (Settings/Charts/General) those line will also print on other similar charts on you layout. 2) If you don't like the standard horizontal lines that come with certain indicators, just draw a line and cover them up. Change the line(s) to the chart's back-ground color...add your own scale lines or add to the existing ones. Remember to use Save As for that tempate or create a new template...Saving saves annotations, color Sets and most of the chart's configurations, including time frame and candle/bar type...
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    fixed. Both Production and beta versions have been updated
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    In advanced code... will be able do something like: if (Any(1,5, Close>Open && Close>Close[1])) ... do something which would mean if any of the candles from 1 back to 5 back are positive and close higher than previous one.... of course, if the condition doesn't fit exactly into an expression, can also do full code like this: if (Close.Any(1, 5, (i, x) => { if (Close<=Open) return false; return (Close>Close[i+1]); } );) ... do something but that is more complex.
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    Purely a nice to have: TD Ameritrade has CNBC window integration in several of their platforms, and I thought that might be a nice addition if you could somehow frame internet-based CNBC and/or Bloomberg feeds within the MT environment, in an MT window.
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    y, I reported that this morning to them. One of the requests for the option chain is failing.
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    We are adding Candle Pattern detection for Paintbars and Scans. initially it will be in advanced mode only. Usage is like this: .fctbNone{ color:#000000; } .fctbStyle5{ color:#0000ff; } .fctbStyle1Style6{ color:#800000; } .fctbStyle6{ color:#800000; } if (this.CandlePattern.IdenticalThreeCrows()) { SetColorAndShape("3Crows!", PBShape.TriangleDown, SysColor.MainIndicator3); TriggerAlert("3Crows!"); SetScanResult("3Crows!"); } The functions can take optional parameters. All take "Ago", same as indicators can be referenced with [2] for example, to access the reading X candles ago. Other parameters are available depending on the pattern. code Auto Complete will show what is available. Though the current beta has some stuff, it may not work right. Next update (after 1.1.8490.2) will have a properly working version.
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    There are ones that have [$$] in their headlines which initial load and show maybe one paragraph, but once you click on the "Story Continues" button you have be a paid subscriber to read the whole article. https://finance.yahoo.com/m/4e51d643-3005-3507-a01f-a4e362d2a2cc/[%24%24]-wall-street-futures-trim.html?.tsrc=rss Here's another example of one I'm talking about. Once you open the link you're presented with other links for various companies that once you click on them you are prompted to subscribe to get their report. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/factors-influence-2018-key-indicators-133500083.html?.rc=rss
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    if you've used MT for any period of time, you probably encountered the situation where when you switch to some other app, MT stays on top and it is hard to get the other app to the front. Long story why, but in the latest beta we re-worked the mechanism that handles the window management that was causing the issue. Best I can tell, MT doesn't stay "on top" anymore. Every once in a while you may switch to another app and MT stays in the front, but now clicking on that other app a 2nd time would bring it to front, where as before, it would not. If you were having this issue, try the beta version: https://medvedtrader.com/beta and let us know how it goes.
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    Get the new beta version: https://medvedtrader.com/beta it fixes the issue
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    got feedback. for the moment, if you get options on $SPXPM.X you will get the missing days. Issue started when they started to have AM and PM options. I will see if I can do something for to request both and merge them client side. But the above is a temporary fix.
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    I'll check with TDA why that is happening. they should be able to fix it
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    This was an omission. Will be fixed in next release, hopefully today. It will have Value and Direction. Value obviously the height of the bar and Direction is either 1 or -1 for positive and negative. You would check whether there was a switch by comparing Value[0] to Value[1] and what kind of switch by checking the Direction.
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    ok, I see. I reported it.
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