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    It is possible due to Windows Aero Shake feature. It minimizes all except shaken window. You can restore all widows but shaking it again. You can disable this feature as well. https://www.intowindows.com/how-to-enable-or-disable-aero-shake-in-windows-10/
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    sorry about the delay - didn't have time to read it all at the time it was posted, and then got swamped and forgot to come back... the way the conditional orders work is that there is the main order - the one you enter on the main area of the trade ticket, and then the conditional parts. The "Action" of the conditional part is in relation to the main order. Note that we do have a mouse-over tooltip for that Example 1: OCA order (same as Bracket) to SELL BAC 100 LIMIT at 23.50 and STOP MARKET 2.50 below that (at 21.00) the action on the conditional leg is "Same" meaning it is the same direction as the main order, or SELL in this case: Example 2: OTA order (One Triggers another) to BUY 100 LIMIT at 21.50, SELL STOP MARKET 5 % below (20.43) : Example 3: OTOCA order (One Triggers OCA) to BUY 100 LIMIT at 21.50, then SELL LIMIT 2 points above (at 23.50) and STOP MARKET 1.50 below that (at 20.00) Example 4: OTOTA order (One Triggers One Triggers Another) BUY 100 LIMIT at 21.50, then SELL LIMIT at 23.50, then buy again 1.50 below that (at 22.00) As you can see the Action (SAME or REVERSE) is always relative to the main order. If you select BUY on top, SAME will mean BUY, REVERSE will mean SELL. If you change it to SELL ... well, you get the idea. Since the prices on the conditional legs are relative, if you change the limit price on the main order, the conditional leg prices will adjust accordingly and you can see that in the price shown above the price field. Also, if you have MT set to confirm the orders, then when you get the confirmation, MT shows the actual order that will trigger. For example: Shortcuts - We will be adding saved orders, which will allow you to assign a shortcut to the saved order, which will do what you suggest. In the meantime, you can specify Bracket high/low settings on SETTINGS / TRADING / ACCOUNTS - select account and then look at the PRICE tab on the bottom right. That also applies to selecting high/low values in various conditional orders. NOTE: we do not auto send anything. We send the conditional order you specify to the broker, at which point we have no further interaction with the order. Right now in MT all conditional order legs are for the same quantity. And you cannot specify 3 legs as in your TOS example. The API for most brokers does not support that, including TD Ameritrade API (TOS uses completely different stuff) Also, in case of TD Ameritrade specifically, the conditional orders cannot be edited. Have to cancel/resubmit. Their restriction, not ours.
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    Actually, the centering is always automatic and just stops if you move the mouse over the window. In general you don't want stuff to be moving under the cursor when you are trying to click to place a trade. NOTE: double click on the LAST column does an immediate center. You don't have to click the button on top. I did just realize we don't have an option to set a keyboard shortcut for it. will check on that.
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    ๐Ÿ™‚ also note - you can assign a keyboard shortcut for that if you wish. there is none assigned to it by default.
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    If you're comparing two floating point values for equality, you definitely shouldn't just == them. You can do Math.Abs(A-B)<0.01 if you want to limit it that way. Easier than rounding them up and would take care of the case where one rounds up and the other rounds down. And yes you can do ONE plot per paintbar, for anything you want. That's the SetYValue function (in general, this page:https://www.medvedtrader.com/trader/WebHelp/advanced_-_all_available_funct.htm will probably be very helpful). So if the 50SMA is called SMA50 - you can just do these two lines: SetColor("% diff",Color.Lime); SetYValue(100*(SMA50-Close)/Close); You'd need to place this paintbar on the extra chart - either above or below the main one. And probably set the shape for the paintbar to size 1 so that the shapes do not obscure the line.
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    I know there is a Round method. Maybe that will help until Mike is around. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/api/system.decimal.round?view=netcore-3.1
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    you would have to make use the API call: https://www.medvedtrader.com/www/frontend/blog/HTTP-API#GetHistory
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    @JamesKB2 Goto / Settings / Data Sources / Configure Accounts, click on TD Ameritrade ( or Company you use) then you can change # of days to backfill on right side. Some companies only allow so much. You can change it and see if you get more data.
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    Not a major big deal, but if it would be easy to implement, I would like to see custom upper/lower thresholds to be allowed to be defined and displayed graphically for RSI. Thanks in advance.
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    implemented it. If you go to SETTINGS / TRADING / GENERAL and check the box for โ€œDo not default QTY on the trade ticketโ€ it will not default the quantity on DOM, CHARTS, Level II and remember the last used setting. Will be in the next update. Emailed you an update meanwhile.
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    the port # is the difference. In TWS, setup different port # in the API settings for the paper account. Then, in MT setup for the paper account, specify the same port #.
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    The N2 parameter was being ignored (was same as N1). I changed that. Maybe that is what was causing it.
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    Will be in next beta. Not today's - but next one.
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    Just an idea for those who use the candle countdown on charts. Perhaps there could be an option to have an audio alert when it reaches zero, and/or a visual alert on the chart. It's a very minor feature, but just thought I'd throw it out there in case anyone else was interested also.
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    SETTINGS / CHARTS / DISPLAY - In the Miscellaneous section un-check the "Show News Bulbs" checkbox
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    if they are shown on SOURCES in the dashboard, then they are in fact being used. That means you have them selected for quotes on top of portfolio, or on the INDEXES tab of the portfolio window, or source on Level II. Also, a common one - NEWS. Go to SETTINGS / DATA SOURCES / NEWS and uncheck the ones you are not using. Once done, restart MT. If you can't find where a particular source is being used, send us the settings and we can check for you . Go to FILE / HELP => Send Log/Settings to support menu (from Dashboard or Portfolio) indicate in the comment what the problem is.
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    The definition of the pattern is: two trend-continuing candles, with a low-to-high downside gap between them< The reason the pattern doesn't show is that the two gapping candles are not trend-continuing. If you lower the Trend Length in the parameters of the Candle Patterns window, it will catch it.
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    Really It's closed for Good Friday....... Wow! Never Mind.
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    NYSE American - that is Amex. so if you trade or need quotes on amex stocks, you would need that. The others are for various real-time index quotes. Unfortunately, exchanges are charging a lot for just getting real-time index data. that is what you are seeing
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    I am not sure if you're asking how to do this or just mentioning that it is available. If you want to know how to do that - set the Trading tab of the ribbon menu to the account in which the position is held. Then go to the Trading Settings on the right and turn on the Show Positions.
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    do not have any ETA. I know they are definitely aware of the issue. ๐Ÿ˜ž
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    there is no MBT. you are using regular ally data datafeed and yes, a bunch of disconnects. they are aware of the issue ๐Ÿ˜ž
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    if you need a datafeed for the time being, you can use Webull - sign up redirect at https://medvedtrader.com/webullsignup (free, don't need the brokerage account, though can use one) As for trading your Ameritrade account, if on login TDA does not prompt for security stuff, MT will not use the IE stuff. but otherwise, has to.
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    Doubled it. Will be in next beta.
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    set as default - Yes, same thing. with TDA - there may not be enough data to track the tick for up/down.
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    1) right click on the caption of the window and select "Set As Default" 2) # stands for # of orders. Only really relevant for Australian sources where we get a price, # of shares and a number indicating number of orders that make up those shares
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    sure, just add $CASH symbol and enter the dollar amount into the quantity
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    to check if the candle belongs to the current month, you do if (DateTime.UtcNow.Month == TimeStamp.Month && DateTime.UtcNow.Year == TimeStamp.Year)
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    TD Ameritrade disabled the old login method on Friday. The 1.1.8900.1 version of MT or newer will work with the new login procedure. Old MT will not work. If you are using an old MT version, you will need to update MT in order to be able to login to TD Ameritrade. Please get the update at: https://medvedtrader.com/download Close MT and install this one over the existing setup.
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    Any scan that you can express as references to certain symbol-specific parameters in MT is possible. Simple scans are a set of rules, evaluated one after the other. For example, if the rule is that price percent change change today is between 2 and 100, you can make two rules. 1. if SymbolData.ChangePercent < 2 return and 2. if SymbolData.ChangePercent > 100 return this way if it is between 2 and 100 it will go on to the 3rd rule - see an example rule here: 3rd rule could be - if Volume < 100000 return Note: this way you eliminate all unwanted symbols by doing "and Stop" rules. Then the last rule could be the positive one, for example if Close > 5 Set Color or Set Scan result etc... I thought our videos on scanning or paintbars were pretty clear... But any suggestions on how to make them better are welcome. Of course, if you want to switch the scan to Advanced mode, you would be able to just code the criteria in C#, combining as many of them in one if statement as you want and doing more sophisticated logic.
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    Oh in case you wonder where the option is (and for those reading this) it is in the Settings. We added a "Search" in settings that allows you to find the setting by just typing a few letters of it in the search.
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    Go to Files/Settings/News and near the top right of the window are 3 checkboxes, check the All Portfolios one.
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    Anshu, I know of a bunch of people that use MT for very active day trading (200-500 trades a day) but those happen to be the guys that don't like posting about it Also, we are working on a number of features in MT to make it even more attractive for active trading. will be coming in the next few months.
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    We've looked at that one and can't do it
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    If you want to overlay and compare two paintbar lines and want to adjust scales, do it in an extra chart (above or below the main one). You can link two indicators to show on the same chart. The linked indicators are usually scaled so that they overlay each other. To do that, if the scales are similar, they do not change, but if they are dissimilar, they are adjusted.
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    Chart pattern recognition tool on MT trader would be invaluable for traders. And perfect addition to your candlestick recognition, maybe added in a similar way. Basic technical analysis patterns... Identifying flags, wedges, channels, triangles, double triple top/bottom etc. and drawing those trendlines on the chart automatically. Also, a separate option that automatically draws trend lines that connect for support and resistance as it touches the level a second and third time, whether there is a full pattern or not. Would be great to see trend lines for support/ resistance for each chart as a forecast in my opinion. What do you think of this addition realistically?
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    If you missed it, I'd like to point to our convenient looping functions in Advanced code: https://www.medvedtrader.com/trader/WebHelp/index.html?advanced_looping_functions.htm From our support emails, it seems that paintbar users may not be aware of them. For example, if you have a variable SMA20 which is an SMA and you want to do something if it has been rising for the last 4 candles, all you have to do is call: All(4, SMA20 > SMA20[1]) // will return true for that condition. Don't have to use a for loop etc. or you want to check if the Close was above SMA20 in at least 5 out of 6 last candles... Count(6, Close>SMA20) >= 5 nice and simple.
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    I knew it sounded familiar. That feature is in MT already. Switch the chart to Renko, then go to the View ribbon menu, Options button. First option is "Show Wicks".
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    The more I use MT, the more things I find useful within it...Even the simple line drawing tool can be utilized in ways that help me set up my charts in a manor that suits my personal tastes. In the charts are just a few of the ideas I'm trying 1) vertical lines placed to show at certain times of the day, different colors, types and colors and they can be easily moved (or just create new ones) from the previous placements into the future (the next session's times) by temporarily adjusting the time frame and horizontal scale. Then return to the original time frame. The next day, the times lines will show up at the proper times with no further fussing with them Obviously you'll need to do this once each day). De-select Annotations Unique per Chart (Settings/Charts/General) those line will also print on other similar charts on you layout. 2) If you don't like the standard horizontal lines that come with certain indicators, just draw a line and cover them up. Change the line(s) to the chart's back-ground color...add your own scale lines or add to the existing ones. Remember to use Save As for that tempate or create a new template...Saving saves annotations, color Sets and most of the chart's configurations, including time frame and candle/bar type...
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    I like it, and I suggest more general approach: allow shorter time-frame charts to "inherit" and draw indicators *and* trendlines from longer time-frame charts. E.g. allow inheritance of 50dma from daily chart into 15min barchart. Allow 10bar 60min ema to be used in 1min charts, etc. I think this can be extremely useful when monitoring shortterm trading activity using fine-grained shortterm charts near potential longterm resistance/support levels, without having to manually apply the levels. And when alerts are added, it will be possible to create crossover alerts from the shortterm chart.
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