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    Happy New Year to Mike , Jerry and all the MT's community!
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    TD Ameritrade is having some DNS problems and some ISP DNS servers have not been updated. !!!UPDATE!!! - the new beta version of MT takes care of this issue automatically. If you already did the DNS change, great (Google DNS is faster and more reliable than your ISPs). But now there is an easy way. Download the update from: https://medvedtrader.com/beta close MT, and install the downloaded file (do not need to uninstall anything) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I suggest a workaround is to use Google public DNS server, which is IP and backup I am using that and do not have the issue. Using Google DNS would also be faster browsing than your own ISP’s DNS. Also, DNS (with as backup) should work too, though I did not test it. Setup on PC Setting up Google DNS takes just a couple minutes and requires no technical skill or special software. Even if you’re a computer novice, pick your device below for an easy-to-follow setup guide.Click on the Start menu, then click on Control Panel. Click on Network and Internet. Click on Network and Sharing Center. Click on Change Adapter Settings. Right click on the Wi-Fi network you are connected to, then click Properties. Select Internet Protocol Version 4 Click Properties. Write down any existing DNS server entries for future reference. Click Use The Following DNS Server Addresses. Replace those addresses with the DNS addresses: For IPv4: and Click OK, then Close. Restart MT. There is also a YouTube video available for that if you want: https://youtu.be/IPSW0fgDlWc
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    Ok, I love this: " Coppock used 11 and 14 periods because, according to an Episcopal priest, this was the average mourning period when grieving the loss of a loved one. Coppock theorized that the recovery period for stock market losses would be similar to this timeframe." Will add.
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    Pattern detection could be a very good addition to the scanner. Ascending triangles, flags etc.
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    Currently testing the scanner with the 1200 symbols subscription. The results are fantastic. I made some videos (without sound) to show the scanner running. Considering the cost (with about 25% discount applied for the datafeed) , its even better than Trade Ideas in some ways.
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    Will be in next beta.
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    You can do that now. Go to SETTINGS/CHARTS/GENERAL and UN-Check the box for "Annotations Unique per chart"
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    I played with NinjaTrader a number of years ago (I think it was V6), and they had a really cool feature that allowed you to simulate trading against historical intraday data, by "rewinding" to a certain point in time, and allowing you to simulate trading from that point forward, by using data coming in from that point (using stored historical data in real-time). This allowed the trader to practice simulated trading in real-time against stored historical data, without knowing "what was coming next" data-wise. This would obviously require all the bid/ask deltas with timestamps to be stored (not sure if these are currently preserved in MT data files) and would be a healthy development exercise for sure. Certainly not a must-have, but would be a very sexy offering to add to your trading system platform.
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    fixed. Both Production and beta versions have been updated
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    In advanced code... will be able do something like: if (Any(1,5, Close>Open && Close>Close[1])) ... do something which would mean if any of the candles from 1 back to 5 back are positive and close higher than previous one.... of course, if the condition doesn't fit exactly into an expression, can also do full code like this: if (Close.Any(1, 5, (i, x) => { if (Close<=Open) return false; return (Close>Close[i+1]); } );) ... do something but that is more complex.
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    Purely a nice to have: TD Ameritrade has CNBC window integration in several of their platforms, and I thought that might be a nice addition if you could somehow frame internet-based CNBC and/or Bloomberg feeds within the MT environment, in an MT window.
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    y, I reported that this morning to them. One of the requests for the option chain is failing.
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    We are adding Candle Pattern detection for Paintbars and Scans. initially it will be in advanced mode only. Usage is like this: .fctbNone{ color:#000000; } .fctbStyle5{ color:#0000ff; } .fctbStyle1Style6{ color:#800000; } .fctbStyle6{ color:#800000; } if (this.CandlePattern.IdenticalThreeCrows()) { SetColorAndShape("3Crows!", PBShape.TriangleDown, SysColor.MainIndicator3); TriggerAlert("3Crows!"); SetScanResult("3Crows!"); } The functions can take optional parameters. All take "Ago", same as indicators can be referenced with [2] for example, to access the reading X candles ago. Other parameters are available depending on the pattern. code Auto Complete will show what is available. Though the current beta has some stuff, it may not work right. Next update (after 1.1.8490.2) will have a properly working version.
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    There are ones that have [$$] in their headlines which initial load and show maybe one paragraph, but once you click on the "Story Continues" button you have be a paid subscriber to read the whole article. https://finance.yahoo.com/m/4e51d643-3005-3507-a01f-a4e362d2a2cc/[%24%24]-wall-street-futures-trim.html?.tsrc=rss Here's another example of one I'm talking about. Once you open the link you're presented with other links for various companies that once you click on them you are prompted to subscribe to get their report. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/factors-influence-2018-key-indicators-133500083.html?.rc=rss
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    if you've used MT for any period of time, you probably encountered the situation where when you switch to some other app, MT stays on top and it is hard to get the other app to the front. Long story why, but in the latest beta we re-worked the mechanism that handles the window management that was causing the issue. Best I can tell, MT doesn't stay "on top" anymore. Every once in a while you may switch to another app and MT stays in the front, but now clicking on that other app a 2nd time would bring it to front, where as before, it would not. If you were having this issue, try the beta version: https://medvedtrader.com/beta and let us know how it goes.
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    Get the new beta version: https://medvedtrader.com/beta it fixes the issue
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    I'll check with TDA why that is happening. they should be able to fix it
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    This was an omission. Will be fixed in next release, hopefully today. It will have Value and Direction. Value obviously the height of the bar and Direction is either 1 or -1 for positive and negative. You would check whether there was a switch by comparing Value[0] to Value[1] and what kind of switch by checking the Direction.
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    ok, I see. I reported it.
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    Request for a consolidated view of all accounts for a specific broker and all brokers so you can see totals (mkt, cash buying power), positions, closed orders, open orders.executions, etc
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    1) you can highlight all the rows now. Just click on a row and then hit CTRL+A or right click and select "Select All", then copy/paste 2) I am working on the "Sharing" system now which will let you "Share" either image or text of the various windows (all or selected text). Sharing targets can be Clipboard, File, Email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
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    TD Ameritrade never had a 20 symbol limit. Assuming you have Premium Access subscription for MT, the TD Ameritrade limit is 1,500.
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    In general, we need the broker's cooperation. We have tried Fidelity and Schwab, but no luck. Schwab may be added in the future if they add an API. Fidelity - not no traction at all. We can add them without cooperation if someone gives us access to an account or if we have one, but that would be only for snapshot quotes, not streaming, and not trading. Because of that, we have avoided doing that.
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    Ah, right - they are connected through Rithmic. As for Level II, their Level II/Market Depth is for futures only
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    Yes, MB trading is for existing clients only now. New accounts are on the regular Ally invest system. Discount trading? I don't remember it being on our list. However if they use rhythmic or gain systems, then sure you can use that. As for different sources, sure you can do that. You can even have one level II window getting data from one source and another from another. Or two portfolios getting data from two different sources. The only thing is if doing that with portfolios, make sure they do not share any symbols or that will cause problems
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    We already have the Fill Date column. That is both date and time
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    I'll bite. Let's add in some logistics as well. Trading experience: 3-5 years Trading style: Day, Swing Platform: Interactive Brokers(Day trading), Robinhood(swing)(both integrated with MT) Securities: Options for day trading, stocks for swings My strategy: Intraday options momentum day trading. With options I don't have to be in trades very long at all to make profits. So I scalp using the leverage. I like to trade SPX, SPY, APPLE, AMAZON, TESLA, and DIA mostly because of their liquidity. I've tried to cut down on the indicators I use and have been studying price action mostly. I prefer HA candles with HMA and DEMA moving averages. I prefer PPO to MACD and really try and utilize the Demark Sequential for my scalps. I like 10 minute candles so I can see the true trend. I typically buy at the start of a new candle in a trend around Demark 3-4 and sell on the next candle or one after. I'm not greedy when it comes to options. They move so fast but the leveraging allows me to scalp for some decent size profits. So nothing fancy really. I'd love to see a screenshot of Mike and Jerry's setups ?
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    It could be useful for the community to share some screenshots and ideas about the setup each one uses on MT . And maybe to help others to understand how to use it at the best. There is a section for that (Gallery). I would like to encourage all of you to post yours! thx!
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    1) I believe the IB fees for that order would be $2. there are some extra fees but they are insignificant. 2) Yes, OCO bracket is supported by MT with IB. We will enable others in the future 3) Option chains are obnoxiously slow. And Level II sucks because they don't let us get the same data via API as you can see in TWS. Initial max # of symbols is 100 unless you pay more. They charge for data, though basically just pass through exchange fees. 4) "fully" is a relative term. IB has huge feature base. We don't support every feature they have though we do support everything that MT supports. As we add support for stuff like multi-leg orders, we will make sure we implement it with IB as well as others. 5) Intraday backfill is 10 days. Don't remember about historical...
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    ok I see. Yes, you have duplication. you have 2 portfolios open. Both use TD Ameritrade as quote source. However, both also have the index panel showing with same symbols in the index panel. The large one uses TD Ameritrade as the source, so that is not the problem. The "Current Holds" however uses Ally Invest and that is where the problem comes in. Your Ally account only has Delayed quotes, so when you get quotes from both, it is alternating and really messing things up. On the window with the "Current Holdings" portfolio, click on the INDEXES tab on the toolbar. Now either uncheck the box to show the index panel (if you don't want to see it on both portfolios) or change the quote source for the index panel to TD Ameritrade.
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    Doug, I think in your example you expect to place a buy order, followed by 2 sell orders. That is not MT's bracket. MT's bracket is just the OCA - the 2 sell order in that example. So, you would enter whatever buy order you want, then once it is executed, you would enter the bracket order. When entering the bracket order, (SELL), you would need to specify 2 prices - 1 above and one below the current price. For a SELL bracket, the one above would be the LIMIT and one below would be the STOP MARKET. Which one you specify first doesn't matter. MT automatically uses the higher price for the limit and lower for the stop (in the case of a SELL) What you were expecting would be an OTOCA (One Triggers One Cancels Another) and that is not currently supported. We plan to add that in the future. As for holding down the CTRL key, that just overrides whatever current order type selection to make it a STOP Market order. Shift overrides current order type to make it a LIMIT order. It does not add or modify the existing order type. So, if you select BRACKET order but then hold down the CTRL key and click on the chart, you will place a simple STOP MARKET order. The cursor shows you the order type and automatically changes as you hold down the keys.
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    Everything works perfect now. Thank you so much for your prompt help!
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    will be in the next update
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    do not have a list. That would be something TDA would have to provide.
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    you have to have an } at the end to close the MainCalculation function. Another thing - any SetScanResult overrides the previous one. So you either list them in the descending order of importance or in ascending order of importance, but then add a "return;" right after each. And don't promise this is the last question Questions are good, especially on forums where other people may be helped by the discussion.
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    To combine, you would have to switch to advanced mode. if (Close[5]<Open[5] && Close[4]<Open[4] && Close[3]<Open[3] && Close[2]<Open[2] && Close[1]<Open[1] && Close>Open) { SetScanResult("Green after 4 reds"); } else if (Close[5]>Open[5] && Close[4]>Open[4] && Close[3]>Open[3] && Close[2]>Open[2] && Close[1]>Open[1] && Close<Open) { SetScanResult("Red after 4 greens"); }
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    the columns are auto sized, which kind of goes directly against resizing. I do understand the issue though. will have to think about it.
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    IB supports so many different contracts on different exchanges, that we cannot pre-define them all. We do as we come up on stuff. Until then, full format is needed. I added this one so GLOBEX will be assumed starting with the next update.
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    I had some issues with virtual desktops and Medved Trader when I played around with it a year ago. This was with Medved Trader in one Microsft VD with other programs in other VDs. I didn't try putting different MT windows in different VDs. This was on Windows 10 using Microsofts VD feature.
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    Ok, this functionality will be in next beta.
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    Don't think I am getting random alerts anymore, so far they seem accurate to what my alert lines are set to. I will keep monitoring. Jeff
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    MB Trading and TradeKing accounts are both part of "Ally Invest" and both qualify. We recommend MB Trading. NOTE: You may want to fund above $500 so if there are data fees, or stock fluctuations, it will not cause the account to go below. Keep in mind that their whole purpose for this promo is to have people trade, not just keep the money parked, so doing what you suggest wouldn't help that goal.
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    the account value would have to be $500 for MT to stay on Premium access. Not just opening. if you have that many free trades available elsewhere, may be better to just pay for the premium access for the time being. Will be much easier.
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    Added a new Paintbar Tutorial video - Part 1. If you watched the Scanning tutorial, you will notice it is similar. That's because paintbar and scans are closely related
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