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  1. I use to know this but can't find it anywhere. How do you export trend lines? I'm trying to copy my trend lines drawn from one computer to another. Thank you.
  2. I'll be a guinea pig and give it a test drive if you want to enable it on my account.
  3. Jerry, 1. Is there a guesstimation (weeks, months, year) on when OTOCO/multi-stage orders will become available in MT? 2. If I sign up for Interactive Brokers account (IB) and allow connections to their API via TWS, do I have to subscribe to IB market feeds for quotes? Or can I use my TDA data feed for real-time quotes and then simultaneously place stock trades via IB account? I'm thinking I'll switch to IB once OTOCO type orders are possible in MT.
  4. Jerry, I'm looking to open IB account. I may end up using TDA data feed but IB as a broker (trade orders) in MT. Does MT support the type of example below with IB? Example: Buy xyz @ 2.00 with 1.50 stop and 3.00 limit sell (OCO or bracket order), if price moves >= 2.50, move stop to 2.00 and limit sell remains @ 3.00, if price >= 2.90 move stop to 2.50 and limit sell remains @ 3.00. I basically need to be able to set it and forget it trading so I don't have to sit and watch price all day to move my stops. Stop will move based on a price condition but the limit sell price stays at 3.00. This means I'd like to set this in one instance and let conditions take care of rest.
  5. Will these be allowed with new API you are working on? I think this is more reason for me to switch to IB.
  6. Since I switched my TDA account to the "Advanced" Features, I no longer see Bracker order as an option in MT. I'm I missing it some how?
  7. Jerry, Is there any update as to when we might get the new advanced APIs for TDA? I'd like to do things such as conditional orders, OCO, multiple-bracket orders, etc..for stocks (not options)? I'm still looking to move to Interactive Brokers as well. Will MT support conditionals and multi-bracket and such as well? Can you give a comprehensive list of what these new order features will be for stocks (not options)?
  8. I was hoping some users of IB and MT can give their opinion of Interactive Brokers in general and using IB account with Medved. 1. Can someone share the true cost of trading stocks with IB? For example, I a buy 200 shares of AAPL, what is total cost including fees, price per share, etc? It's hard to figure this out on the website. 2. Can you do OCO type orders from MT charts using IB account? My TDA account is restricting me from doing this since I enabled the Advanced Features on my account. Very frustrating. 3. Any big negatives using IB? (hidden costs, bad support, etc..) 4. I'm assuming IB fully integrates with MT? 5. How many days backfill for intraday and historical do you get using IB? TDA is costing a lot for low volume trading. I'm hoping IB will be much cheaper in the long run for my costs in trading. Thank you for any feedback.
  9. Thank you. That fixed it.
  10. I've reset my TDA password. When I try to enter new password in MT, it says Bad Username or Password. It will not accept my new or old TDA password. Is there something else I need to do?
  11. Update: After update to beta, there is still some delay, sometimes, as to when a green check appears on a trade bubble to be able to change a trade. However, I have been able to cancel most orders now accept maybe one or two.
  12. Jerry, version is 1.1.7750.2025 x64. It seemed to do a little better today but still had one instance where I couldn't Cancel order and had to use TOS.
  13. Since I've switched to TDA's "Advanced Features" platform, there have been more issues with chart trading: 1. Sometimes when moving the price bubble to change stops, entries, limit etc...: a. There will be no green check mark on trade bubble to confirm the new price change. Sometimes will work by maximizing the chart or changing chart tick type (maybe all this is just lag in response time?) b. At random, receive an order error when trying to move bubble for stops, etc..on chart. This happens less often than "a." above. Trying again later sometimes works. c. The "x" will not appear on bubble to cancel an order. Sometimes this will re-appear after waiting awhile. Other times, I have to cancel via Think Or Swim. d. I can no longer place bracket orders on the charts with "Advanced Features" enabled on my TDA account. This was very important for my trading in MT and it's a hindrance to have to use Think Or Swim to set these type trades. Overall, I experience these issues (a through c) about 1 out of 3 times when moving stops, entries, limits, etc...on the charts. I have to keep Think Or Swim open now so when this happens I can quickly cancel or move orders that I need to that will not respond on MT charts.
  14. MT.CHM is there and it opens fine when clicked on directly.
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