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  1. It may be personal taste but... MACD histogram should be shown as bars, paired up with the candle (or at least, the option thereof). The full fill also makes the MACD lines difficult to see. The histogram should be scaled down so the lines are more visible. I have added two snapshots of TSLA 5-min today, one from MT one from IG. http://forums.medvedtrader.com/index.php?/gallery/image/6-/ http://forums.medvedtrader.com/index.php?/gallery/image/5-/ I actually find IG's image much easier on the eye. Thanks.
  2. I don't see much point in having different templates for each symbol (Although "Set as Default for All" can be set). Instead, we should have a set of setups (e.g 5 min, 4 hours, daily, weekly) that applies to any chart opened, and should be able to switch in between. Each chart template may obviously have different indicators applied.
  3. While setting up the chart I noticed that there tons of moving averages (e.g. EMA, DEMA, SMA, HMA, LSMA, etc). I was wondering if it made sense to create one 'Moving Average' menu entry only and you could select the actual type in the configuration of the MA, similar to period, based on (Close), etc, etc. Alternatively if other indicators could be grouped together (e.g. MACD for MACD related indicators). Having said that if there are groups and one doesn't know which one to look in, that can also make the selection difficult. For that, there could be a search box but I may be going
  4. When first installing MT, it asked for the data sources to use. I chose IQFeed, however did not have yet a login.. so it showed up in error on the dashboard. I tried removing it but was unable to find a way. Restarting MT and/or installing the latest version of 1.5652.2202 removed IQFeed from the dashboard data sources list. I see there is an option to define the data sources / logins in the Misc/ Settings / Configure Accounts. We can select from this list on the Portfolio / Watchlist page, however it does not seem to alter the list in the data sources menu on the dashboard.
  5. There seems to be two main approaches charts are handled: 1) Mouse wheel: scroll left/right Ctrl + Mouse wheel: zoom in / out Left Mouse click: drawing (in HGSI this is no-op) (E.g. MT or HGSI) 2) Mouse wheel: zoom in / out Mouse wheel OR Ctrl + Mouse wheel: zoom in / out Left Mouse click: drag and move the chart (scrolling in every direction) E.g. www.ig.com (stockbroker) I tend to mix up the controls (as they come in many flavours above) so I start drawing in MT more often than not. In the Chat Windows / Draw menu I would like to see a new icon "Hand" ic
  6. Hi Jerry, Please send me the link for Medved Trader Beta. Looking forward to it! Thank you.
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