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  1. I found my answer, it all appears to be working, delayed 15 minutes but after hours is moving, nice. I have added MB Trade and it looks to be working. How can I disable or remove Yahoo Finance to be sure? I have set MB as preferred. Will MB data update real time after hours or does it have to be backfilled manually like Yahoo? Do I need to enable any API for MB?
  2. Ok, I will follow up and open the account. Thank you.
  3. So here is the response I got this evening. I will sign up with them and fund an account as long as Medved works with it and is free. Tom - Trade Desk "I wouldn't be able to help you with questions on Medved."
  4. Just looking for the most affordable option for reliable realtime emini data with the ability to begin trading when ready using MT..
  5. Ok, Optimus is not interested in small traders or those getting started. I will check with ALLY/MB. What is the current situation with IB's accounts for Eminis and datafeeds from IB?
  6. So to confirm, if I need live Emini data and trading, what brokers are my options and is this available with a broker who covers the cost of Medved Trader monthly?
  7. edward40


    Have I somehow missed the option to take a screenshot? It is not listed in the help...
  8. edward40

    Paper Trade

    Ok, planning on getting an account with IB. So the TWS from IB will have a feature to place and track trades without arming them? Will that work from the screen trading feature of MVT?
  9. edward40

    Paper Trade

    Will Medved trader allow me to log trades based on the Trading tab? Currently using Yahoo delayed, but wondering it I can get fills and tracks paper trading from the screen with the new Trading tab? If not, is there a partner program that would log simulated trades?
  10. Is there a way to add a line every so often repeating at a point level, without adding manually? Is there a way to draw 50% of the pivots as well?
  11. Ok thanks Jerry. I switched it over to Ameritrade. Yahoo had been working great for a month or more. Do you know if Ameritrade supplies data for the Emini or at least the Euro / E7?
  12. Ok same issue this morning. No Yahoo feed. Feed is running, could backfill until 8:17 now the backfill is frozen on one bar.
  13. Raw data seems to stop today about 5:11 - it stopped for me at 12:36 and after doing a clear around 4 or so it was working, but I missed the other data.
  14. Disregard - I added more data of backfill data and reset todays data - its back. maybe I had hit the 60 day mark?
  15. Yes, actually have been running the M for about a week or so? Can I somehow flush data or reload by removing the ticket symbol? Create a new portfolio?
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