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  1. They have updated the website again, will you be working to update MT.
  2. Commsec intraday backfill not working
  3. Jerry, ASX company announcements (Not News) I really miss having those alerts, any other alternative that you have been working on?
  4. that could do, would it be too cumbersome to have the option for an alternative setup?
  5. I take it that you won't be implementing the poor little fractals
  6. IG Markets have Bitcoin as one of their many instruments, they also have a great API. https://labs.ig.com/
  7. This may help https://www.tradingview.com/script/Uyv9vQc2-Williams-Fractals-Tutorial-Template/
  8. I've set Remember on this device on all my Browsers including IE
  9. Would be nice to have up coming economic info on the bottom of the chart, with options to select from which Countries (Country) and which particular info you'd like listed. Investing.com have their Economic calendar Here some chart Examples.. Here and Here
  10. Lapa


    Pepperstone afaik only deal in forex, cfd's and commodities, the platform carters for all those instruments. Thanks
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