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  1. Sounds great. Thanks for the reply Do you have an idea yet when that will be roughly?
  2. Can you add BUY BID and SELL ASK buttons on the chart trading tab?
  3. I am not using TD data feed. I am using Interactive Brokers TWS which shows SSR stock in the TWS platform.
  4. Shortable and Short Sale Restriction are different things. I already use the Shortable column. Thanks for the information though.
  5. Is there anyway to know if a stock is on Short Sale Restriction in MT. I have to put each stock in IB TWS to see if it is SSR. So every time I see a stock I want to short I have to put into IB TWS to check. This can be slow process when a stock is moving quickly. In a MT Watchlist/portfolio I don't see where it says this anywhere.
  6. Is there anyway to reference a specific candle as the day progresses. Can I reference the first candle of the intraday or a specific candle during the day.
  7. Ok it seems the indexed variable Timestamp would work. Q. I live in US Central time zone which is UTC -5. The market opens at 8:30 AM here. Which is 1:30 PM UTC. If I want to check a candles time do I use the time format 1:30 PM or 13:30 or 1330 ie //Time is between 8am CST and 830am CST if Timestamp < 1330 && Timestamp >= 1300 (do XYZ) //Market is open for regular trading hours else if Timestamp >= 1330 (do ABC)
  8. Within a Paintbar Advanced script is there a function to reference time ie if TIME > 0930 (do XYZ) or if TIME < 0930 && TIME > 0900 (do ABC)
  9. Used your work around of clearing previous days and it worked. Thanks for the help this saved me so much time. Q. How do I know when MT is finished clearing the data and I should hit the backfill button? If I click the backfill button before it finishes clearing the previous days data will this mess up the data?
  10. Can I please get an acknowledgement if you are working on the issue or not.
  11. I spend every morning individually backfilling 300 symbols before the market opens. I have TD Ameritrade as my default backfill source. I have 2 portfolios 1 with 200 symbols and 1 with less than 100 symbols. I have my IB TWS platform running, along with Thinkorswim, and MT. I start at 8am CST 30 minutes before the market opens. I push the button to backfill the portfolio with 100 symbols and I see on my MT Dashboard (Source) I see symbols and beside AMTD I see numbers under BF. I do this also for my 200 symbol portfolio and I see the same thing. I then click on the first symbol (AAPL) and wai
  12. Can you add a Short Sale Restriction icon to watchlist/portfoliios, Trade Tickets, Level 2, Account View and any other places it would benefit? I am having to always look at TWS for IB to see if a stock is SSR
  13. Chart->Trading->Trading Settings does not list a Quantity Tab. I have all those checked in my Charts settings
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