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  1. I already do this. However I am trying to get my charting down to just one screen with MT. 8 small charts 4 longs and 4 shorts Level 2 Time and Sales Trade Ticket Account View Historic Charts Spy Chart Portfolio = removing this would free up lots of space if I could select symbols from the trade ticket and not have to type them in, or go to chart and right click then select trade to get it to populate in trade ticket
  2. I was wondering if you could add the feature for Trade Ticket to save the last 8 or 10 symbols like in the Order Entry for IB TWS. IF it will save the last 10 symbols, I use this feature to load the 8 or 10 symbols I am watching for the day into the order entry box. Then I simply click on the symbol field and a pull down box appears to allow me to select a symbol from the last 10. This is great for speeding up your trading.
  3. I just sent you the log file again. The same thing is happening but I found that the chart for AEL is not responding and dings when I click on it.
  4. This is the second day in a row I am unable to exit the program at the end of the day. I have already sent you my log file to look at. The only way I am able to exit the program is through task manager.
  5. I just recreated it when I used the Flatten button on CELG chart and it is not updating again. The only fix is to close that chart and replace it with another chart.
  6. I think this happens on some charts when I use the Flatten Action button. I did it on two trades today and one of the charts stopped updating. Here are two charts, the one on the left I did not use the flatten button and the right chart I did. No matter what symbol I type in it will not update.
  7. No I will check it monday while I am trading to see if it does it again.
  8. I am using auto transmit, I can't do it right now I do not have any trades. I was Long MAT at 13.18 and wanted to set a target of 13.35 so I selected LIMIT and clicked the C then moved order to 13.35 then clicked it was fine there. THen it filled at 13.19
  9. I select LIMIT as order type then I click on the C then I place the order on the target price. Then after a few seconds it filled the order. I do this on many orders to set the target price using the chart trader.
  10. The last two days I have entered a long position with the trade ticket. Then I placed a target price using the C on the chart trader. after a few seconds it filled the order about the same price. I did not press any buttons on that chart or symbol.
  11. No the scroll bar does not have a red outline. Just now I was short ABBV and then I tried to flatten the trade with the flatten action button and it would not work so I used Buy Ask action button to close the trade. I now notice that the chart is no longer updating. I brought up ABBV on another chart and it is updating. I am using TD Ameritrade for datafeed and IB for broker.
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