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  1. In Trade Ideas they have a column "Position in Range" that I can add to my Watch List window. It shows a position of a stock in a daily range. Is it possible to add the same feature in MT? Thanks.
  2. Thanks, Jerry, it solves the problem for now...
  3. is it possible to make more than one portfolio updated at real time?
  4. Is it possible to add Portfolio Tabs to the Portfolio Window? So I could access different portfolios at one click? Right now I can add portfolio selector to the QAT, but it takes longer to switch between portfolios. For example I want to have 2 active portfolios as Tabs at the Portfolio Window, while keeping other portfolios passive. By "Active Portfolios" I mean that they should be updated at real time no matter which one in focus. And also, currently I don't receive notification if a new version of MT is available. Thanks.
  5. How to keep non MT windows on top? And I already have "Child Windows on Top" unchecked in the Settings... Thanks
  6. Hi Jerry, 1. Yes, I am clearing data before backfilling 2. Yes, I do have Historical Backfill Stocks RTH checked. In this particular case the Daily chart for AQXP doesn't give the correct high of the day for August 10, but rather gives the close of the day as the high of the day. AQXP went all the way to 55$ and dropped sharply down to about $19 On the other subject: Do you have, or planning to incorporate a stocks scanner?
  7. Daily chart for AQXP not showing correct values for yesterday August 10, 2015. And I am trying to backfill with IB, Google and Yahoo.
  8. Is any way that charts will adjust automatically after a stock had a split? NFLX had a split and I had to clear the data and to backfill again, but I also lost the accumulated data on intraday.
  9. I found the problem with 60min pre-market charts. 60min shows pre-market only in the "Current Day" mode, and it doesn't work in the "Default (During Ext. Hours)" , or in the "During Ext. Hours" modes.
  10. I do have "Real-Time Updates for Historical Charts" checked, in the Charts --> General
  11. I think that Daily charts keep the pre-market values even after market opens. Is it suppose to do that?
  12. After markets opened the candles were different again between 60min and Daily. And I have emailed you the screen shots again. You can see different values at the scroll box. Actually this time all the time frames were different from Daily.
  13. Jerry, I have just emailed you the screen shots of SPY , the discrepancies between daily and 60min charts on the pre-market. 60min is stuck on some price and not moving. Prices are different, and the price action are different too. First bar should be the same for Daily and 60min. Other time frames, except 60min, are showing ok though.
  14. I am not talking specifically about MT, but people in my chat room migrate back to win 7 because Trade Ideas, ETradePro and other scanners have problems with Win 8. And also when I was shopping for a new computer the sales and tech guys suggested to go with Win 7 for the same reasons.
  15. I hear complains about Win 8 though, that people roll back to Win 7. Is Win 10 update to Win 7 or Win 8?
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