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    XJO Live Feed

    hello jerry , your fix for XJO is working fine .. thank you
  2. ClanTAN

    XJO Live Feed

    XJO is running in a open portfolio every day from pre open to closing auction has been for months , through all updates to MT it has been the same i.e. if i open chart Xjo at the session open and open again any time during the trading day i always only get 1 candle. i haven't looked back through the earlier posts but iam sure u posted at one stage that MT can not chart data from Commsec for XJO ( why i do not know as Commsec gives me tick data 4 XJO all day ) i can open raw data and see every tick listed , maybe it is somehow linked to not getting volume on xjo also can not get L2 market depth on XJO but i think for L2 need a differant account for futures , . all other symbols i watch work fine for charting , market depth , raw data. i remember when i was using QT XJO charted fine ( can not remember what data source i was using at that time ) anyway it is not a big issue 4 me just would be nice to use MT for XJO as i am comfortable with MT now and would not need another program open my poor RAM is at its limit now. regardz tony
  3. ClanTAN

    XJO Live Feed

    hello Jerry, am only getting a single candle which covers the whole trading day , i have tried differant time frames with same result , the tick data shows up ok , am sending log file , maybe u can find something in that.regardz tony
  4. ClanTAN

    XJO Live Feed

    Hello, general question for ASX traders , i use Commsec ( can not chart xjo ) can anyone tell me of live data feed for XJO ( currently use Pro RealTime but has its limitations .) Thankx in advance regardz tony
  5. Only downloaded latest build this morning pre market , i quess my query will follow along the line of this post. my data source is commsec , yesterday when i clicked on level two the market depth came up no problem , today try to open level 11 all i get is the top section of the window e.g. last ; time ; change ; volume etc but no market depth comes up , i tried a number of differant stocks via open charts also tried from portfolio list , same result = no market depth . i tried shutting down and restart . no error log is showing ( bottom left corner ) i can not do system restore at this time.
  6. ClanTAN


    hello jerry , could u please send me alink for the beta version . thank you
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