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  1. I should have known that functionality was already there someplace...Thanks!
  2. Hello, I'd like a feature added to the Chart drawing tools where I could put in a price number and have a line drawn across the already defined chart at that level. I find it pretty difficult to do this accurately by hand using mouse/trackball. Thanks!
  3. I have a list of 8 symbols that I look at the charts in succession. I'd like to be able to just move from first to last without having to open/close each individually and without having all 8 on screen at the same time, (like having a "next chart" button on the ribbon which would read the symbol list in the current active portfolio/watch list). Not hugely important but would be very convenient. Bill Bollinger
  4. Hello, Instead of just making Medved Trader portable, why not make your whole PC setup portable? I use Oracle's VirtualBox on a daily basis to run a Windows XP virtual computer on a Windows 8.1 host system and it works great. I have also used Portable VirtualBox to make my complete XP-based virtual computer setup portable on a USB stick. You can visit www.virtualbox.org to read about VirtualBox and visit www.vbox.me to read about Portable VirtualBox. Presents a completely different dimension in making your personalized computer setup portable, IMHO. Bill Bollinger
  5. When you have a portfolio open and select a stock symbol in the portfolio to which you want to add an option symbol(s), I think when the user selects an option symbol(s), that symbol(s) should be added just below the underlying stock symbol not just above as MTcurrently does it. Not really a "bug" since it's easy to reposition/rearrange the underlying stock symbol but seems like an unnecessary step to me. Bill Bollinger
  6. This is way off-base but given comment about possibility of a multiple order window with multiple accounts and multiple brokers, how about a "cross tab" like view across all MT portfolios by stock symbol and then an easy way to select that stock for a buy/sell order that brings along the MT portfolio info on which account in each specific portfolio with its associated broker? Say I have several accounts and 2 brokerages, each of which has shares of INTC. On a given day, I want to sell all INTC in all accounts via a single order entry window in MT. I'm sure it's a nightmare to program but wo
  7. Ticker tape - I like to have it scrolling along the bottom of the screen even when QT is not visible. Simultaneous buy/sell - A multi-order/multi-accounts window would work great. The idea for also including multiple brokers in that window is interesting but having it work for multiple accounts with only one broker would be enough for me. Watchlist - I figured just adding another portfolio was the case just wasn't sure.
  8. Hello, After copying the port.xml file from QT directory on my virtual Windows XP PC to a location on the host Windows 8.1 PC, I was able to successfully import all existing portfolio data from QT into MT. However, the MT Dashboard window was too persistent with the import/export window opening under the Dashboard and I was unable to move the Dashboard out of the way of the Import window. I had to choose that window via the Windows bar to get it visible on screen...where it then was on top of the Dashboard window. Not a major bug. Thanks! Bill Bollinger
  9. Hello, I'd like to see the Watchlist and Ticker Tape functions from the old Tools menu of QT included in MT. I'd also like to be able to enter simultaneous Buy/Sell orders from multiple portfolios "linked accounts" at TDAmeritrade if possible. Thanks! Bill Bollinger
  10. Just a little twist on the feature to import current QuoteTracker portfolios into Trader. I run QT inside a Windows XP virtual PC using VirtualBox, on a Windows 8.1 host PC. Using VirtualBox's "shared folders" I can exchange files/folders between the host and guest systems. If I copy the QT file MT is looking to import from my "guest" to the "host", and point the Import function to that file on the Host, will the Import function care if the rest of QT files aren't there on the host system? Thanks! Bill Bollinger
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