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  1. Past 2 days I have been unable to execute trade thru Ally using Medved platform. Gateway error
  2. foxridge


    I can not seem to get only an hour to appear on a 5 minute chart without having a blank future area showig Help!!
  3. Have about 10 charts open on the platform with 10 minimized at the bottom. The minimized charts are blacked and I can't get them to open, maximize. Just black rectangles at bottom of window
  4. foxridge

    SPX options

    Can not get the S&P 500 Index to populate option chain thru TD Ameritrade. Using $SPX.X on the chart. Thanks in advance. Tried other symbols, Worked fine
  5. foxridge

    Ally problem

    After an update, I tried to change short-term and historical backfill to Ally. The system requested my username and password an I got the following error code. An error occurred while processing your request. Reference #30.256218b8.1540835229.3045d07 Tried to send a message thru MT support link under file, but opened Chrome without any link to MT support.
  6. http://prntscr.com/kizmho Do not know if you received the file, but when MT tried to reopen, this ERROR appeared
  7. Jerry, I did a restore of MT on my desktop computer. Running Version 1.1.8210.2 on desktop and laptop. Dual monitor on the desktop with TOS on one screen and MT on the other monitor. Running MT on the laptop. MT on the laptop is showing prices correctly with TOS price on the desktop. (assuming TOS is correct). MT desktop is showing oil and gold futures prices equal to TOS, but stocks and ETF's are lagging. I have switched between Ally and TDA for with same results. When I rebooted earlier, MT said data had grown to 610.04 mg and would condense to 136.35 during the startup. Did that. but still, have the same problem on Desktop.
  8. My feed from both TD Ameritrade and Ally are lagging behind the actual price on SPX and ETF's. I am comparing to TOS feed which is running the MT feed from TD Ameritrade using the same account. Ally is also delayed or incorrect.
  9. foxridge


    I have been using TDA for data but switched this morning to Trade King.. Same problem this morning. Starts out with data streaming then slowing the bandwidth deteriorates and charts are not updating. Start/Stop is flashing green. Switch back to TDA and all is working well
  10. When Syncing frequency in charts from 15min to 5 min, the Horizontal Lines indicators that I placed on other 15 min charts disappear. The Horizontal Line Indicator then does no show on the new 5 min chart and when changing the chart back to 15 min the H.L.I. is not there.
  11. foxridge


    setting up paintbar and cannot find "Bar Close" etc not listed as a parameter as in QT. :
  12. http://screencast.com/t/yhFUMKhs Screencast of 10 charts thru Trade King feed. 4 are updating , but 6 are not (see countdown ticker) The USO chart was also not updating, but as soon as I did a "backfill " , it began updating for 1 candle and then went back to not updating
  13. foxridge


    New to Trade King and MT. I am using 10 15min in Window. Constantly getting missed candles on some charts , but not all. Constantly turning streaming off/on with switch on master window. With a "Source" window open the bandwidth starts at 4800+ and deteriorates to below 1000. Running in parallel to TOS with no problems. http://screencast.com/t/VxOe1eFeZKS0
  14. Please send link to Medved Trader beta. Thanks in advance
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