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  1. Mike, Let me respond to your comments and questions... 1. As to the " it is a bit overwhelming when you just list all the bugs together" part...... My responses are.... A) When I wrote my original post I had a hard time wrestling with your word processor. The issue is, unless you write from scratch, your post will likely look kind of ugly. You guys need to find a better word processor. Example 1: Other than going through every single like of text, how do I delete all the tabs and indentations? Example 2: These mandatory new paragraphs are annoying, ugly, and controlling.
  2. Jerry, OTOH I appreciate the PNF charts. But, OTOH, QuoteTracker, the software you guys developed in your heyday, was a far BETTER "9" or "9.5" on a 10-scale. In sharp contrast to QT, MedvedTrader is not even close to it.... currently, IMHO it is only a "6" on a 10-scale. May I suggest you pay a professional SWQA guy for effective help, in order to locate and learn about the many-many issues that persist.. Jerry, you have been soliciting free help for bug reporting, but, apparently, the last 4 YEARS has not had enough time for the free help... to d
  3. Jerry, It worked. However, this export file with the "mtexport" extension that your app generates is weird, like as if it has just come from the NSA Please help me decode, untangle, or descramble it, I want to read it, before I send it to you or anyone else..
  4. Mike, What I was trying to say earlier is as follows: #1: My assumption is that you guys want to make a great first impression. So, please stop me right here, if this is not the case. #2: Please don't misunderstand me. I'm NOT saying that "your app sucks". #3: Please don't misunderstand me, I'm NOT saying that "your app is butt ugly". #4: This feedback is NOT about the skill of the developer(s). #5: This feedback is NOT about the number of years of experience that the developer(s) have. #6: This feedback is about beauty and user friendliness... mostly about the beauty
  5. Mike, what I was trying to say that #1: The small was (and is) annoying. And #2: The small should NOT be the default font.,,, because first impression count... and because you don't get a second chance to make a good first impression.
  6. Jerry, May I suggest you guys go to that very low level, and change the maximum number of days to be as high as possible. Of course it doesn't have to be exactly 999.
  7. > You can hide it though. On the dashboard, select the SETTINGS menu, and Un-check the "Show Floating Logo" menu What I was trying to say that #1: It was (and is) annoying. And #2: It should NOT be the default setting.,,, because first impression count.. ..because you don't get a second chance to make a good first impression.
  8. > what you described, that is intended functionality. When the frequency is an hour multiple, each candle must start on the hour. Otherwise, things don't line up. However, assuming you have the chart set to not show extended hours, the first candle shows as starting on the hour, but the actual data still starts at 9:30. Naturally, you've got good intentions and a perfectly logical explanation. However, the current design is misleading. It misleads the user. It also drives away the user. I find myself going back to QT, whenever I need 1-hour charts.
  9. CAN'T CHANGE THE FREQUENCY ############################ WHEN ##### I started noticing it yesterday, or the day before, which was shortly after I said "OK" to an automated update from the previous one to the current version 1.08 170.1018. SEVERITY ######## Medium. While this one does not crash the application, it severely limits its functionality. GENERAL DESCRIPTION #################### In the upper left corner of the (stock) chart, any (stock) chart, you can select the "Main" tab, and if you do, then you can select "TYPE", "PERIOD", and "FREQ". Well, 15 minutes ago -- an
  10. Mike, > Please consider reporting the issues in UI that you find objectionable separately. Saying "your UI design sucks" is not helpful, > particularly. If you think some feature or window does not flow together with the general design, point it out to us. We're always > open to suggestions and we change things quite often when users point out some shortcomings. In reality I just want to see a perfect or nearly perfect product,... In reality I don't want to point out anything, especially not any shortcoming. Because it's way too much work, and chances are that for many days an
  11. Zenlando, please stop intruding in the conversation of others.
  12. Jerry, > There are practical limitations - With more data, things get bogged down. Yes, I understand, and what you're saying does make sense. However, how about giving us, users, the ability to override this limitation of 120? No, not during market hours... but after the markets are closed, when it's nice and quiet, when we just want to back test an idea, to see if it would've worked in the past 999 days? Rob P.S. Jerry, I do appreciate the time and effort you and your guys put into designing and coding the most recent revision Medved Trader. However, I don't have to
  13. Jerry, After opening an intraday chart, if you set the "FREQ" to 60, 120, etc minutes, then whatever happened on that day at 9:30 will be displayed as something that happened at 9:00. I hope this helps. Rob P.S. Jerry, I do appreciate the time and effort you and your guys put into designing and coding the most recent revision Medved Trader. However, I don't have to give you any feedback, and you guys don't have to improve, re-design, or re-code anything at all. What I would like to se is that - compared to Quote Tracker - your Medved Trader was a better pr
  14. Jerry, > In Settings - Charts - General, there is "Chart Text Font Size" setting. Try changing it? Thank you... I've never tried that part of the setting so far, however I will try it... thank you. What bugged me the most was the small-small (default) font size. > Oh, and it is not really glued to the top left corner. You can drag it anywhere you want on the chart. It 'appeared' glued... I didn't try drag it to anywhere.... however I will try dragging it.... thank you. What bugged me the most was the small-small (default) font size. > It also doesn't have to be there per
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