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  1. Content of TDA's message about their upgrade: The link is "apiforums dot tdameritrade dot com". If that helps. =============================================================================================== PLEASE NOTE: This board is no longer accepting new registrations. This board is for developers approved for the previous version of the TD Ameritrade XML-based API.In order to modernize our technology and further improve our security practices, we are replacing our client-facing XML-based API. We have already released a new and more secure API available through our Developer Portal (https://developer.tdameritrade.com), which all API clients must migrate to if they wish to continue utilizing our services. This new API provides a wider range of capabilities such as expanded historical data, quotes for other products like Futures and Forex, and a more secure authentication system. In order to provide users ample opportunity to complete a migration to our new API, the old API drawdown will occur in two phases:Phase 1: Authentication Update (Now through December 31, 2019)By the end of the year, all users must update their platforms to authenticate through our token-based system even if they remain on the old API. This will provide more security between your application and a TD Ameritrade account. The requests, responses, and behavior of all other non-login related APIs will remain the same once a session is established. Here is a link to a guide that will provide more information: https://developer.tdameritrade.com/content/phase-1-authentication-update-xml-based-api/*As of January 1, 2020, any applications NOT using this authentication flow will no longer gain access through our API. Phase 2: API Migration (January 1, 2020 through June 30, 2020)At the end of this phase, all applications must be transitioned from our old API endpoints to the new API available through our Developer Portal. This API uses the same authentication method as described above, through a different endpoint. Significant documentation on the new API is currently available at the Developer Portal site now, this will continue to expand over the course of the rollout. Although we have broken this down to two phases, you are welcome and encouraged to complete the full migration to the new API as soon as you are ready. Please do not hesitate to contact us at API@TDAmeritrade.com for more information. Regards, TD Ameritrade API Team
  2. For people who have their own code that uses the "old" TDA API, (as I do) you need to be aware of this. I'm not worried about MT, I know Jerry and Mike will take care of it. But a question about TDA's new authentication scheme. I currently run 2 instances of MT on 2 different machines against TDA. With their new authentication scheme, will I be able to continue to do that? Or will I only be able to run 1 instance against TDA at a time?
  3. Smal request - the date on the lower left of the chart is hidden by my Paintbar. Can you move the date up when a Paintbar is present? I go back in time to study a lot, and need to see the date to compare against my rules. Thanks.
  4. It would be a big help to me to see liquidity in dollar amounts on the Level II window. My screenshot should make this plain. There looks to be plenty of real estate on the window, so I'm hoping you can do this for me. I track some ETFs that I have found may or may not be tradeable during pre-market hours. Depends on the liquidity available from the market makers. I always trade in terms of dollar amounts, don't really care about number of shares or price. My custom order entry code takes care of that for me. But to check liquidity, I have to pull up the calculator and do the calculation by hand. With a lot of ETFs, that's not really feasible as each one takes time. And if action is happening, I need to be able to act fast. So if you could multiply 2 numbers and add a 3rd column for me, that would be a great help. Only where I have the red rectangle. The individual entries below that are unnecessary. FWIW - I need this only for premarket, regular hours liquidity is not a problem. Thanks.
  5. When the Price Channel is unshifted, it extends over the current bar. When you shift it to the left 1 bar, it does not extend over the current bar. Shifting it left even more makes the problem more obvious, although in practice I personally would never shift left more than 1 bar. I added screenshots that show unshifted and shifted to illustrate what I am talking about. Pull up any chart, add Price Channels, and shift it left and you will see what I am talking about. So my request is - can you make Price Channels extend over the current bar when shifted left? Thanks.
  6. Can text blocks be copied to another chart?
  7. Can you add the ability to do that?
  8. If I make a change to an indicator that I want across all charts, I have to manually go to all charts and make that change. Can you add an option in the indicator parameters window to "Apply to all charts"? Similar to the "Set as default" button. Would be very time saving. (I have a lot of charts...). Thanks.
  9. Can you make Price Channel include the current bar when slid to the left? Thanks.
  10. I would really like to be able to copy and paste lines and text boxes between charts. If there is a way to do that I don't know, please let me know. Thanks.
  11. I saw a feature request asking to add Displacement on Price Channels. Can you elaborate on what this is? I was going to ask for a change to Price Channels, but I want to make sure he and I are thinking the same thing. If we are, then I am good and I need to get this version. I added a screenshot to show what I am looking for. Is this what the new feature does? Thanks.
  12. What is the binary one? I'm still on V1 from years ago.
  13. RE: TDA allows 1500 symbols in a watchlist. What about streaming data - how many symbols do they allow? I thought they allowed 600 streaming, so I wanted to verify before I made them mad at me. Thanks.
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