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  1. Smal request - the date on the lower left of the chart is hidden by my Paintbar. Can you move the date up when a Paintbar is present? I go back in time to study a lot, and need to see the date to compare against my rules. Thanks.
  2. It would be a big help to me to see liquidity in dollar amounts on the Level II window. My screenshot should make this plain. There looks to be plenty of real estate on the window, so I'm hoping you can do this for me. I track some ETFs that I have found may or may not be tradeable during pre-market hours. Depends on the liquidity available from the market makers. I always trade in terms of dollar amounts, don't really care about number of shares or price. My custom order entry code takes care of that for me. But to check liquidity, I have to pull up the calculator and do the calculation by hand. With a lot of ETFs, that's not really feasible as each one takes time. And if action is happening, I need to be able to act fast. So if you could multiply 2 numbers and add a 3rd column for me, that would be a great help. Only where I have the red rectangle. The individual entries below that are unnecessary. FWIW - I need this only for premarket, regular hours liquidity is not a problem. Thanks.
  3. When the Price Channel is unshifted, it extends over the current bar. When you shift it to the left 1 bar, it does not extend over the current bar. Shifting it left even more makes the problem more obvious, although in practice I personally would never shift left more than 1 bar. I added screenshots that show unshifted and shifted to illustrate what I am talking about. Pull up any chart, add Price Channels, and shift it left and you will see what I am talking about. So my request is - can you make Price Channels extend over the current bar when shifted left? Thanks.
  4. Can text blocks be copied to another chart?
  5. Can you add the ability to do that?
  6. If I make a change to an indicator that I want across all charts, I have to manually go to all charts and make that change. Can you add an option in the indicator parameters window to "Apply to all charts"? Similar to the "Set as default" button. Would be very time saving. (I have a lot of charts...). Thanks.
  7. Can you make Price Channel include the current bar when slid to the left? Thanks.
  8. I would really like to be able to copy and paste lines and text boxes between charts. If there is a way to do that I don't know, please let me know. Thanks.
  9. I saw a feature request asking to add Displacement on Price Channels. Can you elaborate on what this is? I was going to ask for a change to Price Channels, but I want to make sure he and I are thinking the same thing. If we are, then I am good and I need to get this version. I added a screenshot to show what I am looking for. Is this what the new feature does? Thanks.
  10. What is the binary one? I'm still on V1 from years ago.
  11. RE: TDA allows 1500 symbols in a watchlist. What about streaming data - how many symbols do they allow? I thought they allowed 600 streaming, so I wanted to verify before I made them mad at me. Thanks.
  12. API and website working again. At least for me... Hope it stays that way.
  13. Something got rebooted. Got kicked off the API, logged back in, Quotes Balances and Positions are happy again - less than 1/3 second. However, got kicked off the website and can't log back into that yet.
  14. MT seems to be working fine, but the TDA API is having troubles. Snap quote is usually 0.1 seconds, now taking 1 - 6 seconds. Balance and Positions are also taking 5 or more seconds. Jerry - wondering if you have heard anything about this, or from TDA. As always, appreciate any help you can offer on this. Thanks
  15. Looks happy now. Can login, get quotes and balances. Fingers crossed it stays that way.
  16. MT is streaming, but my trading app that uses the TDA API is not getting a response to a snap quote. Wondering if you had heard anything from them. Thanks.
  17. I can log in now. Can get quotes, balances and positions. Hope it stays that way!
  18. Hi Jerry, I also would like to get a copy of the beta. I have used QT since 09, but would really like to see what's new. Thanks I use TDA and am interested in live streaming charts.
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